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» PNG minifier inside Photopea. May 9, 2017 We have added a new feature to Photopea, which can significantly minify PNG images. PNG minification It is very popular to minify PNG images on the web to reduce the network traffic and make websites load faster. There are many free and commercial tools for it, which usually allow reducing the size of PNG files by 50 to 80 percent. TinyPNG is a very pupular service for PNG minification. Starting today, there is a PNG minification service built right into Photopea, anybody can use it for free. When minifying PNGs with such methods, there is a tiny loss in the quality. Examples Here are several examples of PNG minification. AutoDraw. Novapattern – curates well-designed patterns. Logobook - Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols and trademarks. Create and download data maps -

Create and download data maps - Chartd - responsive, retina-compatible charts with just an img tag. - Visual Content Creation Made Simple. Explore maps · MapHub. Letter Kit on Pinterest. Creative Fields Icon Set. - vangoghify your selfie. HTML source code www. Device testing dConstruct. Creativemarket. Search. BrowseTrending LoginorJoin 45 Results for "Languages" All Private Schools Public Schools Companies Language Academy Overview Explore More Washington Elementary Public Schools Language Development Center White Students Hispanic Students Black Students Asian/Pacific Islander Students American Indian/Alaskan Native Students 2 or More Races Students <table><thead><tr><th scope="col">School Name</th><th scope="col">White Students</th><th scope="col">Hispanic Students</th><th scope="col">Black Students</th><th scope="col">Asian/Pacific Islander Students</th><th scope="col">American Indian/Alaskan Native Students</th><th scope="col">2 or More Races Students</th><th scope="col">ID</th><th scope="col"></th><th scope="col"></th><th scope="col"></th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td>Language Academy</td><td>11</td><td>4</td><td>0</td><td>0</td><td>0</td><td>0</td></tr></tbody></table> Language Academy in Vancouver, Washington - Ethnicity Prekindergarten Students Kindergarten Students First-Grade Students Second-Grade Students.

A Guide To Building SVG Maps From Natural Earth Data. Interactive maps are a fantastic way to present geographic data to your visitors. Libraries like Google Maps and Open Street Maps are a popular choice to do this and they excel at visualizing street-level data. However, for small-scale maps, SVG maps are often a better option. They are lightweight, fully customizable and are not encumbered by any licensing restrictions.

It’s possible to find a number of SVG maps released under permissible licenses in the Wikimedia Commons. The process will require us to: Download geographic data from Natural Earth dataView and edit the geographic data using QGISConvert the geographic data into SVG using Getting The Geographic Data Link To start, we need geographic data for country borders. To see all maps available for download, view the Natural Earth downloads page2. Many borders in the world are hotly contested. The data you download is stored in the shapefile4 (.shp) format. Viewing The Geographic Data Link Editing The Geographic Data Link. Screw YouTube: The Best Business Video Hosting Alternatives for WordPress Reviewed.

If Our Eyes Could See Wireless Signals, Here's How Our World Might Look  Christoph Niemann: How to Overcome the 3 Fears Every Creative Faces. About this presentation In this 99U talk, illustrator Christoph Niemann shares his three biggest fears: the fear of not being good enough, the fear that our work will be irrelevant, and the fear of running out of ideas. Each of these cripple our process in different ways, but as Niemann explains (complete with hilarious illustrations), there are solutions we can apply to each. Push yourself to learn new things, embrace the grumpiness, and realize that there’s nothing wrong with you when you feel anxious or nervous—it’s just part of the job. About Christoph Niemann Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, artist, and author. His work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Time, Wired, The New York Times Magazine and American Illustration, and has won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club, and The Lead Awards.

His corporate clients include Google, Amtrak, Herman Miller, and The Museum of Modern Art. Niemann is the author of many books, most recently Abstract City. Links Full Transcript. Inspiration pour les intégrateurs #49 : Paysages en CSS et Javascript. ❍ GRAPHILATELY. (@graphilately) 30 Free Vectors All Designers Need. Looking for some high quality free vectors you can download with just a few clicks? Look no further. Here are 30 free vectors sets with vector elements such as banners, buttons, icons, backgrounds and more. These free vectors can be used for web, print, app design projects and pretty much anything else you can think of. Check them out and add your favorite ones to your freebies collection. Want more free vectors?

Take a look at this huge free vectors bundle! Abstract geometric banners Banners with abstract cubes Wavy colorful bookmarks Quality labels with ribbons Sale banners for website Long shadow retro icon set Nature wooden icons Colorful business icons Connection icons set Vector icons flat design Infographic elements pack Infographic template Medical mechanism infographic Infographic banners collection Timeline infographic template Blackboard anniversary graphic elements Retro card floral template Eco leaves and green wave vector Abstract geometric shapes background Chemistry ideas Geometric banner set. \\ creative code sketches. Editor.png (PNG Image, 1070 × 855 pixels) - Scaled (95%) Free Textures for Layers. Free 12 Selected Paper Textures » TitanUI. 100+ New Free Hi-Res Textures and Backgrounds. If you’re looking for new free hi-res textures and backgrounds for your newest graphic or web design projects, then you’re in the right place! In this huge list we selected over 100+ new free hi-res textures and backgrounds which you can use for various types of projects, from design and web projects, to app, print and even renderings and product designs!

These new free hi-res textures and backgrounds have different styles and colors. You will find here realistic material textures, triangle backgrounds, polygon backgrounds, pixel mosaic backgrounds, geometric backgrounds, blurred backgrounds, subtle vector textures, abstract textures, and many, many more! Hint: Click on the previous links and find even more awesome backgrounds you can download!

You can never know when you’ll need an awesome background or texture for your project, so we hope that these 130+ new free hi-res textures and backgrounds will offer you all the resources you need. Brown Wooden Texture Vector 9 Blurred Backgrounds. Toy robots Vector. Space invaders game 9.779 33 6 months ago Chain production background 3.252 16 3 months ago Robotic arms collection 2.191 17 3 months ago Baby boy set of icons 10.817 62 12 months ago Retro robots science set 7.050 86 12 months ago Retro robots vector elements 7.203 87 12 months ago Human knowledge 1.420 11 4 months ago Complex machine sketch 2.386 23 8 months ago Robot cute character waving hand 1.233 2 4 months ago Retro vector robots set 5.315 63 12 months ago Space mission icons 3.728 29 12 months ago Robots retro style vector 3.372 54 12 months ago Military robot machine 2 0 6 days ago Retro robots vector collection 4.069 52 12 months ago Robot t-shirt vector template 3.997 38 12 months ago Toy robot 100 0 3 weeks ago Abstract head icons 576 9 4 months ago Blue retro robot vector 2.465 37 12 months ago Android character figure 1.500 7 9 months ago Robot hand drawn toy 154 0 5 weeks ago Robot hand drawn toy 138 0 5 weeks ago Retro Robot Character 252 10 3 months ago logo 1.112 3 10 months ago.

Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads | Freepik. Personnalisez en détail vos cartes Google avec Snazzy Maps. Les systèmes de géolocalisation sont de plus en plus présents dans notre mode de vie, il n'est pas rare pour un web designer de devoir intégrer une carte Google map dans un projet web.

Découvrez dès maintenant Snazzy Maps qui vous facilitera ce travail en vous donnant une personnalisation poussée de vos cartes. Gérer le design de vos cartes point par point Il y a un an, nous vous avions déjà présenté un outil qui permet de personnaliser ses cartes avec Google map builder, cette fois nous vous proposons un service bien plus complet qui vous donne la possibilité de gérer chaque détail sur vos cartes. Snazzy Maps vous propose de personnaliser vos cartes directement à l'aide d'une multitude d'options ou de choisir parmi les thèmes créés par la communauté. La personnalisation est libre, il vous suffit de choisir les éléments à modifier afin d'accèder aux paramétrages, vous avez la main sur les routes, les institutions, tous les points d'eau, etc.

Découvrez cet outil sur : Premium and Free Graphic Backgrounds. Backgrounds Archives. Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project. The Pattern Library. Les meilleures ressources pour créatifs, graphistes et webdesigners. Lorsqu’on travaille dans le graphisme, le webdesign, l’intégration ou tout ce qui touche au front-end d’un site web, il est nécessaire de disposer de nombreuses ressources pour mener à bien son projet. En effet, lors de la création d’un site ou d »une maquette, il faut bien souvent réfléchir aux typographies, aux couleurs, aux textures, aux icônes, aux photos de fond… Aujourd’hui de nombreuses ressources existent pour aider les professionnels à faire des choix rapides et plus faciles.

Voici quelques sites indispensables à bookmarker. Choisir et reconnaître une typographie La typographie est un élément essentiel de l’identité du site ou projet web. Google Fonts : La ressource la plus utilisée et la plus connue, le site offre l’hébergement de plusieurs centaines de polices, spécialement pour le web. Choisir sa palette de couleurs Utiliser les bonnes textures Le choix des textures est lui aussi important, et offre de très nombreuses possibilités. Des icônes libres de droits. 10 Design Tools for Non-Designers - The Hive. So you’re working on a project and you’ve got some brilliant ideas flashing through your mind. But you’re not quite sure of how to get them out of your head and onto paper. In a world where visual is everything, people who can’t draw a straight line without it looking like a seismic wave often end up puzzling over how to properly get their ideas out there.

Not everyone has the time to master the art of photoshop design, and some might have the time but not the skill. So we’re here to solve that problem. With a list of all things creative, ranging from image editing – to video making we’ve got it all, and what’s more is that these design tools all offer free options and provide an alternative to canva, just in case you need a change. 1. Piktochart If you’ve ever wanted to create an infographic with zero skills then you must have realised how difficult it can be. 2. 3.Coggle Coggle allows you to easily create mind maps which you can invite friends to edit. 4.TinkerCad 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The 8 Types of Images That Increase the Psychological Impact of Your Content. Create infographics & online charts |

ColorBrewer: Color Advice for Maps. 10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps. The Maps make your geography easier. It does not only tell you about the navigation, but increases your knowledge about the different places of the world. Does it cause difficulty to read someone else’s maps, how about creating your own maps? No doubt there’s Google map and Google earth to help you out, but there are several other tools from which you can choose.

Here is a group of 10 astonishing tools that you can use in creating your own maps. Animaps Create and view beautifully informative animated maps, for free! Scribble Maps The Easiest Way to Draw and Share Maps! MapTiler Fast maps for the web and mobile. HeatmapTool is the best online service for creating spectacular and accurate representations of your data. GeoCommons GeoIQ’s enterprise analytics, enhanced visualization and data support features are now available for free to all GeoCommons users.

Click2Map ZeeMaps Create and publish interactive maps. UMapper TargetMap GmapGIS. 6 solutions gratuites en ligne pour créer des nuages de mots-clés. La création de nuage de mots-clés est une façon simple de cartographier des idées, des champs sémantiques, des concepts, d’évoquer des notions essentielles… Et de mettre en forme via des réglages (couleur, taille des mots, position dans l’espace, jeu de polices de caractère…) un instantané visuel qui offre une forme de représentation synthétique pour l’internaute et la personne. Ce type de mode cartographique peut être utilisé en gestion de projet, pour de la formation, de l’analyse de texte, du remue-méninges (brainstorming)… Voici 6 solutions gratuites en ligne pour créer des nuages de mots-clés : Wordle Il s’agit de l’outil le plus connu de création de nuage de mots-clés.

Il offre de nombreuses possibilités de paramétrage et de personnalisation des nuages générés. Il fonctionne (sans inscription) soit à partir d’une sélection de mots, de termes figurant à une adresse URL (possédant un flux RSS ou Atom) ou de mots-clés existants d’un compte Delicious. Tagul Tagxedo ToCloud TagCrowd. Create. | create and share visual ideas online. 5 outils pour créer vos propres infographiesSocial Bistrot. Vous avez besoin de belles présentations ou infographies pour alimenter le contenu de votre site web ou de vos réseaux sociaux ?

Social Bistrot vous présente aujourd’hui 5 outils performants qui vont libérer votre âme de graphiste. 1. PicktoChart : Picktochart se veut très simple d’utilisation, il vous permet d’accéder à 9 modèles infographiques libres. Comptez environ 29 € par mois ou 290 € par an. Accéder au site web de PicktoChart : 2. Visme est assez impressionnant et offre un vrai éventail de possibilités pour réaliser simplement une belle infographie. 20 d’entre elles sont libres de droit. Visme vous propose en plus de la réalisation d’infographie des possibilités de créer des présentations, des bannières publicitaires et des démos produits. Pour bénéficier de l’accès Premium de Visme, vous pouvez compter 14 € environ. Accéder au site web : 3.

Prix : indéterminé. 4. Avec vous pouvez créer des graphiques intéractifs. 5. Quotes Picture About language. Create infographics & online charts | Maps by jplusplus on CartoDB. Creating Images Without Using Stock Photography.