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A Tactful Guide to Offering WordPress Website Redesign Services. If you work in WordPress development, it’s your business to know good site design – how to identify it as well as how to create it. And because you’re the expert, it’s also your job to sell the idea of a site redesign to a potential client. Many business owners these days don’t understand the true value of a website for branding and marketing purposes. For those who already have a website, it may be even harder to convince them that anything more is needed. People tell them, “You need a website if you’re going to do business!” And their response is, “I have one!” But upon closer inspection, the site hasn’t been updated since 2006, Flash is still running on some pages, and the site lives on Blogger.

So what do you do? Phase #1: Identifying a Site That Needs Help Step 1 As a web designer/developer, you understand how quickly design trends change. If you’re new to this and need to start from-scratch, try to hone in on a niche. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Tip: Try not to give it all away. Step 5 Step 6. Good Copy • Email copy from great companies. Does WordPress Email Marketing Actually Work? Putting it to the Test. Platforms come and go, sure. But one thing that’s stayed in use since the early Internet days is email.

Email is here to stay and its continued relevance has allowed many businesses to use it for marketing purposes. The question is, however, does email marketing actually work? How many sites have you visited recently that have asked for your email address? A lot, I’m sure. Virtually every business website you go to online gives you the opportunity to share your email address. Everyone has an email address and most people check it several times per day.

General Statistics About Email Marketing There has been a lot of research done on the value of email marketing. Phrases like 40 times better, 4,300% ROI, 50% more leads, 33% lower cost etc. is nothing to sneeze at. “Marketers consistently ranked email as the single most effective tool for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention.” – Gigaom Research Statistics for Mobile Devices Advantages of Email Marketing Email is targeted. How to write emails people want to reply to. - Customer-centric behavioral marketing. How to Brag About Your Freelance Work Without Being a Jerk. There’s a lot to love about making your living as a WordPress developer. You can set your own hours and work from just about anywhere. You can take on a variety of clients to keep your workload interesting. But you also have to market yourself if you want to drum up new work.

And for some, that’s just plain awkward. Being viewed as a braggart isn’t just an idle fear, it’s a real possibility. And yet, you have to brag sometimes if you want people to know about what you’ve done to land more work. It’s a conundrum, to be sure. 1. This is the most obvious way to promote yourself without even having to open your mouth. Remember to follow the primary rules of building a good portfolio, however. A clean layout with plenty of whitespaceIntuitive navigationHigh resolution images of your projectsEasy to identify contact information 2.

Talking about all the great things you’ve done is pretty boring to everyone except you, let’s be honest. A few ways to do this include: 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Web Font Support in Email Clients. Typography is one of the foundational tools available to make your content unique and a pleasure to read.

And while web typography is improving by leaps and bounds, email typography is less than ideal, constrained by the limits of current email clients. However, there are a variety of email clients that do support "web fonts", being fonts that are either hosted by a web-based service like Google Fonts, or on your own server. Web fonts can provide a more visually pleasant and accessible experience for email subscribers, not to mention, countless typographic options for designers to work with.

The Verdict Yes! Proceed with caution. Web font support in email clients In our testing in late 2012, we found that support for the @font-face rule was still quite lacking - only Apple's and iOS Mail support it. How should you serve your fonts? Once you've decided to make use of @font-face or @import, you have to decide where your fonts are going to be served from. Web-hosted Self-hosted. 6 steps to winning clients with cold emails. This is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here.

Email makes it possible to reach just about anyone, anywhere, at anytime. As freelancers, this gives us the opportunity to reach out to a potential client with the right message, at exactly the right time. However, if you’re not doing something to stand out in a crowded inbox, your email will likely go unopened. In 2014, around 196.3 billion emails were sent and received every single day. That staggering number is set to explode further to 236.5 billion daily emails by 2019. Email can be a powerful tool for building new relationships and landing new clients, but you need to learn how to capture their attention right off the bat.

With my own freelance business, I’ve consistently used very strategically crafted, cold emails to win new clients. 1. 2. Become a member. Don't give it all away: 5 tips for pitching prospective clients. This is a post from a member of the Freelancers Union community. If you’re interested in sharing your expertise, your story, or some advice you think will help a fellow freelancer out, feel free to send your blog post to us here. Freelancers must strike a delicate balance when we attempt to wow new clients with our skills. If we are not careful, we spend hours giving our best ideas and time to prospects who just pump us for information. I call them looky-loos. But, I don’t resent looky-loos because at some point, we have probably all have been one. I have come to realize most looky-loos need our help in focusing their final decision.

As a standard practice, demonstrate in the very first encounter with all prospects you are a polite, busy, yet attentive professional who is perfectly qualified to take care of the needs of all customers who sign contracts with you. 1. One way to do this is ask for the budget and the timeframe as early as possible in the conversation. 2. Become a member 3. 4. 5. How To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate (InfoGraphic) Web shopping makes up 40% of the global sales. With the growing Internet boom, the number is supposed to grow 50% by 2018. Such a high demand on web shopping is mainly caused by the convenience of the process.

You do not need to leave home for the shopping center to buy something. Your order will be placed right away and delivered to porch, which frees you from the necessity to stand in a long queue. Additionally, with the global shift from desktop to handheld devices, people have started making more purchases on the go. Taking into consideration all the aforementioned factors, we can assume that running an ecommerce site (that is both user- and mobile-friendly) is indispensable for any business that wants to boost sales. Building an online store is only a tip of the iceberg. Created in the form of a puzzle, the infographic is made up of 17 pieces, each presenting one of the proven ecommerce techniques. Here it is! Wow with WordPress and Email Marketing | Wordcamp Europe. 20 Beautiful Examples of Modal Windows. By Daniel Eckler Websites often use modal windows as call-to-action tools and for pointing out important information.

For example, the call-to-action in a modal window might ask the site visitor to subscribe to the site’s newsletter. A study by user experience research firm Nielsen Norman Group revealed that 90% of the study’s participants chose to receive updates from companies via an email newsletter, versus only 10% via Facebook. This might indicate that an email newsletter can be an effective way of developing customer relationships. Let’s look at a few examples of well-designed modal windows. Anatomy of a Well-Designed Modal Window Seamless Design It goes without saying that modal windows should be in tune with your site’s visual style.

We follow this rule over at Mylo, a menswear mobile app that I have founded. Mylo The modal window found at Jean Stories (a fashion site dedicated to denim) also stays consistent with the site’s overall visual style. Jean STORIES Clear Purpose Finery DuJour. Google My Business. Google My Business est la vitrine de votre entreprise pour ceux qui vous cherchent sur Internet. Soyez visible et attractif dans la recherche Google, sur Google Maps ou sur Google+. Aidez les clients à vous trouver sur Google Avec Google My Business, toutes les informations relatives à votre entreprise sont visibles dans les résultats de recherche Google, sur Google Maps et sur Google+. Vos clients peuvent ainsi vous trouver facilement, quel que soit l'appareil utilisé. Echangez facilement avec vos clients Donnez à vos clients les bonnes informations au bon moment, qu'il s'agisse de l'itinéraire menant à votre établissement dans Google Maps, des heures d'ouverture dans la recherche Google ou d'un numéro de téléphone sur lequel ils peuvent cliquer pour vous appeler sur un téléphone mobile.

Vos clients sont vos meilleurs ambassadeurs Bienvenue dans Google My Business Utilisez Google My Business pour : ​The Passion Email Template - download free html by PixelBuddha. Email Layout Calculator | Julie Ng. A beautiful mass email and mail merge tool for Gmail. How to Add Content Upgrades in WordPress and Grow Your Email List. Recently when our founder Syed Balkhi shared his 14-point pre-publish blog post checklist, many of you asked about how did he add the bonus download offer. That’s called a Content Upgrade, and it helps you get significantly more email subscribers. In this article, we will show you how to add content upgrades in WordPress and grow your email list. What is a Content Upgrade? Content upgrade is a technique where you offer your readers a chance to get exclusive bonus content by signing up to your email list. Some different type of content upgrades: eBooksChecklistsExcel WorksheetsDownloadable PDF version of your blog postExclusive video interview related to the postBonus how-to’s for the article Basically content upgrades have to be highly relevant to the post you’re offering it on.

Human psychology plays an important role in the effectiveness of content upgrades. For content upgrades, it works because users initiate it by clicking on a link or an image. Sounds too good to be true, right? Tab Counter - realtime stats on any tab. Infographie : les chiffres clés de l’emailing BtoC | Social media infographics... and more. How To Write an “About Me” Page That Gets You Hired. About pages are hard.

You have one page to summarize who you are, what you do, and how you’re different in a clear, concise, and confident way. No big deal! Just tell us why you matter in two to five paragraphs, without bragging. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who enjoys this process. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to help all sorts of people get their websites into shape.

Write to your dream audience.Highlight the kind of work you want to be doing.Tell the truth in your own voice.Read it aloud to make sure it sounds like you.Treat it as a draft. Think of your About page as a way to introduce yourself. I’ll walk you through the process that I share with my clients. It’s tempting to start by looking at other people’s work for inspiration—and we’ll get to that. Give yourself at least two minutes with each of these exercises. Where do you see yourself in one to three years? These notes will guide your writing later in the process. Start with the basics. This isn’t your CV. WordPress Developers: 13 Ways to Effectively Run Your First Meeting With a Potential New Client. Growing your WordPress development business has many challenges, one of which is running an effective first meeting with a new prospect. With no existing relationship to fall back on, there are many unknowns. Will your personalities clash?

Will they scoff at your rates? Will they like your portfolio? Could this finally be the client from hell that you’ve been dreading? With all these questions, it’s easy to see why the initial meeting with a new prospect can be so nerve wracking. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make the whole process easier and less stressful? Luckily there is. Preparation Is 95% of the Battle We’ve all been in the position of walking into a meeting with a new prospect and feeling totally unprepared. Olympians often train daily – hours per day, just for the opportunity to compete in an event that lasts mere minutes. What does this have to do with your WordPress development business?

Let’s assume you plan to be in business for the next 10-15 years. Wrapping Up. How To Get Your First Freelancing Clients. I’m not going to sugar coat this. Getting your first clients as a freelancer is tough! You’re stuck in a Catch-22. People don’t want to hire you because you don’t have any previous clients. But you don’t have any previous clients because no one has hired you yet. So what are you supposed to do? About a year out of college, I was presented with this exact situation. Yet, I was able to build a freelancing business that grew to a couple hundred clients and allowed me to live a more than comfortable lifestyle.

Tactic 1: Reach Out To Friends And Family My very first client was my dad’s friend. When I had started doing freelance web development work, I told all of my friends and family that I was looking for work. As you’re getting started, tell everyone in your personal network what you are doing. It can be as simple as, “Hey guys, I just started building websites and am looking for anyone who needs a website built. Nothing fancy there. Tactic 2: Do Projects For Little Or Even No Money. WordPress Professionals: How To Pitch, Land & Work With Small Business Clients. If you’re a fan of fishing, you’ll know what I mean when I say everyone’s always looking to land “the big one”. And it seems that the same mentality holds true for WordPress professionals. It’s this idea that bigger clients are better. Not so big of course that you’re having to deal with a committee – because that can cause some serious headaches. But big enough that one client can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Then we have the small businesses – the “mom and pop” or solopreneur types. I’m going to work to discount some of these concerns – at least to a certain degree. But there is a huge opportunity to grow your WordPress business by working with small businesses. The Small Business Opportunity The Small Business Business Opportunity – image by jesadaphorn / If you going strictly by the numbers, then the definition of a small business is fairly broad. If you stop to think about it for a second, you’ll realize what a huge opportunity this presents. 1. 2. Wrap Up. Primer | Marketing Lessons from Google. How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog. Making money isn’t easy – offline or online. In fact, maybe it is a tad more difficult online. On the other hand, the costs involved in getting online revenue are fewer thus making it attractive. Well, at least the day-to-day costs. The hidden costs however are sustained efforts over weeks or even months and lots of patience.

Having said that, there are a few things you could do and a lot of help around. Only once you have a sizable traffic can you take advantage of the ad space on your site’s estate. Affiliate Links These are companies like Amazon that offer their inventory to be sold on your site. So, while the revenue earning event – click vs actual sale – might be fewer; the total amount will be larger because of the higher value you earn per event. Direct Advertisements As your blog/site grows in popularity you will find yourself being approached by related websites/agencies to advertise their products on your site for a fixed amount per week or per month. Search and Captcha Boxes. The Essential Crash Course on Modern Email Marketing. Clients judge your website in a split-second. Here's what they look for. 3 Minutes to Get 120% More Emails on Your WordPress Site. The 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google [Infographic] Really Good Emails - The Best Email Designs in the Universe (that came into my inbox)

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Here's how Jake from finds new clients while traveling the world. Forget the Apps – What Should Your Email Marketing Messages Actually Look Like? | Elegant Themes Blog. Campaign Monitor Pricing. How to Be a Great Email Designer: Essential Tools. Top Features To Look For In An Email Marketing Software | Elegant Themes Blog. The ultimate guide to email design. What Are the Top 10 User Onboarding Tools for Your Website? 8 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Checkout Pages. Outil : trouver facilement les mails de contact d'une entreprise.

10 design hacks for responsive emails that don’t suck. Using Images in HTML Email. Email Marketing Best Practices to Push ROI Through the Roof. Klaviyo. Inkbrush | A web application to quickly build bulletproof HTML emails. Ink: A Responsive Email Framework from ZURB. Contact Form 7 Integrations. Les bienfaits du service client par email - Blog de Capitaine Train. ContentChecker for Email | Lyris. Le Générateur de Brief, by Care ! 5 Stratégies marketing efficaces et faciles pour votre startup. AWeber vs MailChimp: Which is Better Suited for Building Your List? | Elegant Themes Blog. Emailing : deux méthodes pour tester son efficacité.