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FlipSnack | PDF to Flash page flip - flipping book software. 10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds. Good assessment is frequent assessment. Any assessment is designed to provide a snapshot of student understand—the more snapshots, the more complete the full picture of knowledge. On its best day, an assessment will be 100% effective, telling you exactly what a student understands. More commonly, the return will be significantly lower as the wording of questions, the student’s sense of self-efficacy, or other factors diminish their assessment performance.

It sounds obvious, but a student is a human being with an entire universe of personal problems, distraction, and related challenges in recalling the information in the form the assessment demands. This makes a strong argument for frequent assessment, as it can be too easy to over-react and “remediate” students who may be banging against the limits of the assessment’s design rather than their own understanding. Rather than re-teaching, sometimes all that is necessary is re-measuring. Simple Assessments The word “simple” here is misleading.

Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more! Object moved. FlipSnack. Pageflipper. Timeline. - 50 Ideas for iPads in the Classroom. Beautiful web-based timeline software. - Capture your stories, save them permanently. ¿Qué hacen los mejores profesores? Ken Bain es el director del "Center for Teaching Excellence" de la Universidad de Nueva York. Su libro Lo que hacen los mejores profesores universitarios (2004) ha sido traducido por la Universidad de Valencia y repartido entre sus profesores. Más allá de las valoraciones positivas o negativas de esta iniciativa, el libro es muy interesante y responde a la pregunta que plantea el título.

Teodoro Álvarez Angulo, profesor de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, especialista en temas de comprensión lectora, hace una reseña del libro y sintetiza las características que Bain ha encontrado en los mejores profesores de la siguiente manera: (i) Conocen su materia extremadamente bien, lo que implica un sentido agudo de la historia y de los problemas que se ha planteado y se plantea su disciplina. (ii) Son eruditos y pensadores, que se centran en el aprendizaje, tanto en el suyo como en el de sus estudiantes, lo que supone que esperan siempre "más" de los estudiantes. White Paper: The Future of Learning: Personalized, Adaptive and Competency-Based. The Future of Learning: Personalized, Adaptive, and Competency-Based Tom Vander Ark, CEO of Getting Smart, explains that we are living through the most important change in how human beings access information and educational opportunities—it may be bigger than the printing press and it’s certainly happening faster.

Promising new models suggest that it is possible to serve more students with excellence while improving working conditions for teachers. In this white paper, you’ll learn: The reason technology is a valuble tool to implement the Common Core Why "show what they know" is the best metric for evaluation, not seat-time or birthdate How Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ approximates human levels of coaching for ultimate personalized learning Privacy Policy © 2013 DreamBox Learning, Inc. Subtext – Engage Readers and Deepen Understanding. The next session I am attending is about Subtext, a tool I have been wanting to learn and explore. Check out their presentation materials here. “Subtext is a free iPad app that allows classroom groups to exchange ideas in the pages of digital texts. You can also layer in enrichment materials, assignments and quizzes—opening up almost limitless opportunities to engage students and foster analysis and writing skills.”

Subtext allows students to engage deeper with reading material both individually as well as collaboratively. Subtext allows you to personalize your reading experiences in the same way we see with other tools (change font size, highlight and tag, use a dictionary) but it also allows broader application – access your Google Docs, Search Google and copy to your Drive, etc. Finding content is more flexible using Subtext (Using digital books and content) as well as through tools like Newsela (that you can use to tweak levels of reading). There are different ways to use subtext: COLEGIO VIRGENDELCARMEN.


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