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J P Mishra

Powertech Engineers is one of the leading Electrical Contractor all over India. We undertake Turnkey electrical projects for all across India.We are also providing substations upto 11 KV / 33 KV / 66 KV, Internal / External electrification work, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of the Transformers, HT/LT Panels, Vacuuming, Filling, Filtration of Transformers, Filtration of Quenching oil, Hydraulic oil , Thermic Fluid Oil etc.

Powertech Electrical Projects. Transformer Filtration Service. Solar Projects Installation. Do you want to switch to an alternative source of grid power?

Solar Projects Installation

That alternative source is known as solar projects. Basically, the solar project will not only help you to generate solar power independently but it also helps you to save a huge amount of costs. With the help of a solar project, you can create your own power without giving any cost as compared to expensive grid power. As we all know, India is growing day by day and 56% of peoples who lives in the urban area, they have their own solar panels. Nowadays, the commercial power sector also uses solar projects and is increasing rapidly. We at Powertech Engineers see the sun as our primary source of energy for tomorrow for generations to come. The main aim of Powertech Engineers is to strive to deliver our quality Solar Projects with the highest levels of technology at an affordable cost.

We provide a one-stop solution for all Solar Panels needs like: ● Facilitation ● Designing ● Engineering ● Assembling ● Constructing ● Evaluation. Testing of the Transformers. Powertech Engineers is the fastest-growing company in the Testing and Commissioning of Transformer with having an experienced and professional Electrical Team in the power and transmission sector.

Testing of the Transformers

We are known for the installation of the Transformer as well. But there are also lots of customers who buy a transformer from their closed ones but they want to test and commission that transformer. At that time, we help them to test their transformer and then commission it. If you need any testing and commissioning of the transformer, then ping us. After that, we will test the transformer in the Laboratory and we also carry out Transformer Monitoring tests on the various Power Equipment that help us to detect errors if so. Industrial Lighting. Powertech Engineers is one of the leading global company for assembling of industrial lighting, Street lighting, and pathway lighting.

Industrial Lighting

Our company comes in the list of the topmost rapidly growing industrial lighting, Street lighting, and pathway lightning provider all over the state of India. Our main aim is to provide the quality products and then place them in the lighting Industry along with 24/7 Customer Support. The main aim of Powertech Engineers is to develop, produce, and marketing highly efficient industrial / Street / Pathway lighting solutions. Erection of Cable Trays. Powertech Engineers is one of the Top electrical service provider company in all over India.

Erection of Cable Trays

We fabricate and supply the erection of cable trays to the residence and commercial buildings who need the erection of cable trays. We also provide our service in various other fields like in Public Infrastructures, Government Sectors, Automobiles, Information innovation, Hospitality, Health Care, and Educational Institutions. CCTV and Fire Alarm System. Powertech Engineers is a leading CCTV & Fire Alarm System Provider with high-end Assembled, Consultation, Distribution, and Installation services to those customers who want to set security on their organization.

CCTV and Fire Alarm System

We are with a proven track record of delivering good quality products and CCTV & Fire Alarm System is also one of them in an organization. We also provide technology solutions like installation along with the commissioning of CCTV & Fire Alarm System. Powertech Engineers is a professionally managed CCTV & Fire Alarm System company provider that specialized in implementing the security & fire alarm projects. Our CCTV & Fire Alarm System Provider is the complete security solution for all those homes, small offices, industries, corporations, and commercial industries that wants to set security on their organization.

Currently, we are dealing with these systems like: ● Access Control Systems ● Fire Alarm Systems ● Home Alarm Systems ● CCTV Systems ● Medical Fire Alarm Systems. HT-LT Panels and Bus Ducts. Powertech Engineers is one of the leader in assembling of HT/LT control panels and also deals with the bus ducts.

HT-LT Panels and Bus Ducts

All our HT/LT Panels, bus ducts are also tested according to the CPRI, Temperature rise & IP55 tests, etc. Before sending the control panels to our clients, the first test that panel. Our HT/LT Panels, bus conducts are also installed in various industries and power stations of India. Electrical Projects Installation. Electrical work for Wear House at HDPE Unit End User:-OPaL Client:-SAMSUNG Work Details: Supply :- Earthing Materials - 2 KM Stainless Steel - 3 MT Earth Electrode - 12 Nos.

Electrical Projects Installation

Installation :- Power Panel - 2 Set Lighting DB - 9 Nos. Cable Laying - 12 Km Lighting Fixture - 125 Nos.TOTAL COST :- 65 LAKH Electrical Work for HDPE Unit End User:-OPaL Client:-ICON Controls Pvt. Installation :- PDB - 12 Nos. Electrical work for Silo Area at HDPE Unit Supply :- Cable Gland - 600 Nos. Electrical work for CDU4 Project. Execution of Switchyard. The Switchyard is also known as switching substation that operates at only a single voltage without any transformer.

Execution of Switchyard

A switching substation contains connections as well as interconnections that are used to transmit, distribute, and control electricity. In operating Switchyard, we must have to deal with three main types like voltage level, bus arrangements, and circuit breaker. Switchyard is also placed directly adjacent to the nearest power station. As we all know, Power station is used to transport electricity from the station to the user end. So, in the power station, both the switchyard and substation plays an important role. Powertech Engineers Team works with the project management department to execute the switchyard or substation across the country. So, If you want to execute your switchyard or substation then contact us now.

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