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Discovering and Supporting Pioneers in Contemporary Fashion. Womens Dresses. Miss Moss · Margaret Howell SS13. There are two things that made me happy this morning. first was watching that goats video again. i think i may just start every single morning by having a quick glimpse of it. second was having a look through the Margaret Howell SS13 collection. the lookbook, shot by Koto Balofo, is particularly beautiful – highlighting the weaving process of the Irish linen used throughout the collection. the pieces themselves are of course absolutely gorgeous, the tailored trousers a particular favourite (not to mention those delightful mary janes).

Miss Moss · Margaret Howell SS13

MHL x Houyhnhnm Margaret Howell recently partnered with Japanese publication Houyhnhnm to showcase the S/S 2012 collection from her off-shoot line MHL. it is a beautiful collection, and i love how it completely slipstreams into the Japenese aesthetic of favouring comfortable, functional clothes made from natural fabrics. via Tomboy Style Wednesday 16 May, 2012 Scout & Catalogue Spring 12 i asked Anabela of the newly revamped Fieldguided - nice work Kate! 0 - Kinfolk. Zanjoo At Africa Utopia 2014. We made our way to London South Bank to attend Africa Utopia 2014.

Zanjoo At Africa Utopia 2014

The event was put on to look at what can be learnt and celebrated from Africa and the African diaspora. We look at how African art and ideas can change the world for the better: how Africa can lead the way in thinking about culture, community, technology, fashion, sustainability and ethical wealth creation. Some of the continent’s most iconic musicians and artists appear at the festival but also take part in the debates alongside experts, entrepreneurs and activists. There was dance workshops, vast food stalls and plenty of African Fashion stalls selling everything from African wax print attire, baby clothes and household items, be sure to check for our latest designers being stocked for African attire. A great family day out with plenty to learn and participate in. McAfee – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search.

Matières à réflexion paris - Boutique en ligne de créateurs. Décoration ‹ CARAVAN. Suki Cheema combines art, travel and textiles. Your World of Fashion. Building Block. Sans titre. NEW ARRIVALS. Low cut underpants. - Thin and soft bamboo jersey. - Model is wearing size S. - Four bell..


Low cut underpants. - Each underpant is made from a soft and strechy materia.. Baserange. BlackEyePatch. Collections - VON SONO. TALENTS. ‘Contemporary primitives’ is a graduation project of the alumna of the School of Forum in Poznan, Jagoda Fryca.


It is worth mentioning that the mentor of the school and the author of the program is none other than Lidewij Edelkoort. The footwear collection project is a result of a fascination with amateur handcrafting of everyday objects. It is impossible to avoid comparison with the famous Dashilar Flagship Store project by the Dutch designer Sander Wassink. However, the effect seems to be more commercial. Similarly to the Dutchman, Jagoda Fryca saw the mass product as a resource and resolved to play with ready-made elements, which give infinite possibilities. One moment I noticed that all manifestations of ‘spontaneous creativity’ were less and less visible around us.

And the distinction between finished and unfinished products depends only on our approach to them and on how much potential we are able to see in them. I doubt if we can defeat overproduction in this way. Bona Drag Boutique. Creatures of Comfort. Paloma Wool. New Arrivals - Saint Heron. MME A–S DÅVIK / The Wall. SHE CICERO – Ensemble by MME A–S DÅVIK shown at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm and the exhibition Utopian Bodies – Fashion Looks Forward.

MME A–S DÅVIK / The Wall

Exhibition open 25 sept 2015 – 7 feb 2016 Small clay sculpture by MME A–S DÅVIK 2015 MME A–S DÅVIK in white. Cape, shirt, skirt and neck ring. Ensemble on display at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm and the exhibition Utopian Bodies – Fashion Looks Forward. Freeways Association. Shop - Semaine. Shop Seaberry restorative body cream Carhartt State Flag Sweatshirt Bormioli Rocco Bodega tumbler mini Glasses (Set of 12) Floom Online flower destination Perfumer H Leaf, Green candle Market basket Orange Blossom, Citrus candle Spartan Shop Hiba wood spray Musk, Oriental fragrance.

Shop - Semaine

Target: Brand Shop: Marimekko for Target. - Rose Apodaca. Reebok Classic Leather 101 Sneakers - WOMEN - Footwear - Reebok. Trz. NEGRO (Buf.) Piso Suela - Pons Quintana. L'AFSHAR – Clutches. Sibling London Online Store.