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Xotelia. Sign Up - myallocator. Hotel Channel Management the Easy Way | Vacation Rental Software | Complete Guest Management & Online Bookings for Vacation Rentals, Inns, B&Bs and Hotels. Web-based & Easy-to-use Access Lodgix from your mobile phone, tablet or PC – from anywhere in the world. Our interfaces stay clean and uncluttered by limiting what we do only to what is required to efficiently manage and grow your business. No more, no less. Answer Inquiries with Ease It’s an on demand world. Automated Communications Communication workflow encompasses communications to guests, property owners, employees, staff, vendors and memos to yourself!

Alerts can be triggered by arrival date, departure date, invoice status, invoice payment or the day of the month. Dynamic Document Creation Easily create dynamic custom documents (confirmations, rental agreements, waivers, maps, arrival instructions, etc.) from your guest contact and invoice data. HomeAway & FlipKey Integrations Let’s not forget two way syncing with! Start your free, no-risk, 30 day trial! WordPress Plugin Empowerment. Lodgix is a WordPress shop. If you ever decide to leave Lodgix (gasp!)

Robust Reporting Employees. Wordpress Booking Plugin & Reservation System. Pricing | Simple Booking. Importer des événements à partir d'un fichier iCalendar ou CSV - Centre d'aide Google Agenda. Les fichiers iCalendar sont un format standard utilisé pour transférer des données d'agenda. Si une erreur se produit lors de l'importation d'un fichier iCAL ("ics"), vous pouvez peut-être modifier le format. Ouvrez un fichier iCAL existant ou créez-en un. Vous devez utiliser un éditeur de texte capable d'enregistrer les fichiers iCalendar. Formatez votre fichier en suivant les instructions ci-dessous. Vous pouvez exporter un fichier iCAL depuis Google Agenda pour l'utiliser comme exemple. Formater les fichiers iCalendar La première ligne d'un fichier iCalendar doit être l'en-tête BEGIN:VCALENDAR, suivi des autres informations d'en-tête, notamment VERSION:2.0 et "PRODID:<[enter ID information here]>".

Si vous devez modifier manuellement un fichier iCalendar, vérifiez que chaque fichier contient bien l'en-tête et le pied de page. Voici comment se présente un fichier iCalendar. PRODID:< [enter ID information here] > (c'est là que se trouvent les autres informations d'en-tête) EasyReservations Wordpress Plugin. EasyReservations Premium The easyReservations Premium Membership bundles Twelve Modules with Over Thirty New, Exclusive and Extended Functions for Your Website. With the payment gateways, invoices and Excel export it’ll allow you to manage not only your reservations, but also your income and complete accounting in one system. For your guests your website will be much more interactive.

They can search for available resources, edit their reservations afterwards and even communicate with the administrators with a chat-like function. License License and Terms New Modules, Plugin Updates, and Support for one full year! New modules and updates to existing ones will come out regularly and are free to upgrade. While free members only have access to the bug-report forum, Premium Users have full access to every part of this website. Invoice Automatically generate totally customizable invoices. More! HtmlMails Style your eMails with HTML to increase the appereance of your hospitality More! Payment More! More! Versions Overview | WP Booking Calendar Personal, Business Small / Medium / Large, MultiUser. Unlimited number of Booking Resources Booking resources – it’s your services or properties (like houses, cars, tables, etc…), that can be booked by visitors of your website.

Each booking resource have own unique calendar (with booking form), which will prevent of double bookings for the same date(s). It’s means that you can receive bookings and show unavailable, booked dates in different calendars for different booking resources (services or properties). You can add/delete/modify your booking resources at the Booking > Resource page. You can define the calendar (booking form) to the specific booking resources, at the popup configuration dialog, during inserting booking shortcode into post or page. Configure Booking Form and Email Templates Booking Form Configure any format and view of your booking form (for example two columns view, with calendar in left column and form fields at right side, etc…) Email Templates Manage Bookings Hourly Bookings Online Payments Suport Payment Gateways: Tip & Trick. Booking Calendar. WordPress Booking calendar : pricing. This WordPress plugin will enable online booking services for your site.

Visitors to your site will be able to check availability of apartments, houses, hotel rooms, or services you offer. They can also make reservations and appointments with the ability to choose from multi-day, single day, or by the hour booking. Your clients can even view and register for upcoming events. With integrated Paypal support your clients can pay online! Requirements: WordPress 3.0, PHP 5.0, MySQL, jQuery 1.7.1 or newer. 0* Paid versions of Booking Calendar have more flexible and advanced configuration of this feature.1* In the Business Large and MultiUser versions it is possible to make bookings for the specific timeslot only for 'Single booking resources' - resources with capacity = 1. VikBooking Official Demo - E4J This is the official demo website of VikBooking.

Feel free to make any testing reservations to see how the program works. Please ignore any content of this website that doesn't really make sense as it's a demo website.Take a look at the View Rooms List to see how the Rooms can be divided into multiple Categories and how they can have a different type of calendar, for showing just the availability or the cost per night as well (see the Double Room Classic).The program fully supports multiple languages and any content can be translated into other languages. Please ignore any language that is not working properly as it's just a demo website. By purchasing VikBooking you will get all the modules displayed in this demo website except for the Template because the program can be used with any Joomla Template. Take a look at the Templates section for VikBooking by clicking on the Templates Icon in the top toolbar of this site. Rental lot plus Pricing and Downloads. We offer a choice of three payment options for Rentalot Plus.

The difference is the length of time you get upgrades for, and whether or not you can ask for support. All our products are open source so you can continue to use them for as long as you want. You can read more about that at Downloads and Licensing, and you can check out the version history to see the kinds of features that tend to get added over time.

These are the options: Option 1: £30 Upgrades for 30 days No support You can download the product and any updates that may be published in the next 30 days. Experienced Joomla users can normally install and configure Rentalot Plus without help, but we will not provide support with this option. Option 2: £40 Upgrades for 1 year 1 support incident You can download the product and any updates published in the next year. One support incident is included which you can use to get advice on configuration, or help if you hit a problem. Option 3: £60 Upgrades for 3 years 5 support incidents. Official Demo - Solidres. Booking Calendar - Joomla! Extension Directory. Create an unlimited number of calendarsDisplay just one or multiple monthsDisplay or hide the legendCustomize the legend (items/colors/translations)Edit multiple dates with one mouse clickChange the first day of the weekSet a custom start month / yearUser management: assign users to calendarsShow the week’s numberEasy to translate into any language Booking Calendar for Joomla!

Ist eine einfache Erweiterung für Joomla! ®. **Belegungsplan** für eine Pension, Reservierungskalender für ein Ferienhaus. Wir bieten Ihnen eine sehr leistungsfähige Lösung. Mit dieser Erweiterung können Sie Ihren Besuchern einfach mitteilen ob ein bestimmtes Datum frei oder belegt ist. Op zoek naar een **beschikbaarheidskalender voor Joomla** voor bijvoorbeeld je vakantiehuis? Calendario prenotazioni per Joomla! L'Agenda de réservation pour Joomla!

Calendario de reservas para Joomla! تقويم التواجد والحجوزات الخاص بجملة! Membership Prices - Jomres Online Booking System & Reservation Software. Accommodation. Joomla Multiple Hotel Reservation Standard - Joomla Extensions - CMS Junkie. Book a house in Japan : exemple de calendrier temps réel.