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QOwnNotes - cross-platform open source plain-text file notepad. Atech/postal: □ A fully featured open source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing e-mail. MIEL - Matériel informatique et Logiciels. Le concept technologique de SimpliVity représente de manière incontournable le futur de l’infrastructure.

MIEL - Matériel informatique et Logiciels

Des environnements les plus simples aux plus grosses organisations multi sites, Simplivity permet de construire très simplement et globalement n’importe quel Datacenter. Simplivity repose sur OmniStackTM, une architecture de données révolutionnaire qui permet aux équipes informatiques de déployer facilement à la demande et en les empilant des ressources x86 en environnement virtuel et de fournir une infrastructure dont l’efficacité, la richesse en fonctionnalités et la simplicité d’administration sont sans précédent dans l’informatique. Cliquez ici pour consultez notre livre blanc : Virtualisation des données, le modèle du Cloud avec les exigences de l'entreprise.

OmniStackTM est la technologie installée au Cœur d’OmniCube, la seule Appliance d’infrastructure au monde réellement hyper convergée et globalement fédérée. Windows Server : Storage Pool et Storage Space, c’est quoi ? I.

Windows Server : Storage Pool et Storage Space, c’est quoi ?

Présentation Depuis Windows Server 2012, de nouvelles fonctionnalités de stockage ont fait leurs apparitions. The Nexenta® product family. Rubedo cms et commerce avec ciblage comportemental - Blog. Kubernetes - Production-Grade Container Orchestration. Newest 'kubernetes' Questions.

Kubernetes/kubernetes: Container Cluster Manager from Google. Beginner Blueprint: Complete VirtualBox Setup Guide. 20 Best Kodi addons in 2015 to help you cut the cord. Install Addon Installer on Kodi, aka Fusion Installer, from ZIP (Method 1) 20 Best Kodi Addons for 2016: Updated, working list. Create a database from a large CSV file. In this example, I will use a CSV file, available on France government opendata web site, containing information about all the French Gas Stations GasStationsDatabase.

Create a database from a large CSV file

As Convertigo provides a step to read CSV files, it is very easy to create a project that reads a CSV file, and then write each record into a database. The weak point of this method is the speed. Indeed, writing into a database takes a while and dealing with large CSV files could take “for ever”. I will show you in this article how to create an 11000 records database out of the corresponding CSV file with minimizing the bottleneck of writing.

The source code for this sample can be downloaded here: DatabaseFromCSV. Bulk reading and writing The thing to do is to make Convertigo read the CSV file. To keep things simple, we will use a MySQL syntax, but you can adapt the query to any other database. Fig 1 : ‘pdv’ table Schema In our CsvToSQL sequence, we have the following steps - a transaction to truncate the database. Buy Now. Synology NAS and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. Synology RT1900ac review - Page 2. View full gallery The best thing about SRM is Package Center, which is basically an app store.

Synology RT1900ac review - Page 2

Using Package Center and an external hard drive or SD card, you can add applications to the router, increasing the its functionality and features. Out of the box, the router comes with a few applications, such as Download Station, Media Server and VPN Server, but it's likely Synology will release more in the future. Each of the applications is robust and well thought-out. The Download Station, for example, is the best PC-less download feature I've seen. Performance The RT1900ac did well in my testing. (It's important to note that I tested the router using the high-speed mode of its USB 3.0 port. Etcher by Installing Discourse with Docker - Servers for Hackers. About. Wekan — open-source kanban. Wekan on Synology DSM. Pastebin PRO Accounts 2016 NEW YEARS SPECIAL!

Wekan on Synology DSM

For a limited time only get 40% discount on a LIFETIME PRO account! AD-BLOCK DETECTED - Please Support Pastebin By Buying A PRO Account For only $2.95 you can unlock loads of extra features, and support Pastebin's development at the same time. To install Wekan on a Synology DSM 5.2+ device, this seems to be the quickest method:Environmental:Ensure the port you wish to use for Wekan is forwarded by your router to the Synology DS. RAW Paste Data To install Wekan on a Synology DSM 5.2+ device, this seems to be the quickest method: Environmental: Ensure the port you wish to use for Wekan is forwarded by your router to the Synology DS. Use a Synology NAS to Syslog All The Things - Wahl Network. I’ve found that most folks only deal with logs after a disaster strikes.

Use a Synology NAS to Syslog All The Things - Wahl Network

Production is down, check the logs! Much like backups, a failure to proactively collect and store logs means there is no going back to magically find the logs, and troubleshooting is made significantly more difficult. In fact, many vendor support organizations will ask that you then turn on logging to some safe place and wait for disaster to strike a second time so that they can determine root cause. Bleh! Let’s collectively get into the habit of treating logs like production data by making sure they are continuously gathered, protected, and reviewed for issues. Grafana - Features. Openmediavault.

Installer Subsonic sur un Synology. Vous êtes plutôt pour louer votre musique sur Spotify ?

Installer Subsonic sur un Synology

Ou pour la confier à Google Music ? Dans les 2 cas, il peut y avoir des soucis... Si votre abonnement Spotify s'arrête ou si Google suspend votre compte, vous pouvez dire adieu à votre musique. SparkleShare - Self hosted, instant, secure file sync. Liste De Liens Vers Des Sources Tiers De Package Synology - 3rd Party Packages. Stackable Switches and Synology High Availability for Small Business Continuity Planning. Overview This article, intended for IT Professionals, will discuss another enterprise level networking technology made accessible for small business, which is the ability of Stackable Switches.

Stackable Switches and Synology High Availability for Small Business Continuity Planning

The ability of stacking switches can be found with the new “core aggregation” class of switch, where it features many 1GbE network ports, with a couple of 10GbE network ports which can be used for core aggregation of services, or can be used with another switch for increasing network redundancy. Coupling Stackable Switches with Quad-NIC Synology products, such as the recently released DS2015xs, can effectively create a redundant network layer and redundant storage layer. The Network Layer is made redundant with Stackable Switches, and Synology High Availability will make the storage layer redundant.

This level of redundancy was typically wielded by large businesses with large budgets, where these businesses cannot afford downtime. What is a Stackable Switch? Docker - Build, Ship, and Run Any App, Anywhere. Day 5: the BackBee Edition mode - BlogBee tutorial. In the last episods: Introduction The Content model is complex to understand without practical examples.

Day 5: the BackBee Edition mode - BlogBee tutorial

As a user manipulate contents through the toolbar, we will do the link between our files and configurations and the toolbar features activated and displayed. This way, you will understand how to provide features to your final users. What for today? In Day 4, we added an Article content and this is great but you still can't edit it. The "big picture" The first time you connect into Edition mode you may be a bit lost due to multiples buttons and tabs. the Language Selector: the Edition mode is available in english and in french.the StateManager: to save, apply or cancel the modifications done on your content.the Mode Selector: this allow to switch between modes of BackBee editor.only in Edit mode: the Panel Selector to choose which kind of content edit. the Templates mode We already have used the Template editor before to create our layouts. the Edit mode the Page panel the Boxes panel.

Meet Jenkins. 10 Reasons to Use BackBee as an Open Source CMS. SynoCommunity. Transformez un PC en serveur Synology (avec DSM 4.2) - Korben. Si vous vous intéressez un peu au monde du NAS et que vous avez essayé de transformer un PC en NAS avec une distrib comme FreeNAS ou Open Media Vault, il vous reste une solution que je suis certain, vous n'avez pas encore testé.

Transformez un PC en serveur Synology (avec DSM 4.2) - Korben

DSM ! Oui, peu de gens le savent, mais il est parfaitement possible d'installer la distrib présente sur les NAS Synology, sur un simple PC. Il s'agit bien évidemment d'un hack et pas d'un truc officiel, mais c'est quand même sympa à expérimenter. Pour cela, il vous faut une clé USB sur laquelle vous booterez la distrib XPenology qui fera passer votre PC pour un serveur Synology. Niveau matos, il faut quand même un truc compatible. Total = 270 €.

Autant dire que vous divisez le prix par 10 avec ce PC, même si la carte mère relevée par Denis permet uniquement de brancher 3 disque SATA en RAID. Installer / mettre à jour Xpenology DSM. Xpenology est la version (typiaquée ?) De l’OS qui équipe nativement les NAS Synology. Il s’agit très certainement de la meilleure suite logicielle existante à l’heure actuelle pour celui qui souhaiterais avoir un NAS maison qui puisse faire autre chose qu’un bête serveur de fichier.

Xpenology, lui, permet d’installer cette suite sur pratiquement n’importe quel hardware. View forum - FRENCH section.