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Echo. Echo By GhostOfRattmann Chapter One: Pay Attention To Me He had some vague recognition of some brief, faceless friend at one of his many past school repeating to him some advice from their mother: "if you ignore them, they'll get bored and go away".


At the time, this vague friend had been referring to a group of older bullies that had been flicking paper at them from the back of the classroom. Sam had tried and tried to ignore them, but it had continued all lesson without any sign of the proposed 'getting bored', so Sam had eventually taken matters into his own hands and later decked two of the boys in the playground. Sam wondered what Dean would do if he decided to deal with his current problem in the same way. "You know, Sammy," Lucifer spoke up, as casually as if they were two old friends taking a walk together. Shadow (Sequel) Note: Oh look, a sequel!

Shadow (Sequel)

If you haven't read Echo, I'd go do so now or you probably won't understand what the hell's going on. To those who have read and reviewed, thank you so much for all the favs and reviews, I truly appreciate it. Confessions, Prophecies, and Promises. HAS BEEN EDITED!

Confessions, Prophecies, and Promises

Alright folks, I give you my most blasphomest story yet. Yes I know the way I portray God is awful but I ask that you bare with me because I promise it is needed for the larger story at hand. Also, this is going to be fairly long in comparison to anything I have ever written. I hope you enjoy and don't be afraid to tell me what you think. Chapter 1: Confessions There was something between Sam Winchester and Lucifer that had changed. It took all of the fun out of torturing Sam. One night, after Dean had gone to bed and Sam was doing research of some kind or another, Lucifer made his move. The Stairway. Notes: this was originally for the Samifer exchange, which I am a few months late in turning in.

The Stairway

The prompt was: wealth, radio, telephone. However, while I did factor in these prompts, the fic itself is structured around "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. It was also pretty influenced by the Clarice Starling/Hannibal dynamic. Aegidoll is making a set of wonderful art to go along with the fic. More drawings will be added as the week goes on. 2083 (Samifer?) "Stop squirming, Sam.

2083 (Samifer?)

You're gonna make me miss the vein. " Ruby wrapped her small hand around Sam's forearm and held it steady. "You don't want these suckers free-floating around, trust me. Conversion of the Sinner (Series) Fandom: SupernaturalDisclaimer: None of the characters are mine.

Conversion of the Sinner (Series)

I do not profit from this story.Title: Conversion of the SinnerSeries: ConversionPairing: Sam/LuciferRating: NC-17Warnings: noneSpoilers: 5x03 Free to Be You And MeBeta: theron09Word count: 8,397 words Summary: Keith waits tables in a bar. Why Don't You and I. Sweet Angel Child (Sequel) The Love That Moves the Sun and the Other Stars.

Never Alone. Echo. Due Cause. Dog Days. Chapter Text Lucifer used to expect his Father to come before him in the Cage and bring him back home.

Dog Days

It was a naive and silly fantasy he’d have in the early years of his time in this cell, one that died quickly and twisted into cold bitterness. So to see his Father suddenly appear in the middle of a wearisome wrestling match with Michael made the two pause, the fallen archangel aggressively attempting to jerk himself out of the chokehold he was currently in.

God offers him a deal. Lucifer's Apology. Chapter Text The Cage felt much emptier without Sam's screams to fill it.

Lucifer's Apology

Michael was still here with me, of course, but only physically – my brother had always been skilled at blocking out life's unpleasantries, and so he sat motionless in the corner of the Cage, his mind far away. I had tried to draw him into conversation countless times, but he never showed any sign of hearing me, even though I was sure that I had seen him react to noises from outside the Cage. Even now, with nothing to lose, Michael would not risk sympathizing with me.

Still, his presence was a comfort after a previously solitary eternity, and I spoke to him constantly after Sam left. How To Fall. Tangible. Chapter Text Ruby’s knife is really kind of unfortunate to have around.


It’s useful, sure – always has been, probably always will be – but it’s also an extremely tangible reminder of the fact that Sam doesn’t always make the best choices. “Boy, you guys sure know how to pick ‘em,” comes that soft voice.

Sam/Lucifer #2

Stairway to Heaven. Chapter Text "Sam, run!

Stairway to Heaven

" Dean yells as he pushes Sam in front of him. "Hurry! " The hellhounds cry out in the night, howling and baying in the distance. Sam can almost feel the energy of them crackling in the night air. Dean finds an old green door recessed into the brickwork of the alley wall. Sam looks back over his shoulder, as he can hear the hounds close, too close. Dean grabs a fistful of Sam's jacket and yanks him towards the door. The hallway they find themselves in smells of urine and garbage.