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Power Up Freelancing

Power Up Freelancing is a platform for writers and freelancers to upskill and discover new work opportunities to grow their business and profile.

Powerupfreelancing. Power Up Freelancing. What Is The Purpose Of A Press Release? Find Out Here. Powerupfreelancing — Learn The Art Of Winning Freelancing Projects. Career Training And Coaching India. In today’s unprecedented times, most of the young professionals find it tricky to transition themselves from being a student to a professional.

Career Training And Coaching India

Those who are just starting their career journey may feel challenged to understand the industry nuances and dynamics, and hit the ground running. Our coaching program will help you to re-define yourself and learn the best ways to make a positive influence on your employer. By taking our specialized training and coaching services, you can enhance your talent and skills and accelerate your professional journey.

The modules are designed by the leading industry experts who’ve decades of professional experience in their respective fields. Our interactive learning methodology familiarizes young graduates with the best of tools, resources, and techniques required to become successful and deliver exceptional value in today’s competitive marketplace. Freelance Opportunities for Writers in India on Behance. Over the last few years, freelancing has emerged as a popular career option.

Freelance Opportunities for Writers in India on Behance

It is easy to understand why? Work-life balance, freedom to pursue work that one truly enjoys are some of the reasons behind its growing appeal. Further, the changing economic environment has rendered several people jobless, forcing them to take up freelancing. It is also helping students, homemakers, people with special needs and senior citizens to supplement their income by taking up freelancing. Several platforms help you showcase your skills and acquire writing assignments. Here are the top six sites for freelance writers to get work: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Apart from these top 6 sites, you can also find writing work on BloggingPro, Craigslist, writer access and, among several others.

How to Write Content For Social Media? Read Here. Social media has become integral to the marketing plans of all types of businesses, be it big or small.

How to Write Content For Social Media? Read Here

It is an effective way to engage with your target audiences across the world. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you need compelling content to help you stand out from your competitors. Writing for social media is markedly different from other formats. While some social media platforms, like Instagram, are visually oriented, LinkedIn demands a different and a more professional approach. How do you draft content that performs on such diverse platforms? Basics of Social Media Content Writing: 1. 2. Tips For Goal-Setting For Freelancers For 2021 - Power Up Freelancing. When you are running a freelancing business, the never-ending day-to-day chores can be overwhelming.

Tips For Goal-Setting For Freelancers For 2021 - Power Up Freelancing

You are dealing with clients, sending proposals, pitching, drafting letters of introductions, invoicing, following up for payment, writing, revising and, yes, building your personal brand. All these tasks tend to wear you out and leave you with little time or motivation to work on projects you are genuinely passionate about. This is especially true now when the market is challenging because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe that setting goals, both long-term and short-term, help you in staying motivated and inspired. It enables you to keep the big picture in mind and slowly move towards your milestones and ultimately reach your goals. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind as you go about setting goals for 2021. Think where you want to be five years down the line This is a typical job interview question across industry verticals and geographies. The Smart Approach. Best Cold Pitching Courses Online. Finding work regularly is easily the biggest challenge faced by freelancers.

Best Cold Pitching Courses Online

Cold pitching is the easiest and fastest way to get new work. However, most of us freelancers and entrepreneurs are stressed by the very thought of cold pitching because it is hard. The biggest problem is that you might be sending hundreds of pitches without acquiring any new client or assignment to show for hours and hours of work. It can be extremely daunting. You are scared of pitchingYou avoid pitching by postponing it till eternityYou think you don’t need to pitch because you have enough clients (Secret: there is no such thing as enough clients or enough work)You are unable to break into your dream marketsYou are confused about the process of pitchingHave trouble following upFeel overwhelmed by pitchingYou want to take your career to new heightsYou want to double your freelancing incomeYou want to get better clients Frequently Asked Questions 1) When does the course start and finish?

Freelance Opportunities For Writers India. Content Writing Freelance Work. Career Training And Coaching India.