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Prabin Gautam, well known digital marketing strategist & Linkedin expert is a successful Digital Entrepreneurs and a Winner of G20YEA and The EAIC’s Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Sales & Marketing Alignment for Business' Success. Did you know that the days of the “ABC – always be closing” approach to sales is gone together with using cold call “spray and pray” techniques in finding prospects?

Sales & Marketing Alignment for Business' Success

Nowadays, sales is part of the far-reaching marketing mix. Sales and Marketing are two different areas of business and both are essential to the success of the company. While your marketers are working on generating and nurturing high-quality leads through content marketing, social media marketing, and the like, your sales representatives are also working to close the deals. How to Package What You Love Doing?

I’m a huge believer of this statement “Sell what you love and love what you sell”.

How to Package What You Love Doing?

You obviously invest your time and money in running a business or cater services that you love most. Digital Marketing Strategist. My Clients were NOT on Facebook. The way social media is guiding businesses today is fascinating.

My Clients were NOT on Facebook

Every online marketing strategy today is around social media. It’s just a matter of which social media. I remember it just like yesterday, I used to conduct events and workshops almost every month, helping businesses understand how to use Facebook as a lead generation tool. Facebook used to be the centre of our marketing universe. This wasn’t a long time ago. Slowly, the Facebook magic began dropping, just as every hero becomes a bore at last.

SEO Hacks to Rank your Profile better on LinkedIn. LinkedIn & Microsoft Partnership – What It Means for You? LinkedIn and Microsoft will have rolled out a new Office 365 feature that enhances the way users connect and collaborate with people outside of their company.

LinkedIn & Microsoft Partnership – What It Means for You?

This helps in building and improving professional relationships by providing insights and contact information for the people they work with both inside and outside the organisation. Microsoft has said that, “it will make it easier for employees in organisations to collaborate with people outside of their company without needing to know their email address”.

So, how does this impact me? Pave your Executive Path through LinkedIn. Today’s business leaders need to have a good online presence.

Pave your Executive Path through LinkedIn

This gives people the chance to follow that person and be influenced by their thoughts and ideas. This is exactly what LinkedIn can offer. It is a platform for professionals to follow and learn from each other. According to studies, 40% of companies or executives with an engaging social media profile are perceived as competitive. At the same time, they are 58% more likely to attract top talent. The 3 C's for your Business Success. These are the values that I truly believe in to be successful in business.

The 3 C's for your Business Success

The 1st “C” is for “Concept” Concept, idea or innovation help you succeed in the marketplace. Without change, there is no innovation or creativity. Innovating allows you to adapt to a changing business environment by modernising the business in order to stay current and competitive. Innovation is not only about updating your product or services, but it’s also about improving your business model or processes and creating more efficient ways of doing things better than the usual.

Read out – “If you’re not innovating, you’re dying!” Moving forward, the 2nd “C” that we will discover is “Culture” We want to create a culture in our company, remember it’s the people who make the business successful not just the product. Happy employees, motivated employees, and high performing managers are just some of the outcome of having a great company culture. It's Too Risky. Digital Marketing Speaker. "Prabin Gautam is a gifted speaker who has the ability to captivate an audience.

Digital Marketing Speaker

Prabin has a calming presence , a kind nature and has had a life which has been filled with inspiring achievements. Listening to Prabin one can feel motivated to make a positive change in their own life. It has been a pleasure to spend some time with Prabin and I hope that many can be touched by Prabin's journey and innovative ideas. " Damian Outtrim President, Multifaith Association of South Australia. How do I Make My LinkedIn Connections Purposeful? In order to receive an all-star strength on your LinkedIn profile, you need to have 50+ connections.

However, while it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers, it’s important to stress that the quality of the connections matters more than the quantity. To determine the connections that are most valuable to you, ask yourself the following questions. How LinkedIn can grow your Brands' Content Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn is becoming a growing source for brands to publish and share their contents in a form of texts or videos.

How LinkedIn can grow your Brands' Content Marketing Strategy?

While the platform is considered as the social site for professionals to connect, more businesses are taking this advantage to circulate content to clients because of its solid reputation. It is the world’s largest professional network with over 430 million members in more than 200 countries. This wide reach can make your content visible to customers near and far, making it a compelling outlet to get in front of your audience in a credible way.

How to Tag Your Hot Leads on LinkedIn? Now you can organise your hot leads on LinkedIn through tags.

How to Tag Your Hot Leads on LinkedIn?

Tagging enables you to segment your connections, providing you with a better insight on your leads and how to manage them. You can use the default tag options provided by LinkedIn such as, Tags Leadsby the location of your leadtheir decision making rolesaccording to their view on the product or services .i.e. positive, negative or neutral Tag AccountsBy the level of importanceBy the stage of the deal Moreover, customise your tags and update when your relationship with your lead or account changes.

The tags added will only be visible to you. Manage your Privacy Setting in LinkedIn. The recent security issues regarding Facebook might have caused you some concern about your privacy settings on social media.

Manage your Privacy Setting in LinkedIn

Perhaps, you have even changed your privacy settings in Facebook and other social media platforms. But have you considered changing your privacy setting in LinkedIn? LinkedIn is one of many social media platforms, mostly used to build professional networks. It encourages b2b connections, hence making your information valuable for the user. Find your WHY. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work. But careers that work you the hardest are always the most rewarding. Many of you might know that I moved to Australia from Nepal in 2005. I started my life in Australia as a student, completing my Master’s degree at La Trobe, with a $37,000 student loan and no networks. I worked in a call centre for Telstra, providing tech support to clients, before venturing out to start my own business just two years later.

5 Things to Expect from Your Keynote Speaker at Your Next Business Event. Aside from connecting with potential partners and clients, one of the main reasons why we attend business events is to learn and become inspired. A keynote speaker is an essential element for any business event. Whether it be a motivational speaker, a professional, an expert or a keynote speaker, the participants expect them to have a passion for transforming businesses, and more importantly, deliver impactful insights. Listed below are 5 things to expect from your keynote speaker at your next business event! 1. Set goals and objectives In the business world, our “lingo” involves the words “goals” and “objectives”. 2. Keynote speakers aim to impact their audiences by challenging, inspiring and energising them. Confused about Online Marketing? Let's talk! Although online marketing is a relatively new concept, there’s little doubt concerning its importance in today’s business world.

Digital marketing has made it a necessity for businesses to modernise and direct their marketing strategies towards their audience which is now online. The role of marketing has always been to create a brand image and to attract and convert leads into paying customers. Understanding digital marketing is as simple as broadening what you already know about marketing. Digital marketing is conducted on new platforms to a wider audience than traditional marketing. Another major difference is the amount of content that is being produced and the speed at which it’s being delivered and received. If you're not innovating, you're dying! In a modern society, the way we do business is changing rapidly. This includes the way we communicate with our clients, generate leads and deliver valuable information, products or services to them.

That’s why I always say, What you need to know about Facebook's data privacy changes For Business Pages. A major chaos occurred when The New York Times and The Guardian revealed that Cambridge Analytica misused the data of some 50 million Facebook users. Yes! 50 MILLION FACEBOOK USERS! Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg encountered mounting pressure regarding privacy issues and safety. In Washington DC, Zuckerberg faced the Senate and House Committees which resulted in the introduction of new terms for the use of customer data, tracking and measurement.

Other significant changes in Facebook Insights on how marketers are allowed to access and leverage the data was approved as per General Data Protection Regulation standards and will apply globally as from May 25, 2018. How to Make Your LinkedIn Message a Smart Reply. Do you need Smart Reply for LinkedIn? Any business owner can tell you that they are busy, all the time. 5 Effective LinkedIn tips from linkedin Expert Melbourne, Prabin Gautam. Prabin Gautam - Keynote speaker australia. Social Media Speaker Australia. Prabin Gautam - LinkedIn Expert.