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2014 — Cole Pierce. Prev / next 1 of 11 thumbnails Cole Pierce (2014) Triangle is the Strongest Shape #39Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 36"x36" Cole Pierce (2014) Triangle is the Strongest Shape #40 Oil and Acrylic on Panel 12"x12" Cole Pierce (2014)Triangle is the Strongest Shape #41 Oil and Acrylic on Panel 12"x12" Cole Pierce (2014) Triangle is the Strongest Shape #42 Oil and Acrylic on Panel12"x12" Cole Pierce (2014) Triangle is the Strongest Shape #43 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 36"x36" Cole Pierce (2014)Triangle is the Strongest Shape #44Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 36"x36" Cole Pierce (2014)Triangle is the Strongest Shape #45Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 48"x60" #45 detail Cole Pierce (2014)Triangle is the Strongest Shape #46Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 48"x60" #46 detail Cole Pierce (2014)Triangle is the Strongest Shape #47Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 48"x60"

?ref=product.10053. A swedish designed coffee table from Maze. About | THE MINI LOFT. About – Caroline Z Hurley. For me, home has always been a work of art. I see every new space like a painting and I fill the white walls with texture, color and play. Growing up in Memphis, I was the kind of little girl that couldn’t help but cover my toys (and myself) in paint. So I guess it makes sense that for college, I headed to Providence to study painting at RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design). A couple years ago, I took an inspiring trip to Bali and when I came back to Brooklyn my paintings took the form of textiles. I started printing shapes on linen.

At first, I just made gifts for friends and family but before long I started getting orders from some of my favorite stores. Now, I have a rad team and we sell in more than 100 stores worldwide. ALL | love vintage. Architecture on Film: Italy – The New Domestic Landscape, MoMA, 1972 + Q&A with Gaetano Pesce and Peter Lang | Architecture Foundation. EventsThurs 28 November 2013, 7pm Still from Superstudio's Supersurface – An Alternative Model for Life On The Earth © Superstudio.

Courtesy of Cristiano Toraldo di Francia A seminal exhibition curated by Emilio Ambasz at New York's MoMA in 1972, Italy: The New Domestic Landscape was described at the time as "one of the most ambitious design exhibitions ever undertaken by the Museum of Modern Art". Combining 180 design objects with 11 environmental installations commissioned from the finest of the Italian design vanguard (Joe Colombo, Ettore Sottsass, Gaetano Pesce, Superstudio and more), the exhibition went one step further in its representation of design culture, by inviting the environments' designers to produce a short film to activate and accompany their installations.

The films’ cosmic critical abstractions and adaptations of design and space to the moving image continue to resonate and influence. Programme (All films 1972. Introductory/Orientation Film by Emilio Ambasz (Dir. Asteri Pro | Astéri. Atelier. ATELIER PIERRE BONNEFILLE. Biennale Interieur - Next edition: 17-26 October 2014 | Interieur Foundation. Block Table Cart. Blog merel karhof. Wind Knitting Factory @ Design week Cologne 19 January 2015 PRESS RELEASE | DOMESTIC AFFAIRS, Dutch Design 2015 An exhibition by Bureau Europa, Dutch Design... Read more... Crayon Workshop @ Heal’s, with SMP 13 December 2014 Join SMP and Merel Karhof this winter for a making workshop packed full of colour, creativity and... Tile Dust @ 19 greek street 12 September 2014 During London Design Festival the studio is showing ‘Tile Dust’ collection @ 19 greek street... China - Dutchinese 2 May 2014 Studio Merel Karhof will be in China from 02/05/2014 till 28/06/2014 for an artist in residency.

Exhibition 'Threads' MMKA Arnhem 17 March 2014 The Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem will present the exciting exhibition Threads. Design Ventura Exhibition - Design Museum 5 February 2014 With Designer Marc Trotereau the studio did the exhibition design for Design Ventura in the tank of... Now open! 19 January 2014 From now Wind Knitted scarves are for sale via the Wind Knitting Factory online store. 6 December 2013. Bozarthfornell. Bozarthfornell. Brumes | Sprayfun. For 2015 we create abstract and spontaneous hand painted textiles on oversize fresh shapes. Young and casual for a colorful summer. Find the dresses in our shop, or take a walk out in Paris and visit l’Habibliothèque ! Brumes, ready to wear collection for spring / summer Design, prints and production by Sprayfun Photos by l'Habibliothèque All hand made in Saint-Malo, France. Find the dresses in our shop copyright © 2015 Sprayfun.

California Home + Design | Your online home + design directory. Carl Kleiner. Casting figurants hommes et femmes pour téléfilm. Casting tournage pub (Paris) Charles Phoenix. CHIAOZZA — Lump Nubbin: Kleavnic. 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.5" Lump Nubbins is a series of small sculptures by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao ( Each piece is made from recycled paper pulp. Junk mail, old bank statements, scrap paper, and newspaper are torn apart and stewed together for several days to create a pulp.

The pulp is pressed in our hands or through a screen, forming lumps that are then carefully transformed into Lump Nubbins with paint and painted paper, and set on a plaster or concrete base. Each is unique and has a name, which is written on the bottom of the sculpture base. Materials: compressed paper pulp, painted paper, matte acrylic gouache, and plaster or concrete; some sculptures contain flocking, gloss medium, glow-in-the-dark paint, chrome, and/or micaceous iron oxide For in-person pick-up at our studio in Brooklyn, New York, enter the code STUDIOPICKUP.

COMING SOON. Daniel Steegmann. DESIGN. Designer bar Stools for sale | Modì. Designers | Astéri. DisegnoDaily. Downloads « Bold Design. Egon Eiermann. Egon Eiermann naquit le 29 septembre 1904 à Neuendorf à Berlin. Il étudia l'architecture à l'Ecole Technique d'Architecture à Berlin-Charlottenburg, sous l'égide de Heinrich Tessenow et de Hans Poelzig principalement, dont il devint le "fils spirituel".

Diplôme en poche, il fit tout d'abord ses premières armes dès 1927 dans le bureau d'architecture de la société Karstadt AG à Hamburg, puis de la Bewag à Berlin. Fort de ces premières expériences, il se mit à son compte de 1931 à 1945 et travailla comme architecte à Berlin. Il enseigna après la guerre à l'Ecole d'Architecture de Karlsruhe tout en exerçant son activité d'architecte jusqu'à sa mort prématurée en 1970. Professeur et ingénieur du bâtiment, Egon Eiermann restera l'un des architectes les plus marquants de l'après-guerre en Allemagne. El Fabrika - Tunis - Magasin de meubles - Photos.

Eric Trine. Extravagant 80s fashion - a scene from Ruthless People (1986) FRAU GRAU. Galerie Christine Diegoni. Gio Ponti - aRoots. Gio Ponti (18 novembre 1891, Milan - 16 septembre 1979, Milan) est un architecte, designer industriel, auteur, enseignant italien. Il a mené une carrière unique, participant de manière active au renouveau du design d’après-guerre. Né à Milan en 1891, il est diplômé de l’École polytechnique de Milan en 1921. En 1925 il est nommé directeur à la biennale de Monza en Italie, responsabilité qu’il conservera jusqu’à sa mort en 1979. Grâce à son implication, la Biennale connaît un formidable développement : déplacée à Milan en 1933, rebaptisée Triennale d’art et d’architecture moderne, elle devient un lieu privilégié d’observation de l’innovation au niveau international. En 1928, il lance également DOMUS, revue d’architecture encore publiée aujourd’hui qu’il dirige jusqu’en 1979 et dont il fait une référence internationale.

Il commence son activité d’architecture au sein de l’agence d’Emilio Lancia et Mino Fiocchi. Graham Foundation > Exhibitions > Environments and Counter Environments. "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape,” MoMA, 1972. This exhibition highlights the lasting significance of MoMA’s groundbreaking 1972 exhibition, Italy: The New Domestic Landscape and emphasizes both the dynamic context of radical Italian design and architecture in the 1970s, as well as the innovative exhibition that first presented this work in America. Curated by Emilio Ambasz in 1972, Italy: The New Domestic Landscape showcased the forefront of Italian design and commissioned a series of experimental domestic “environments” and attendant films by the most vibrant Italian architects and designers of the period: 9999, Archizoom, Gae Aulenti, Mario Bellini, Joe Colombo, Gruppo Strum, Ugo La Pietra, Gaetano Pesce, Alberto Rosselli, Ettore Sottsass Jr., Superstudio, and Zanuso/Sapper.

Contrary to convention, the Objects were displayed in the natural setting of MoMA’s sculpture garden, while the Environments were shown within the institutional spaces of the museum’s galleries. H-j-g-s. HILDEBRANDT STUDIO. Home - Tomas Kral. Home - Tomas Kral. Home : Viaduct. Home | espoo – nordic design. House pink Tas-Ka Collection - Milh - La mercerie en ligne. Hui-hui/ » Products. I'M REVOLTING. Images - Mitab. Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. Kismet Tile. Kora Vase | studiopepe.

L'Art Déco: 1920 - 1939 | Blog BERNARD (designer) Strand Palace Hotel 1930 L’ Art Déco: histoire de style & tendance du Design 1920 – 1939. La formule Art Déco caractérise un style décoratif international. Initialement l’ Art Déco, Style Moderne ou International appartient à un monde de luxe et d’opulance, il est un glorieux amalgame entre l’art et l’artisanat, trouvant son âge d’or dans les années 1920 et 1930. Le terme même évoque une multitude d’images romantiques. L’ Art Déco apparu à l’ère des récessions économiques, des dépressions, des troubles sociaux, des marches de la faim et de la bataille politique entre le communisme et le fascisme. Vers le modernisme avec l’école Bauhaus: Le Bauhaus, célèbre école allemande qui a contribué de manière importante et influencée l’architecture moderne, l’industrie, les arts graphiques, design et théâtre.

Mais un peu plus tard la politique de l’école va changé avec un nouveau slogan : “Art et technologie: une nouvelle unité.” Bauhaus, Dessau Allemagne. Lampe Vintage Toucan moderne / Pelican oiseaux par WestCoastModern. Latest Auctions from Diss Auction Rooms - TW Gaze. Laura Perryman Design Studio. Ljudabsorbenter. Lola Dupre. Margaret Courtney-Clarke: Photography. MATTER. Maze Interior - Mazeinterior. Mick Jagger - Hard Woman. MISHA KAHN. Nerd Bar + Counter Stool. The soft-finish and curvy shape of the plywood seat encourages users to sit on these stools from any side. And the low back rest is just enough for comfort and support. From the all-wood seating series by David Geckeler (also check out the corresponding Nerd Chair) suggests is testament that Nerds will inherit the Earth...or at least, command a room.

David's design reflects signature Scandinavian qualities in terms of materials, craftsmanship and profile. Yet Nerd looks new because of its overall expression, including a range of 8 colors to mix and match. The standout feature, of course, is the intersection of the back through the seat. A strong statement alone in an office or salon, or as a set around a dining table. It took the Beckers International Design Award in 2011. Furniture, tableware and lighting are among the categories David's work emphasizes.

New York City Plant Design, Delivery and Maintenance. | The Sill. New! – Caroline Z Hurley. Nieuw binnen: pastoe bureau jaren 50 bank fauteuil gelderland de ster dressoir trolley. Odosdesign | Punt. Luis Calabuig, María Mengual y Ana Segovia studied Industrial Design toghether at UPV in Valencia and established Odosdesign in 2005. We view the design of new products as an ongoing daily process, as a reflection on the different lifestyles and the needs that each of them entails. We are influenced by everyday experiences. We watch everything around us and analyze how we react to these things, since our future designs will also be around us and will become part of our reality. We believe in strong ideas and passionate work, whatever the scale of the product or the location.

We find creativity enriching in all its forms. We develop long-lasting products that are beyond fashion. We undertake our graphic design work with discipline and honesty. . ← Back to designers list. Painting - Britton Tolliver. PALLY gardin multi | Curtain | Curtain | Gardiner | Home | INDISKA Shop Online. Peter Judson. Please wait to be seated - Products. Please wait to be seated. Porte-magazine et panier turquoise. 1246 rue Sainte-Catherine O. Montréal H3G 1P1 (514) 874-0063 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 19h00 Lundi au vendredi 10h00 - 19h00 Samedi 11h00 - 18h00 Dimanche 509 rue Saint-Joseph E. Québec G1K 3B7 (418) 529-2647 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 11h00 - 19h00 Lundi au mercredi 11h00 - 21h00 Jeudi 11h00 - 21h00 Vendredi 10h00 - 19h00 Samedi 11h00 - 18h00 Dimanche 4301 rue Saint-Denis Montréal H2J 2K9 (514) 844-5944 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 20h00 Lundi au mercredi 10h00 - 21h00 Jeudi et vendredi 10h00 - 17h00 Samedi 11h00 - 17h00 Dimanche 9200 Boulevard Leduc S-3 Quartiers Dix Broussard, QC J4Y-0B3 (450) 656-1197 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 18h00 Lundi au mercredi 10h00 - 21h00 Jeudi 10h00 - 21h00 Vendredi 10h00 - 17h00 Samedi 10h00 - 17h00 Dimanche Des contraintes linguistiques nous obligent présentement à fermer notre site Internet au Québec.

Votre support continuel nous est précieux et nous vous prions de nous excuser pour tout inconvénient que cela pourrait vous poser. 1246 Ste. 509 St. Sarah Guedj & Esther Goldszmidt transforment un restaurant | DKOmag. Après avoir travaillé au Centre Pompidou-Metz et à la Galerie Kreo, Sarah Guedj a créé IrèneIrène avec Esther Goldszmidt. IrèneIrène est certes devenu un repère incontournable pour les design addicts sur Internet et à Paris. Les deux figures incontournables du revival vintage sur Paris Première proposent également un service de décoration aux particuliers et aux professionnels. Le duo nous présente un de leurs chantiers déco, un restaurant de gastronomie italienne qui parlerait de l’Italie du début du siècle en même temps de la France d’aujourd’hui.

VISITE GUIDÉE Problématique du client : Créer une ambiance chaleureuse et un brin nostalgique mais pas désuète. Quelle(s) pièce(s) ? Une façade, une entrée-bar avec table d’hôte et vue sur une cuisine ouverte, 4 toilettes, une cage d’escaliers, une salle delikatessen new yorkais et une salle plus cosy, plus intime, avec des accents de tropical vintage et de cabinet de curiosité. Durée du projet : Votre astuce déco : Vos projets : Votre style : SEATING — HILDEBRANDT STUDIO. South Willard. South Willard. Stefano Pedrini - Home. Stolab - Vi tillverkar möbler sedan 1907.

STOOLS | Goldsworthy Studio. Studiopepe. Stéphane Malka - | Architecte. TERTTULLA CERAMICS - ELIN STRÖMBERG PHOTOGRAPHER. THEO MERCIER. Thomas Fritsch – Artrium. Thomas Fritsch – Artrium. TIME ALWAYS FINDS YOU - DOTY/GLASCO. Tiziana Tosoni. Tomáš Bém | News. Torbjörn Vejvi Lighting at 1stdibs. Ventes aux enchères Paris Joe COLOMBO (1930-1971) Lampe Vademecum, 1968 Lampe de table ou applique. Vintage design webshops. VLAD TVRCO. Walter Schupfer Management - News Items.

Workspaces 1970 & 2010 : Abracadabra Department. Yellow / Pink / White Light von Established & Sons - Pendelleuchten - Design bei STYLEPARK. Yuki Yoshikawa accentuates Grain Chair with painted patterns. Zio. ۞ Toucan Pelican Desk Lamp 220V.