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0 - Kinfolk. Africa Design Days. Anda Andrei: Meet the Woman Who Was Ian Schrager's Design Guru For 30 Years. For almost three decades, architect Anda Andrei was best known as Ian Schrager’s design whisperer, shaping the aesthetic of the hotelier’s high-profile properties such as the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City and the Delano in Miami.

Anda Andrei: Meet the Woman Who Was Ian Schrager's Design Guru For 30 Years

That longtime gig ended two years ago when Andrei, then 60 years old, decided to leave Scharger’s eponymous company to establish her own firm, Anda Andrei Design. “Being in the shadow of a great man is great, but I wanted to prove to that I could succeed by myself,” she says of the move. Today, with three high-profile projects in the works, she appears to be well on her way to doing just that. She is creative director of 11 Howard, the Scandinavian-inspired hotel in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood from real-estate mogul Aby Rosen, which opened on April 1.

She is also lead designer on the soon-to-open restaurant at the Brooklyn Museum. Her achievements may be the epitome of the American dream. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity. Tough. Archive: Future of Fashion is Now. ‘By presenting my designs not only physically but also digitally, new dimensions are created to strengthen the experience of fashion.’

Archive: Future of Fashion is Now

(Jacob Kok) The reason I chose Jacob Koks 3D work – evolution, (animated movie by himself and the software developer Autodesk), was because of the way it was presented as a video made in a computer program. The use of media and what it allows you to do with gravity and form in this animated short film is for me very interesting and relevant for the art and design as it develops today. I think the title of the exhibition “ The Future for Fashion is now” indicates that; we should use all our technologies and experiences we made so far, in the work of art and design today. For me the technology that is created is not so far mentally reachable, as it may be for my grandmother, but still it has gone to a level of complexity that can be hard to follow for everybody. The Sims game is a virtual game where you create a world of your own. Aubrey stallard. Bedroom – Tessuti. Biography - CV : Clemence Seilles. Clemence Seilles is an artist and a designer, she produces applied and fantastic situations through objects, spaces, performances and autonomous free styling formations.

Biography - CV : Clemence Seilles

A collaborative approach is characteristic of Clemence’s protocol. She mainly sees herself as a producer and commonly calls artists and designers for their know-how and sensitivity. Among the collaborations we find Andrea Crews, Adrien Missika, Theo demans, Joseph Marzolla, Melanie Bonajo, KruxAmsterdam, Egon Elliut and OXYDO eye-wear. Clemence has activelly taken part in founding the NoisyChronics in 2006, the Dirty Art Department of Sandberg Instituut of Amsterdam since 2011, Sanks design label in 2014, the Mortal Recordings since 2015 and design studio since 2016.

Books, exhibitions, workshops, projects, bookshops. Catalogs. Chad Kouri. As a semi-nomadic, mostly Chicago-based working artist, I’ve become extremely interested in various cities’ creative communities and art ecologies.

Chad Kouri

My studio practice is influenced by equal interests in conceptual and minimalist art, design and architecture, ethnography, visual literacy, jazz, and the gray areas between these fields. I’m best known as a co-founder of the Chicago-based art and design incubator, The Post Family, my past role as Art Director of the Chicago based, award winning contemporary art magazine Proximity, and recognition as one of Chicago’s up-and-coming image makers in NewCity’s 2010 Breakout Artists of the year issue.

Notable past and upcoming exhibitions include displays at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; Johalla Projects, Chicago; The Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, New Hampshire; Toledo Museum of Art; Purdue University; Mission Cultural Center of Latino Arts, San Francisco; and Apexart, New York. Chya Hsu. Collection. Schemata Architects / Jo Nagasaka. ColoRing Udukuri is a traditional wood craft technique of polishing wood surface with a brush made of sew grass, to scrape off soft tissue so that coarse grain pattern is revealed.

Schemata Architects / Jo Nagasaka

In our new line of furniture titled ‘ColoRing’ we feature this Udukuri technique. First wood surface is treated with Udukuri technique to reveal grains. And we apply three layers of different colors on the surface-in this process we use leftover paint from other constructions that would otherwise be disposed of. Finally the surface is thoroughly polished flat, and we get beautifully colored grain patterns on smooth surface.

Title : ColoRing architects:Jo Nagasaka(Schemata Architects) usage:furniture wood fabrication:ANGULO photo:Takumi Ota. Schemata Architects / Jo Nagasaka. Coolors - The super fast color schemes generator! Coolors - The super fast color schemes generator! Corbin Mahieu. Electronic music report ‘15.

Corbin Mahieu

Darkroom London. Designjunction + Dwell on Design opens tomorrow with keynote speaker Bob Gill - PR agency. Illustrator Bob Gill designjunction + Dwell on Design opens tomorrow (May 13–15, 2016) with an exciting display of cutting-edge design and captivating conversations.

designjunction + Dwell on Design opens tomorrow with keynote speaker Bob Gill - PR agency

Taking place within the ArtBeam venue in New York’s Chelsea arts district, the event marks the first partnership for designjunction and Dwell on Design during NYCxDESIGN. Emil Stejnar - Google. Exhibitions. Object Sculpture Space. Object Sculpture Space. Georgina Skinner. Graphic & Illustration. HOW TO RENOVATION BOOK : Editorial Design & illustration HOW TO Renovation Book ©スマリノ INVESTORS CLOUD Illustration & Editorial Design for “INVESTORS CLOUD”.

Graphic & Illustration

Hend Krichen. Hilton Mc Connico. Hend Krichen Designer Homeware. High End Luxury Furniture Fair. High End Luxury Furniture Fair. INFARM. Infarm transforme la façon dont nous développons, consommons et pensons la nature, en utilisant les dernières technologies agricoles.


Derrière ce projet se cache des « scientifiques des plantes » et concepteurs industriels, qui ont uni leurs forces pour tenter de répondre aux besoins d’une population croissante. We are the new farmers and the city is our farm Pensant que le système alimentaire doit être décentralisé et que la production doit se rapprocher au plus près du consommateur – d’une part pour l’impact que notre alimentation a sur l’environnement, d’autre part pour améliorer la qualité de ce que l’on mange –, Infarm combine la technologie la plus avancée pour permettre aux productions de grandir dans un environnement urbain et devenir comestibles : plus de transport et de logistique pour plus de fraîcheur et de saveurs.

Leur objectif ? Ionna Vautrin. Jan en Randoald are updating. Jenny Lewis photographer. Jieldé. - our-home. Julien Discrit. Katie Yang - Home. Le studio universel de Clémence Seilles. LEAH JACKSON CERAMICS : Leah Jackson Ceramics. Locations & Events. Maruša Sagadin. Maruša Sagadin: The making of Doris Ionic Iconic - [ SPACE ] Mimmi Staaf Möbelmakeri. Arquitectura, interiorismo, diseño... Mugutu Studio. Ning Wang. Nottingham Contemporary. NYCxDESIGN. Oliver Gustav Studio. Paper Stock Vellum Diamond Flap Notebook - ANAISE. Patrick Parrish / collection / Judy Engel Ceramic Sculpture. Prestations, honoraires et fonctions, Architecte d’intérieur Toulouse - Sophie Sabarich Bonay. Qu’est ce qu’un ARCHITECTE D INTÉRIEUR ?

Prestations, honoraires et fonctions, Architecte d’intérieur Toulouse - Sophie Sabarich Bonay

Vous avez envie d’offrir un coup de jeune ou de restructurer en profondeur votre appartement ou votre maison. Vous êtes professionnel vous souhaitez modifier vos espaces de travail : rénover votre hôtel, relooker votre magasin, votre restaurant ou vos bureaux ? Engagez un architecte d’intérieur, il vous aidera à mieux redéfinir et structurer votre espace. l’architecte d’intérieur est un designer qui va concevoir un espace où les critères esthétiques et fonctionnels vont s’accorder selon vos goûts et votre budget. Il va prendre en compte l’éclairage, les volumes, les espaces de vie et les matières pour vous proposer le meilleur agencement envisageable. Studio Fludd. The very essence of architecture consists of a variety and development reminiscent of... - Alvar Aalto at BrainyQuote. Thomas Eyck. Thomas eyck - beech wood. TINY STORE : Nadine Goepfert — Textile & Design. Custom-made curtain for Tiny Store Detail – Layered Fabrics Detail – Fringes (silkscreen) tiny store, 2013 Tiny Edition No 2 – Collage Posters Tiny Edition No 2 – Poster ONE Tiny Edition No 2 – Poster TWO.

Valérian Goalec. Valérian Goalec. Curriculum Vitae. Your Real Estate Project in Paris. Villages In Paris nous a tout de suite séduits dans la mesure où nous avions envie d’acheter un petit deux pièces pour investir dans un bien immobilier. What A Nice Place. Working hand in hand. The Imbadu Collective launched in Langa at the Guga S’Thebe theatre last night. Its aim is to foster artistic collaboration among the artists in its fold, and to bring design to children in the township. “Imbadu” is a isiXhosa word which roughly translates to “a gathering”. Zukisani Mrwetyanana, a member of the Imbadu Collective that brings creatives from different disciplines together, says: “It used to be held by our elders and forefathers back in the day to give them an opportunity to gather and share experiences and thoughts.” In a video produced by the collective, they express the desire to bring art and design into Langa and encourage young creatives.

The collective launches with an exhibition that celebrates local design, heritage and creative collaboration. The collective is made up of an assortment of creatives: ceramicists, photographers, furniture makers and artists. The theatre floor exhibited an array of pieces made by the artists.