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Building Block. The things we use eventually age and can become something different and personal with time and wear.

Building Block

Building Block and Waka Waka introduce their first collaboration that experiments with time-treated surfaces and hand made wooden shapes. When exposed to sunlight, the overt pattern and molded forms on the leather surface of these bags will naturally begin to fade, becoming a different bag that reflects an individual experience over time. Available for a limited time at IKO IKO For order inquires on bags please contact Scénographie / ania martchenko. If you resist this! - aaron s moran. If you resist this!

if you resist this! - aaron s moran

Reclaimed wood, acrylic, primer, india ink, cast cement (2013) Created in response to Whalley Suites, a chapbook by Surrey based writer, Taryn Hubbard. SHOP — Erin D Garcia. Garth™ _ design studio of garth roberts. Illustrations & design by Lilly Friedeberg aka Elfriedes. Themed Business Card Type Queen – Paper Chase Press. Life is lived in color, and your business is no exception.

Themed Business Card Type Queen – Paper Chase Press

Choose from three bold hues for your Type Queen cards; green, grey, or pink. Size Matters Choose from four formats for your business cards, the Traditional 2 x 3.5 inch size, our signature Tall Card at 3.3125 x 2.25 inches, the Square Card at 2.5 x 2.5 inches, or the original business card format that dates back to the 1800's -- the Calling Card, which measures in at 3 x 3.75 inches. Easy as One Two Three Customize your business card design online. RoAndCo Postcard Notepad – Paper Chase Press. This lively notepad from creative firm RoAndCo features nine distinct Memphis-inspired postcards printed on our classic double thick, bright white uncoated paper, with blue colored edges.

RoAndCo Postcard Notepad – Paper Chase Press

We sat down with Roanne Adams, RoAndCo Chief Creative Director, Founder and self-proclaimed ”Art Director, Big Picture Brand Thinker, Boss Lady, Client Therapist, Creative Collaborator, Design Critiquer, Entrepreneur, HR Manager, Public Speaker” for a look into her world. RoAndCo Founder Roanne Adams What are your design inspirations? I’ve collected a wellspring of inspirations over the years that live in my mind and manifest themselves given the right project.

Like a sponge, I tend to soak up design, art, film, music, pop culture, etc. and combine those references to create new things. Hilda Hellström. TABLES — Very Good & Proper. Home - Zabludowicz Collection. Exhibitors at Frieze London 2015. Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin - Artist - Andrea Rosen Gallery. Born 1981 in Bloomington, IN Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA 2004 BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI 2016 Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY, March 19 – April 16 Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin: Priority Innfield, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain, February 4 – April 24; travels to Musée d'art Contemporain de Montréal, Canada, June 22 – September 11 2014 Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecarin: Site Visit, Kunst-Werke Instititute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany, September 14, 2014 – January 11, 2015 Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin, Regen Projects, Los Angeles, CA, October 22 – November 26 Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin, Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK, October 2 – December 21 2012 Concrete u, New Galerie, Paris, France, September 8 – October 13.

Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin - Artist - Andrea Rosen Gallery

Erwan mevel index fr. Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin - Artist - Andrea Rosen Gallery. A.A.F.C.A.R.: Sbeïtla 12 mars. Là nous attend Maher, c’est notre contact qui va nous guider vers les artisans locaux.

A.A.F.C.A.R.: Sbeïtla 12 mars

Il est étudiant en musicologie et s’active pour promouvoir avec son cousin un tourisme alternatif et solidaire dans la région. Il est très impliqué et sa volonté de développer les villages de montagne grâce à cette forme de tourisme nous intéresse et nous touche. Il nous parle aussi du tissage de la laine très présent dans cette région d’élevage. Il aborde ce sujet de manière très intéressante entre la musique et le tissage. Il nous explique qu’il existe un genre musical appelé « Mouachahat » qui recherche l’harmonie dans la poli-rythmicité et qui peut se rapprocher d’un tissage portant le même nom qui inclut de nombreuses couleurs de façon harmonieuse. Portail Tunisien de l'Artisanat: Métiers des fibres végérales. Habiter écologique et assainissement par filtres plantés de roseaux. Présentation de l'entreprise L'entreprise Rénov Habitat Vert est située en région Centre et plus particulièrement à Bourges dans le Cher.

habiter écologique et assainissement par filtres plantés de roseaux

Nous exerçons sur l'activité "habitat" principalement dans la région Centre et pour l'activité "eau" sur toute la France. Kate Miss Creative Studio. Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao — CHIAOZZA. Lisa Berkert Wallard - Set Design. Lotta Lampa. Design — Lindsey Hampton. Schneid - Contemporary nordic lighting and furniture design. Nick Parker. Collection — Articolo. P / s / d. Kki. Julia Kostreva - Creative Studio - Projects. Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer: Revolving Voyeurism - Probe 20 - Probe. WDB 80 / 14.01.13(…) vanaf het begin gedacht aan een tussenwand voor optische experimenten. (…) De aanleiding daartoe gaat tot bijna een jaar terug, in WDB 70 toen ik de verschillende versies van het stuk The Split Wall: Domestic Voyeurism van Beatriz Colomina op het spoor was gekomen.

Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer: Revolving Voyeurism - Probe 20 - Probe

Ze beschrijft daarin de tegenovergestelde architectuuropvattingen van Adolf Loos en Le Corbusier. Eén van die tekstversies staat in het boek Raumplan versus Plan Libre, en daarin is een foto opgenomen van het dakterras op de 7e verdieping van het appartement dat Le Corbusier in 1931 ontwierp voor Charles de Beistegui, midden in Parijs, een ‘chambre à ciel ouvert’. Daar is tegen de gestucte muur die het dak omzoomt een 19e eeuwse schouw geplaatst. Zo’n archetypische haard uit een herenhuis, met een spiegel erboven (…). WDB 81 / 05.03.13Ik kom helemaal niet goed uit het werk voor Probe.

WDB 81 / 06.03.13Revolving Voyeurism (titel!) WDB 81 / 11.03.13Ik moet stoppen met steeds weer kopieën en printjes maken. Airframe 01. Chmara.rosinke. Better than cool — DAVID TAYLOR. Rossana Orlandi. A Tailor's Ritual vanity stand by chmara.rosinke. Vienna design duo chmara.rosinke created this wooden vanity stand for a local shirt tailor (+ slideshow).

A Tailor's Ritual vanity stand by chmara.rosinke

Anna Rosinke and Maciej Chmara designed A Tailor's Ritual to be used for fittings at the Wäscheflott tailoring shop. The vanity stand comprises mirrors, hangers for clothing and a storage shelf, which all pivot around the wooden frame. The floor-length standing mirror is used with a circular mobile mirror to allow the customer to check the fitting in the back. One brass hanger is used to hang-up the mock-up shirt and a second is for the final garment. "Wäscheflott always tailors a trial shirt before making the final one," said the designers. Tailoring tools such as needles and pins can be stored on the brass shelf. The design was commissioned as part of the Passionswege project for Vienna Design Week 2013.

The Passionswege project, literally meaning "pilgrimage ways", initiates collaborations between young designers and traditional Viennese companies. DAVID TAYLOR. An Online Magazine - ALL ITEMS LOADED. Sine Collection. Kyuhyung Cho. Prev | Next 1/20 Poke Stool, 2013, Please Click the image to see the next Poke stool is the first furniture piece created by a typography designer, Kyuhyung Cho.

Kyuhyung Cho

The inspiration was to develop furniture for adults but keep a spirit of child like play in the form and function. The stool is simple, bold and playful. The combination of four round legs and the eight holes in each seat create a stackable stool with a graphical approach. The Poke is made in Finnish natural birch and oak. Dimensions: Ø 310, H 440mm. Selects. We Do Wood. Latest NewsCTA has moved! — CTA — Carl Turner Architects. Iina vuorivirta. Mischer'traxler projects overview. Mischer'traxler reversed volumes. Reversed Volumes is a collection of bowls that are shaped by capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable. The space between a bowl and a fruit/vegetable is filled with casting material. Once dried, the filling material has adapted to the imprint of the container and represents the imprint of the different fruits/vegetables in a very detailed way. These imprints are replicated as food-safe and water proof resin objects. The bowls are hand-crafted in a semi industrial process and this method allows slight variations in colour in order to achieve some variation within the series.

The 'reversed volumes' series include at the moment ten different bowls with the imprint of: apple, lemon, orange, cherimoya, pepper, aubergine, napa cabbage, sugar melon, cauliflower and cabbage. 'reversed volumes' was initially designed for FoodMarketo in 2010. Wallpaper. When self-proclaimed tea fanatic and yoga teacher Iona Carter travelled to Kanazawa, Japan last year, something about their brews seemed extra cool.

A local specialty, the process of cold brewing tea inspired Carter to launch her own London-based company, TWIG Teas. Steeping tea leaves over a long period of time in cold water serves several benefits, from producing fewer bitter catechins than hot brewing tea does to its sweet taste and smooth texture. The cold water draws out different flavours from the leaf and by extracting less caffeine, the tea is also more naturally healthy. Self-proclaimed ‘tea purists’, the TWIG team hopes to give real tea the ‘chance to sing for itself’. Skipping on herbal and fruit infusions, teabags and sugar means TWIG tea thrives on simple, natural goodness. Shop - Semaine. Shop Seaberry restorative body cream Carhartt. نتيجة بحث Google عن الصور حول ‪

Collaborators + friends - Front + Main. How to create your own terrarium with Michael and Darroch Putnam! A peek at the studio of designer and maker Shay Spaniola of bunglo! San Francisco-based maker Molly M shares how to get your products in the stores you love! A behind-the-scenes look at our collaboration with textile designer Margo Selby Meet the duo behind west elm’s biggest collaboration to date!

Remembering Williams-Sonoma founder Chuck Williams. A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Apotheke’s candles! A+R Store. Thngs — a place for every thing. Paul Kasmin Gallery - Installation. Sans titre. PARK LANE BY ETTORE SOTTSASS at 1stdibs. Modern Furniture, Home Decor & Home Accessories. Security Check Required. Le frigo du désert : une alternative écologique au réfrigérateur.

France / / Europe Des économies de sous et d’énergie, une alternative au réfrigérateur naturelle et efficace. UneTouteZen ous fait découvrir le frigo du désert. © Practical Action Initialement conçu pour économiser les ressources en Afrique où les conditions sont précaires, le frigo du désert, appelé également Pot Zeer, est un moyen écologique de conservation des fruits et légumes. Le système est celui du système de l’évaporation par l’eau apportée aux aliments. نتيجة بحث Google عن الصور حول ‪ VIKTIGT collection. ANVÄNDBAR collection.

2016/ Arita. Louise Bourgeois - The Return of the Repressed. L'arte era la sua salvezza. Una delle artiste più importanti del secolo scorso, e sicuramente la più autobiografica, Louise Bourgeois ha fatto dell'arte una valvola di sfogo per i propri demoni ed uno strumento di indagine della propria psiche. Proprio per questa sua intensa relazione con le proprie opere ed il proprio processo creativo (che non ha mai interrotto, avendo continuato a creare fino alla sua morte avvenuta nel 2010), è risultato sorprendente il ritrovamento di una serie di diari dell'artista che documentano la sua lunga terapia di psicoanalisi. 30 anni di sedute (dal 52 all'82) con l'analista Henry Lowenfeld documentate, commentate e analizzate dalla Bourgeois, una serie di scritti (circa 2000 pagine) che fungono da mappe dei suoi stati emotivi e (in seguito) da acute considerazioni sugli stessi.

OPEN CALLS – ArteEast Residencies for artists based in the Middle East and North Africa. Open Calls | Feb, 2016 ArteEast Residencies are open to artists based in the Middle East and North Africa, including the Arab region and Turkey. In an effort to stay true to our mission of facilitating access to career development for artists from the MENA region, preference is given to worthy applicants who otherwise do not have ready access or opportunities to residencies and travel to the United States. All ArteEast residencies provide for living space, round trip travel from the resident’s home country and a stipend. Residencies with our partners are concluded with an ArteEast CONNECT extension in New York City, which will consist of a curated schedule of meetings with art professionals (curators, gallerists, programmers, etc.), as well as presentation and community engagement opportunities in concert with ArteEast’s various partners throughout New York City.

VILLA LENA. Beller. Tetra — dedicated to elevating the aesthetic of the smoking experience – Tetra Shop. MarrakechDesign. Princesse Grace: More than an image – Adrien Rovero Studio. ART BRUSSELS - 120 MINUTES - Ontwerp en constructie van de beursstand 120 Minutes op ART BRUSSELS 2015. Met 120 Minutes brengen curatoren Frank Koolen en Lieven Segers 36 solotentoonstellingen met 36 openingen. Er zijn 18 Nederlandse en 18 Belgische kunstenaars. The inspiration provider - edited by THE INSPIRATION PROVIDER. Eclairage magasin de vêtements : Cabines d'essayage. Lorsqu’un client pénètre dans la cabine d’essayage, sa volonté d’achat est déjà présente. L’essayage du vêtement va confirmer ou non la décision d’acquisition, et pour cela, l’éclairage est très important.

La température de couleur, le rendu des couleurs, le contraste ombre/lumière et l’intensité de la lumière sont les principaux critères qui vont influer sur l’aspect de la tenue essayée, outre la qualité du vêtement lui-même. Mjölk : Mjölk. MOOSE in the CITY. Jump to navigation New Design back to top Bloomingville. Hannes van severen - a belgian artist who makes the connection between reality and imagination in his work. Les nouvelles créations du duo belge Muller Van Severen. Publié à 17:05h dans Coup de coeur par Murielle L. Wer formt die Stadt? II – Bas Kools. Mia E Göransson. Amazing Crocodile. Main : Doug Johnston. Mia E Göransson. Array ( [id_product] => 2886 [id_supplier] => 0 [id_manufacturer] => 8 [id_tax_rules_group] => 1 [id_category_default] => 17 [id_color_default] => 0 [on_sale] => 0 [online_only] => 0 [ean13] => [upc] => [ecotax] => 0.000000 [quantity] => 4 [minimal_quantity] => 1 [price] => 25 [wholesale_price] => 0.000000 [unity] => [unit_price_ratio] => 0.000000 [additional_shipping_cost] => 0.00 [reference] => [supplier_reference] => [location] => [width] => 0 [height] => 0 [depth] => 0 [weight] => 0 [out_of_stock] => 2 [quantity_discount] => 0 [customizable] => 0 [uploadable_files] => 0 [text_fields] => 0 [active] => 1 [available_for_order] => 1 [condition] => new [show_price] => 1 [indexed] => 1 [cache_is_pack] => 0 [cache_has_attachments] => 0 [cache_default_attribute] => 0 [date_add] => 2015-06-27 17:05:14 [date_upd] => 2015-06-27 17:11:38 [id_product_importerosc] => 0 [id_product_attribute] => 0 [description] => Lumière nomade à fixer ou à poser.

Beirut Design Week. Nido – Hamid Bekradi "NIDO" derives its name from the Italian "Nido D'Ape" which means the Bee's Nest, simply because of its resemblance to that of a Bee's nest or even a Honey Dipper. Read more > The Reverence – Charles Nakhle The stool design is made out of Okoume wood; a pinkish brown colored wood resembling the pink-tulle-clad of a ballerina dress. Despite the lightness of Okoume wood, the stool form is strong and robust. Read more > The D4 Stool – Wissem Nochi D 4 - a D form 4 position stool, bedside table, bench, step, or multiple form stack of shelves, D 4 allow play and variation with one simple module, shift to side or back to allow different sitting positions. Read more > Arcus – Charbel Gharibeh and Stephanie Sayar The Lover stool is a simple everyday stool, which by a sliding system, can be turned into a bench for two persons instead of one single seat.

Fabien Cappello. Patrick Parrish / collection. STUDIO — Rachel Duvall. Fabien Cappello. // PROJETS // Slideshow: Donald Judd's Furniture by (image 5) - BLOUIN ARTINFO , The Premier Global Online Destination for Art and Culture. First chair - MULLER VAN SEVEREN. / Mobilier/First chair new ! Loading zoom Afficher toutes les images. Soft Baroque in PIN-UP No.19 - Sight Unseen. Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop. PACE Gallery - Jamie Fobert Architects. MOBILIER - Interieur Vintage. RESTAURANTS — CHZON. Projects_inverso_2011. Design, Architecture & Designers at STYLEPARK. Aspartame – Adrien Rovero Studio. Étagères et canapés Cubit : modulaires et personnalisés.