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5 Tips - Oats For Weight Loss! 5 Inspirations Taapsee Gives Us From The Movie PINK. Why Choose Unprocessed Grains? Offline to Online Transformation. PIM for Retailers: Manage your data like Walmart! O2O Transformation: A retailer’s Imperative Part I. Vinculum featured in Gartner’s Global Reports on Multichannel Retail & eCommerce Enablers.

O2O the key for startup. Best Master Data Management Services. Get More information On Master Data Management. Bilt partners with Vinculum to accelerate growth. Vinculum featured in Gartner’s Global Reports on Multichannel Retail & eCommerce Enablers. LBC partners with Vinculum to grow business, fulfill orders cross border. How Omnichannel will help in boosting Traditional Retailers business Online. Join Live Webinar : Master Data Governance (MDG) PIM for Retailers: Manage your data like Walmart! SafetyKart Turbocharges its business with Vinculum. Proyog partners with Vinculum to promote ‘Authentic Yoga’ Samflax collaborates with Vinculum to transform their business. Warehouse Management System.

How Can Filter-Based Search Help Your Business. Trending concepts to monetize mobile apps - MYVIGOUR. As the technology is moving forward, mobile phones seem to be the leaders of the future. The futuristic devices are being designed and people are getting the direct benefit out of it. The businesses are directing their marketing and promotional strategies towards mobile phones only. This is happening because of various reasons. The key reasons in this process include the introduction of smartphones and increased user base for the same. Along with this, one valid aspect is that mobile usage is very personalized form and hence the interactivity of the brand communication with the receiver is very direct and personalized. This ensures that the brand is able to put the strong impact on the end user.

Bulk text messages were the key method of promoting a product, service, brand or new product/service launch to the mobile phone users. If you plan to monetize mobile apps designed and developed by you, it is very easy. Related Supreme trends of mobile app monetization July 25, 2016 July 5, 2016. Vinculumgroup. Trending concepts of vehicle leasing companies in India - MYVIGOUR. If you require vehicles on hire and that too in excellent condition, then getting in touch with the expert leasing companies would be the great idea. This is the best way to get the required vehicle on lease as per your needs. However, you are recommended to make sure that proper paper work is done at the time of leasing. You should also check whether the vehicle is registered or not and you should also check the authenticity for the same. The best way to get in touch with a credible vehicle leasing companies in India is to search on the internet for all the options.

There are various vehicle leasing companies in India which are renowned for offering quality solutions to people. There are service providers, which make sure that complete assistance is provided to the customers. Interesting advancements are being done in this field as people nowadays can book a car on hire online also. Related Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Leasing in India June 16, 2016 In "TRAVEL" June 6, 2016. Enjoy local market shopping in Kuwait with mobile app. Enjoy local market shopping in Kuwait with mobile app How interesting technology has become with time that it has empowered users for their day to day activities. If you open the smartphone, you would discover all-new and aggregated world, segregated in wonderful and organized manner.

You can find dedicated apps to help you find the best places right next to you and the best places around the world. You can plan your shopping at the biggest shopping complex in the world or at the smallest market right next to your home. One may not realize, but these little and interesting ideas have made people’s lives better in a million ways. On the other hand, there are apps different than the local market app in Kuwait, which provide information on the bigger scale. With the help of such advanced options, the end users have become tech savvy and they enjoy the benefit of being in a science oriented world.

Search for the best local restaurant deals via app in Kuwait - TechBlog. No matter wherever you live in this whole world, delicious and scrumptious food remains one of the priorities of people. They want to go out, explore different dining options and enjoy eating out. To make this work smoothly for the food lovers, there are various independent information channels available for the end users. These channels include the internet, newspaper, local city brochure and smartphone-based information. Looking at the trend of the technology, mobile handsets have become the preferred disseminator of information. The reach of internet connected world and modern day smartphones is widespread. These apps are quick to access and very user-friendly. The developers of these apps have opened up a platform, which is networked and empowers the end users with the maximum information required for their betterment.

The developers of these modern day apps have faced several challenges related to the same. Related Posts. Product Information Management for Multichannel Retailing|Vin PIM. NLP Coaching - Best Neuro Linguistic Programming Workshop India. Why should you learn Consciousness Based Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP+) IMMIDIATELY? Now that you have searched for this course, it is clear that you have a desire to become better. You may have the desire to enhance your abilities, face challenges, resolve issues or achieve more of your desired outcomes. NLP training will provide you the tools and techniques to do exactly the same. This is a unique NLP Coaching. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of achievement. Hundreds of thousands people, from all walks of life, have benefitted from this amazing life changing consciousness based NLP workshop. Why should you choose this Residential workshop only for your NLP training? International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness is a unique institution offering NLP Coaching.

We believe in individualized attention and experience for Training in NLP. Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques help individuals use their minds in a new and better ways. What you will learn? Duration. Professional Services. AGC offers a bouquet of services across the lifecycle of the solution, spanning pre-implementation assessment, implementation, rollout, upgrades, enterprise integration, and Managed Services. These include a network of owned and distributed delivery centers, a global talent pool with in-system expertise, and solution frameworks that greatly enhance productivity and reliability while reducing cost and risks.

AGC Networks is a Global Solution Integrator and a provider of hybrid solutions across the quadrants of Unified Communications, Network Infrastructure & Data Center, Cyber Security and Enterprise Applications. AGC’s Service Assurance and ability to deliver tailored technology services across verticals is derived from, Exemplary responsiveness, superior design and sharp project execution differentiate AGC as a technology solution integrator of choice! AGC’s Professional Services portfolio is delivered through various engagement models: How to Make Your Kids Birthday a Special Affair - MYVIGOUR. Your kid’s birthday is a very special day. You plan so much for your kid, and you want every moment to be special. However, there are times when you run out of ideas, right? So, here are some unusual ideas for your special kid. 1. Spread balloons all over: As your kid sleeps, fill his or her room with a lot of colorful balloons. You can also choose to use the color of your kid’s choice.

Kids generally love red or anything colorful. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Let your kid enjoy his or her birthday and remember for a lifetime. Related Food with a View: The Best Combination Set at Waterside Restaurant The waterside restaurant has established itself as one of the favorite rendezvous spots for couples, friends, families and colleagues searching for a restaurant that can truly accommodate any occasion. June 29, 2016 In "ADVERTISING" Find info about top child care centers San Antonio Tx online Choosing the best child care center for your children is very important. July 21, 2016. FORE Best Places to Learn Golf in Mumbai. FORE!!! Best Places to Learn Golf in Mumbai 21992 Views 11 Jul 2016 Priya Fonseca Editorial Team With so many adults taking up golf, the little ones are often keen to try their hand at the sport too. Typically the minimum age for golf classes is 5+ years and the trick is to ensure that young children are having fun.

Bombay Presidency Golf Course (Image courtesy: Bombay Presidency Golf Course from their website) Locality: Chembur Age group: 6+ years The Bombay Presidency Golf Course (BPGC) is the most prestigious club for golf in the city. The club has a very popular junior program and also offers a junior golf membership. Parent review: Eleven-year-old Aaryaman Mascarenhas, a Mumbai competitive golfer trains at BPGC. For further information please click here. Royal Willingdon Sports Club Locality: Mahalaxmi Age group: 5+ years The Royal Willingdon Sports Club is one of the most exclusive clubs in the city. For further information please click here. Golden Swan Country Club Locality: Yeoor, Thane. Top Things To Do This Week in Mumbai 25th to 31st July, 2016. Top Things To Do This Week in Mumbai: 25th to 31st July, 2016 3688 Views 25 Jul 2016 Priya Fonseca Editorial Team This week the top picks to look for include a poetry competition for young writers, the start of the Mumbai’s favourite speech and drama class, a bao eating competition for the entire family, a field trip to radio station, a village in the city event for young kids, a film making workshop, a board game making workshop, yoga for kids, a photography workshop, an event featuring Egypt for children and a registration alert for a popular performing arts club that starts soon.

Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award Locality: Online Date: Last day 31st July Age group: 11 years to 17 years The Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2016 is calling for entries. For more information, please click here. Rael Padamsee’s Ace Speech and Drama Certificate Course Locality: Colaba, Breach Candy, Fort, Mahim, Juhu, Bandra, Andheri, Malad, Kandivali, Borivali, Chembur, Powai, Thane Bao eating competition. Supreme trends of mobile app monetization - MYVIGOUR. Mobile phones are the new and groundbreaking era, which would last for the centuries to come. This is the most personalized device to establish different kinds of communication through different means and modes.

It is quite challenging to imagine the world without smartphones. Technology has grown so wonderfully that people cannot imagine going out without their smartphones. The huge world of information has shrunk into the pockets of people. The small screens of phones bring vast information and that is what keeps people glued to those screens. That is not all; there are various interfaces and concepts, helping people to explore the entire world of smartphones in a user-friendly manner. In this age of information, mobile app monetization is the latest trend.

The applications business is very much sorted. However, there is a lot, which needs to be developed in this field. Creative concepts of designing an app is always a great way to get more attention. Related July 5, 2016 July 15, 2016. Sell Online On Your Own Store– Dos and Don’ts for Online sellers. Sell Online 101 : What should I know about selling online?

Selling online can seem intimidating, especially so if you have no guide to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. Want to get started, but don’t know how? Read our post to start selling in these 3 simple steps. In our series, we’ve covered how Lisa managed to not only sell on her own web store, but also on multiple marketplaces. Lisa’s story – Lisa has a business selling women’s clothing. After a while, her sales stopped growing. Since then, she has grown her business reach – and the profits have grown with it. DOs: Know your market – Identify your customers, the hottest products, and understand what you want to sell. Once you have your own unique brand identity, you can promote it via social media platforms, and offers/discount offered to customers via emails. Provide a fantastic browsing/ shopping experience – Your customers are everywhere – tablets, mobile, and laptop, desktop.

DON’Ts: Get here all about technology: 3 Challenges (With Solutions) of Mobile Monetization. The world of Mobile apps is growing. So is the industry of mobile advertisement. Charging even the minimal amount for your app might prove to be dangerous. Why? Fewer downloads! In this brutal competition, standing on the face of all the challenges is tough. Monetizing your app to serve up ads is a convenient option, but it has its share of problems. Lack of Engagement Due to Distraction Caused by Ads Too many ads upset the app users and distract them. Solution: Incentivize your users. Dearth of Relevant Ads Now that you have made sure that your ads are incentivized, think about this- Your users only see these ads because of the incentive. Solution: Partner with a Mobile Monetization Platform that makes sure that the ads that are served on your app are relevant. Getting Quality Advertisers Most of the times, mobile ads on your app are not of high quality.

Solution: Have a person review the ads running on your platform. Mobile monetization is a critical step. 'E-tailing era set to revolutionise SME sector in India' “E-tailing sector promises to revolutionise the business model of small and medium enterprises in every district and village in India. The sector is growing at an annual rate of over 35% and its size is expected to reach $30 billion in three years from the present level of $15 billion. Availability of smart digital devices, internet penetration, skilled manpower are growth drivers in this sector. Small and medium enterprises are able to take advantage of the e-tailing industry owing to the advancement in the information and communication technologies. SMEs can compete effectively in the online space through innovative branding strategy.

Online branding is an important part of the success of e-tailing,” said Shri. Moize Hussain Ali, Deputy Director General & State Informatics Officer, National Informatics Centre, Government of India in his keynote address at the moderated Panel discussion on ‘Branding: Embracing the E-tailing Era’. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Nirvana Cricket Club in Sector 50, Gurgaon Delhi and NCR. Pinnacle Table Tennis Academy in Rohini Delhi and NCR. TEENS DRUGS AND SEX.....a true story. | Parenting Blog by Shweta Sehgal. Fun Summer Activities for Kids: Painting With ICE. Fun Summer Activities for Kids: Painting With ICE Kids love summers. Reason? They have summer vacations. The same summer vacations leave you perplexed on how to keep our kid engaged. Here’s something for you. Imagine a set of colorful popsicles to paint with. Let’s see how to do it. Things you need for Popsicle painting · Popsicle mould · Food coloring · Paper (preferably water color paper) · Water That’s it!

Step 1: Put some water in the Popsicle mould. Step 2: Pour a few drops of color in each Section. Step 3: Freeze Ta-da! What next? Serve your kids with a paper and these fun, colorful popsicles and let them paint the canvas with their imagination. Painting through popsicles ensures cleanliness. Moreover, you can have your kids make the popsicles too. Summers call for a lot of different kid’s activities. Enjoy summers with your kids this year and let them paint their imagination with ice popsicles. Pregnancy Myths Old wives' tales or Truth. Product Information Management for Multichannel Retailing|Vin PIM. Beginning Of Right Nutrition For Your Child. Beginning Of Right Nutrition For Your Child 28 Views 08 Jul 2016 Children's experiences during early years, be it health or social behaviour, strongly influence their development in later life.

A healthy start increases the likelihood of positive behaviour in later life whereas a weaker beginning will lead to increased difficulties in future. Similarly, their eating behaviour is developed during the initial years of life. They learn when, what and how much to eat through their experiences with food and by perceiving it from other family members. Toddlers need a variety of foods. Energy : 900 – 1000 Kcal/day Fats : 30- 40% Milk / Dairy : 2 Cups/day Other Proteins : 2 Ounces/day Fruits : 1 Serving/day This includes 1 medium apple/ banana/ orange/ pear or 2 small plums/kiwi fruits/apricots . Vegetables : 2 Servings/day Grains : 2-3 Ounces Half of all grains should be whole.

Liquids : Toddlers should have plenty of water so as to avoid dehydration. At this stage, the most important nutrients are : A Guide To Surviving A Holiday With Kids. Mobile App Advertising Platform – More Reach For Your App. 5 Lesser Known Things to Avoid During Pregnancy → □ Community. Product Information Management for Multichannel Retailing|Vin PIM. Protect Your Childs Tummy From Diarrhea. Know More about Mobile Monetization Platform - Vinculumgroup. Lindahudson.kinja. THE BAD TOUCH | Parenting Blog by Anuradha Kapoor. Game On Best Video Game Parlours in Mumbai. Recipe For Fun Best Cooking Classes In Mumbai. Tablas, Sitars and Flutes Best Places to Learn Indian Classical Instruments in Mumbai.

Vinculumgroup. Moremint - Mobile App Monetization Platform. Mobile App Advertising Platform – More Reach For Your App. Understanding Mobile Advertising Platform. Get here all about technology: Understanding the Functionality of Local Market App. Get here all about technology: Understanding the Functionality of Local Market App. Finding Plenty of Grate Deals with Mobile Apps. Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Leasing in India - My Vigour. Get here all about technology: How Monetize Mobile Apps Effectively Advertise? Complete Info on Mobile App Advertising Platforms. Know How Warehouse Management Suite is of Great Usefulness. What to do when customers research online and buy offline? 3 steps to start selling online NOW - Vinculum - Enabling Multichannel Retailing.