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Prancer is a pre-deployment and post-deployment multi-cloud validation framework for your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipeline and continuous compliance in the cloud.

Man-in-the-Middle Cyber Attack. With a Man-in-the-middle (MITM) cyberattack, a third party is able to interrupt communication between and the victim and the intended receiver.

Man-in-the-Middle Cyber Attack

This type of attack comes in many different forms that all work to deceive the victim, find vulnerabilities in cloud security, and obtain sensitive information that can then be exploited. Learn more about how this type of attack can look and work and steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. Man-in-the-Middle Proximity Attack In this scenario, a cybercriminal will begin by trying to find a gap in cloud security that will allow them to intercept communications. Oftentimes, they will begin by scanning a certain area for a Wi-Fi router that hasn’t been secured or lacks strong security. Once the hacker is able to locate an entry point, they will use different types of tools and malware to collect the victim’s data. MITM Browser Attack There are also MITM attacks that don’t require close proximity. Different Types of MITM Attacks HTTPS Spoofing. Everything You Need to Know about Infrastructure as Code Security.

Development and deployment cycles are running at faster rates than ever before.

Everything You Need to Know about Infrastructure as Code Security

Through continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), businesses are able to create and implement applications at a rapid rate. While this is driving innovation, it is also creating new challenges. The faster ideas are traveling through the CI/CD pipeline, the less time there is to address emerging security concerns. This is why Infrastructure as Code Security (IaC) is becoming an increasingly important part of DevOps. Learn more about IaC and how you can leverage it to improve security without having to slow the pace of growth. Advantages of IaC IaC allows users to automate many tasks within cloud deployment and provision. Potential Security Problems With IaC However, it is important to remember that automation still needs to be monitored. This is especially true when changes are constantly being pushed out to the application.

Security Best Practices for IaC 1- Continuous compliance. Cloud Validation and Why it Matters. If you have been exploring cloud technology and trying to decide which solutions could benefit your business, you have probably come across the term cloud validation.

Cloud Validation and Why it Matters

This is an important part of setting up your cloud network and safely deploying solutions that meet certain standards and requirements that can vary according to industry and each business. In this post, we will take a closer look at cloud validation, what it means, and why it matters when it comes to taking advantage of cloud technology. Definition of Cloud Validation Essentially, cloud validation is the process of checking to make sure that your cloud infrastructure not only meets performance goals but also adheres to any other specifications.

Each business should have a clear set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are well documented. Each industry also has various specifications and requirements that must be taken into account when designing and securing a cloud network. Prancer Cloud Validation Framework Announces Release of Connector for Azure Cloud. Prancer, a company that provides clients with a framework to validate resources that they deploy on the cloud, is excited to announce the release of a new version of the connector for Microsoft Azure.

Prancer Cloud Validation Framework Announces Release of Connector for Azure Cloud

This connector exists within the prancer core validation framework and allows users to connect to the Azure cloud backend for more robust and secure solutions that is built on top of the Azure Cloud. The Azure connector is just the latest addition to the extensive offerings from prancer. The company is working to provide connectors so that clients can enjoy easy integration into their DevOps Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipelines.

Clients can easily integrate the prancer Azure Connector to their existing Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines for Infrastructure as Code. Ultimately, these efforts will allow any size or and type of company to take full advantage of cloud services and successfully position themselves for growth. Prancer Multi Cloud Validation Framework Now Offers Enterprise Level Services. Prancer, an emerging leader in cloud services that provides clients with a framework to validate resources deployed on multiple clouds, is now offering enterprise level services.

Prancer Multi Cloud Validation Framework Now Offers Enterprise Level Services

Clients can now enjoy personalized solutions that have been specifically tailored to their business and are designed to meet their needs. The experts at prancer can help any business take full advantage of their cloud-based tools and resources. From its inception, prancer has been working to ensure that any size business can use the cloud to achieve new goals and enjoy continued success.

That is why they offer a range of services. Users can access various connectors and generate reports using the free open source tools or they can upgrade to the enterprise package and enjoy the prancer web interface, API access, technical support and much more.