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Guide To Write A Thank You Email After an Interview. You just left a prospective employee meet-up—nailed it!

Guide To Write A Thank You Email After an Interview

In any case, you're not done at this point. Truth be told, most hiring managers give close consideration to how well (and how quickly) you compose a thank you email after the interview. The impact of COVID-19 on HRM — How to adapt to the change? Human Resource teams had a troublesome job before the pandemic.

The impact of COVID-19 on HRM — How to adapt to the change?

In 2019, over half of HR managers attempted to guarantee that representatives had the right stuff important to explore an undeniably digitized working environment. However, this “eventual fate of work” had consistently appeared to be a protected distance ahead — far enough, at any rate, to nicely get ready for. Today, the pandemic has changed the game for all industries including hiring. The market has made a 180 degrees turn nobody has anticipated. Check out for top 10 functions of an hrm @ 2019 Sales Jobs - December 2020 Sales Openings - Aasaanjobs. 6 ways why your hiring process is broken. Ask any industry leader about issues related to hiring, and they will tell you that there is a serious lack of qualified candidates to fill critical positions.

6 ways why your hiring process is broken

However, the solution to the hiring process can be found much closer to the home turf. Yes, problems like a talent shortage and broken processes might scuttle your entire hiring strategy, but there are certain reasons behind this problem. UAN Member e-Sewa Portal - Login Process, Customer Care & UAN Services. UAN stands for Universal Account Number which is a unique 12-digit number assigned to every member of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to access and manage their PF accounts easily.

UAN Member e-Sewa Portal - Login Process, Customer Care & UAN Services

Salaried individuals can access and manage their PF accounts on the UAN e-Sewa portal including KYC details and their service details. Detailed procedure to get a CLRA License? The government of India passed the CLRA or Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act in the year 1970.

Detailed procedure to get a CLRA License?

The terms of the Act help in averting the exploitation of subcontracting work and establishing better working conditions for contracted employees. Now let us see what is CLRA. CLRA - All About Contract Labour Regulation Act. Introduction to CLRA In India, the Ministry of Labour and Employment is the governing body for making and implementing laws with regards to the same.

CLRA - All About Contract Labour Regulation Act

The prime responsibility of the Ministry is to protect the interest of the workforce, implement employee-friendly laws and ensure compliance by the industry in the country. PF Transfer - How to transfer PF from the old company? Under the EPF scheme, a part of the employee’s salary is reserved for the provident fund.

PF Transfer - How to transfer PF from the old company?

An employee can contribute a minimum of 12% of the Basic or even more towards the PF fund, unlike an employer who cannot contribute more than 12% of the basic salary of the employee towards EPF. This PF amount, along with interest helps an employee get a lump sum amount during retirement. The process for PF Transfer is seamless and straightforward with UAN (Universal Account Number). The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has made provision for employees to transfer EPF from the previous employer to a new employer with ease. An employee has the option to get the claim attested either by the current employer or the previous employer in the online PF transfer. How can employee opt out of an EPF? Employee Provident Fund or EPF is the main scheme under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 that offers retirement as well as other benefits to the salaried class employees of the country.

How can employee opt out of an EPF?

How does it work? This scheme is meant for building the retirement corpus for the employees and serves as a good investment option too. The employees can contribute anywhere between 12-100% of their Basic + DA, and the employer matches it with a contribution which is not more than 12%. At the time of retirement, the employee is entitled to receive a lump sum amount which includes contributions over the years and the interest accrued thereon. Provident fund applicability. 9 Reasons Why HR Activities Should Get Automated. Human resource is experiencing a major technological change.

9 Reasons Why HR Activities Should Get Automated

Practically, technology is disrupting every market yet helping HR teams adjust to the growing needs of human resources of workplaces. In a situation like this, HR automation technology is the go-to option for everyone. It can reduce your costs, improve workplace productivity, and enhance your overall functioning. High Basic Salary Advantage and Disadvantages. For instance, it is believed that individuals below the tax bracket of 30% can benefit a lot from high basic pay.

High Basic Salary Advantage and Disadvantages

Contrary to this, individuals above this tax bracket of 30% can benefit from low basic pay. This is because the superannuation or retirement benefits have to be approximately 27% of the basic pay. Usually, 12% is deducted in EPF for employees under the tax slab of 10% or 20%. Rest 15% is deducted as a part of superannuation.

Hence, if the basic pay is more, retirement benefits can be more. How payroll services can grow your business effortlessly ?? - Olxpeople Blog. For a business leader, tackling payroll is one of the toughest tasks. Tracking employee time and attendance, taxes, wages, and compliances; all of this whilst handling their own tasks. The ask is great and tremendously stressful This is where payroll agencies can help. What does the payroll company mean? A payroll company provides specialized and professional services like paying employees on time, onboarding, maintaining payroll records, and even termination formalities.

You could build a brand new department, but companies nowadays are increasingly outsourcing this work to payroll agencies. The payroll company provides all financial management solutions for businesses to run in a smooth way. Why? Outsourcing payroll services is cost-efficient as you can cut down on workforce and save time. Payroll company performs duties such as: Monitoring employee attendanceCalculating correct wagesAuditing records to ensure complianceDeducting of taxes and managing legal compliances Related Posts Comments. 6 Pros of Digitalization in Temp Staffing - OLX People. Brand presence One way to let your presence known widely is through digitalization. All the social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, help project your brand to individuals who are looking forward to working in your organisation.

Your potential employees get an impression of who you are through digital platforms. It has become a norm for them to visit a job portal or a digital staffing agency to know more the organisation. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that digitalization of temporary staffing amplifies your visibility and global presence for you to attract the best talent. Widen your reach You can only reach so many candidates through traditional methods.

Staffing agencies with presence on social media platforms help in establishing meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who can then add tremendous value by working with you. Staffing becomes easy. 5 reasons to invest in a timesheet software - Olxpeople Blog. Time. It’s the most crucial resource for any business. Managing it with a timesheet software can boost efficiency and help allocate resources within the workforce. With such software, managers needn’t micromanage their staff and divert their efforts to other important tasks at hand. There are numerous work-related activities that employees process day and night, and a sheet of paper is never an accurate measure of actual working time. Moreover, piles of timesheet papers do not reduce business cost.

Timesheet software is not an option It’s a necessity. Stages of Payroll Processing: Not Simple, but Achievable - OLX People. What is Payroll Processing? Payroll processing in HR is an elaborate process that involves a lot more than salary calculations. The process can be intimidating if you do not know how to go about it which is exactly why this handy guide will navigate you through the intricacies of payroll processing. What is the meaning of Payroll Processing? Payroll processing is an essential business function that involves arriving at the ‘net pay’ of the employees after the adjustment of necessary taxes and deductions. For efficient payroll management process, the payroll administrator needs to plan the payroll process step-by-step.

Haryana Jobs 2020 - Latest Haryana Jobs & Results - Aasaanjobs. Field Sales Job Description (JD), Salary & Responsibilities. Field Sales Executives usually administer sales of products and services by traveling from location to location within a decided territory to meet the probable customers and sell them various products. They are the professionals who generally work for organizations where their job requires them to ensure the widespread distribution and selling of various products and services.

Job Description. Sarkari Jobs are available for Engineers. 7 Government jobs after class 12 by Narendra Pratap. 1341 Jobs in Delhi - Latest Delhi Job Vacancies in February, 2020 - Aasaanjobs. Railway Jobs 2020 - Latest Railway Jobs & Results - Aasaanjobs. About Indian Railway Jobs Thousands of candidates apply for Indian Railway Jobs every year. Why? According to a report by Forbes in 2017, as a result of continuous Railway recruitment year in, year out, more than 1.54 million are employed, making it the seventh-largest employer in the world.

872 Jobs in Mumbai - Latest Mumbai Job Vacancies in February, 2020 - Aasaanjobs. Govt Jobs World. If you’re born into an Indian family, chances are that you would be asked to try for sarkari jobs at least once in your lifetime. The importance of the good old sarkari naukri has been present since our parents’ times, and it’s not going to fade away anytime soon. Sarkari jobs are considered to be more beneficial for one's career in the long run and come with greater advantages than their private counterparts. Unlike most private jobs that require you to sacrifice your personal life for work commitments, government jobs ensure that you enjoy high salaries, vacations, allowances, job security and other benefits apart from being revered among your well-wishers. Though government jobs don’t offer frequent increments, they do offer periodical pay commissions and other increments that are unthinkable in the private job sector. Private job employees receive increments, appraisals and other perks based on their experience in an open and flexible method.

Why Inclusive employee education & how it helps - OLXPeople. 5 Top Reasons Why Employees Quit - OLXPeople. Why Inclusive employee education & how it helps - OLXPeople.