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Mindmaps Unleashed. Resources. Brain Training for Children. Brain Training for Children Is brain training for children?

Brain Training for Children

Absolutely! In fact, studies have shown that children benefit greatly from brain training — perhaps even more than adults — because their brains are still growing. It’s just like any other kind of training you got when you were young, whether it was how to play the piano, or how to ice skate, or how to ride a bicycle. Have you noticed that you can still get on a bicycle and ride, even if you haven’t ridden your bike in years?

Brain Training for Children: Symptoms You may want to look into brain training for children in your home if you are seeing some of the following symptoms: trouble staying on task, making careless errors over and over, become distracted very easily, having difficulty sounding out words, problems visualizing, or creating a mental picture, forgetting instructions, having trouble understanding what they’re reading, being very slow to complete a task, or having trouble handling complex tasks. Visual processing. Tweets en rapport avec le hashtag #mindmapping sur Twitter. The Ultimate Mind Map Course for Education. Are you interested in improving organization skills, enhancing creativity and improving memory?

The Ultimate Mind Map Course for Education

Those are a few of the benefits that you'll gain by taking the Ultimate Mind Map Course for Education. There are currently 30 videos with over 2.5 hrs of video content. The videos are structured to be practical, quick and to the fluff. I've purposefully, kept videos under 10 minutes to discuss applications and strategies.

TarekFahmyTheMindMapper. Languages I am a ThinkBuzan Licened Instructor.


My Mind Maps have been praised by Tony Buzan (inventor of Mind Maps) and Chris Griffiths (CEO of ThinkBuzan) I have more than 100 Mind Maps available on with large number of views and downloads I am regular contributor to the monthly "Using Mind Maps" Magazine This is a unique extensive 2 Days course that will cover the following: Introduction to How Our Brain Thinks Introduction to Mind Maps Application of Mind Maps: Brainstorming Time Management Negotiations Presentations Strategic Tools (Porter 5Ps, SWOT, PESTLE, Balanced Scorecard, BCG Matrix, Marketing Mix 7Ps, etc..)

How to use mind mapping for writing? Having done a fair number of posts on mind mapping (see the list at the bottom of this post), I’ve now begun consolidating these into book form.

How to use mind mapping for writing?

It is a fun and rewarding project that I’m hoping to fully complete in early 2013. It also seamlessly takes us to the question explored in today’s post: how can mind mapping aid the writing process? Writing First of all, i’d like to remark that i mean to use the word “writing” in the broadest possible way, including but certainly not limited to: Factual writing (journalistic articles, news reports, business communication, …)Scientific writing (books, theses, research papers, …)Creative writing (novels, short stories, poetry, travel stories, …)And many other areas (writing a letter to a friend, writing your diary, …) How to use mind mapping with children? I’ve been writing several posts on mind mapping during the March-May period, and—after a bit of a break from blogging—I’d like to continue writing a few more on this topic over the coming weeks.

How to use mind mapping with children?

As some of you will recall, these posts are the raw input for a book on mind mapping. I’m aiming to publish this early 2013. Today’s question is “How to use mind mapping with children?”. Well, it’s worth mentioning that I have never used mind mapping with children myself, so I’m in unfamiliar territory here. However … … I am confident to say that many children are curious, uninhibited, and expansive visual thinkers. What can we learn from the literature on mind mapping? Even though the principles of mind mapping are inherently simple, there are dozens of books available on the topic.

What can we learn from the literature on mind mapping?

Many cost around €15. Tony Buzan, by far, has published the most titles on mind mapping. How does mind-mapping relate to the wider field of data visualisation? I’ll start this post with a short digression.

How does mind-mapping relate to the wider field of data visualisation?

By now you may have wondered why i’m dedicating so many posts to mind-mapping. There are basically two reasons: Mind-mapping is a technique that still only a minority of the people actively use. In my experience it’s just about 5% of the people I’m dealing with. What are uses of mindmaps? Possible mind mapping topics. Workplace Prosperity. As the scope of our discussions on mind mapping is shaping up, it’s already obvious that this is much more than just a “pick of the week” thing.

Workplace Prosperity

How to use mind mapping for note taking during meetings? I thought I’d write a quick post on how to use mind mapping for note taking during meetings.

How to use mind mapping for note taking during meetings?

However, this turned out a tad longer than anticipated. What are the benefits of mindmapping? I can be pretty confident about the benefits of mindmapping, as i’ve experienced them first-hand since 2001, when I started.

What are the benefits of mindmapping?

Speed. Starting from scratch i can develop ideas rapidly in minutes. Just to illustrate: Last week I did a game with a client who is new to mindmapping. Literally within 3 minutes - i’d kept an eye on my watch – he’d outlined a fictitious plan for a children’s party in his neighbourhood. It included music, snacks, safety measures, games, and a lot more. Flexibility. Completeness. Memorisation. Density. What are (some) good resources on mind-mapping? Affirmation Tree Mindmap – By Paul Foreman at Today we’ll look at some mind-mapping resources. There’s tons more out-there. What’s the history of mind mapping? Tony Buzan and mind mapping are often mentioned in the same breath. But there is a paradox here. While, one the one hand, Tony Buzan is branding himself as the “Inventor of Mind Mapping”, as we can see on On the other, he’s saying that early greats such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Darwin, and Beethoven were using ”images and associations” – i.e. early forms of mind mapping - hundreds of years ago.

(Source: this video, time-stamp: 4m48). How to use mind mapping with children? MindMapping. Study & the use of Mind Maps - In these times of cuts and pressure in the educational system what can parents do to equip their child with a study skill that endures for a life-time? Over forty years ago Tony Buzan created the concept of a Mind Map that has endured to this day and is used by millions of people worldwide. Mind Maps have found use in education, business and personal life. Those who have used them to aid study, have in turn used them in business to brainstorm or problem solve. How to use mind mapping with children? Be a Mind Mapping Coach to Your Child. Over the years I received a number of questions from people about mind mapping for children. Mind Mapping With Children Is FUN And Easy! Mind Mapping for Young Children - part of the Accelerated Learning Series. Mind Maps for Kids. 4 Fun and Creative Mind Maps to Develop Kids' Multiple Intelligences - eLearning Industry.

As a dedicated parent or teacher, you try hard to guide a child into becoming a responsible, highly-educated, easily adaptable, and fulfilled person. There is a general belief with which we agree that all kids who have these particular qualities are intelligent. What we disagree with is the fact that most people see intelligence rather as a static condition; you are either born with it or you are not. Intelligence develops and sharpens with use, just like health and beauty do through workout.

All the story-telling; puzzle activities; classical music even though your child is a few months old; word games; board games; are on your agenda, for many years to come, for a very strong reason: raising kids who believe in their ability to nurture their intelligence, even when they become adults. Buzan Asia. Home Techniques. Life Skills for the ChildrenSingapore Parenting, Children and Individual Development. Life Skills for the Children WhizHeartz understands that every child is unique and has a wide range of strengths and interests, and they have different learning style and speed.

Every child has great potential to learn and experience life. Very often, parents neglect this important area in their life and the great potential remains untapped. Together with our child specialists and trainers, we will equip your children with the correct skills and systems to unleash and maximize their potential in all aspects of their lives. Using some of the latest and most advanced skills and technologies, we had been able to produce BETTER results in SHORTER time and these results are PERMANENT and TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Learning Center for children who learn differently, their teachers and parents in Dubai, Middle East. Learning Center for children who learn differently, their teachers and parents in Dubai, Middle East. Mind Mapping Blown Away – Infographics Depot of Information Graphics. Preparing for exams using Mindmapping techniques. By Tim Fulford – 02 May 2012 It does not offer a way round the problem of lack of effort in the past, but can help you make the best use of the time you have left! Not many people enjoy exams but you can make life easier for yourself by following some of these suggestions. Plan Revision Do not pretend that everything can be done in a rush the night before each exam. Work out how long you have got to revise before the exams, and plan how to use your time.

Preparation Make sure you know what will be examined in each subject, and the way in which the questions are asked. In the examination room Read the instructions very carefully – do the right number of questions from the right sections, and answer compulsory questions. After an examination. Biggerplate-Event-Paris-Mind-Mapping-Conference. After a long period of inactivity on the blog that I devoted to the creation of a non-profit association, I wanted to share with you a nice experience I recently lived in Paris with the « Biggerplate Unplugged Paris », a conference where I was invited to talk about mind mapping. Last year, Jean-Pascal COTE (, with whom I'm used to talk about cognitive science, informed me about a possible event in France dedicated to the mind mapping.

He told me at the time that he would be happy to see me participating. And they did it! The Biggerplate team, led by Liam HUGHES and several other French contributors mobilized by Frédéric VEVE gathered on March 21st 2013, nearly 70 persons at the « Laboratoire de l’édition » in Paris for a great afternoon event. Welcome to SuperCamp Singapore. Buzan Asia - The world's best mindmap and Buzan instructors training and accreditation course. Singapore Parenting, Children and Individual Development. Think KIDS™ using Mind Maps® (TKM) วิทยากร บูซาน มาย. ชวนอบรมมายด์แม็ป สร้างเทคนิคการจดจำ. Mind Map และ Why-Why Analysis. กำหนดการอบรมหลักสูตร Mind Map for Your Work. อบรม หัวข้อ " Modern Mind Map for Business" - iliketraining. ชวนอบรมมายด์แม็ป สร้างเทคนิคการจดจำ.

ชวนอบรมมายด์แม็ป สร้างเทคนิคการจดจำ.