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Vena Cava. After taking a day trip to the LA public library and spending hours looking through different Interior design books, I came across The New Furniture, and now I’m obsessed with 1980’s furniture.

Vena Cava

The book is supposed to be about 20th century furniture, but since it was published in the 80’s, EVERYTHING IS 80’s. I love it when that happens. 1980's furniture design is not only functional, with new technologies and materials, but it also looks good, and takes on a very minimal yet eccentric appearance. The pieces are an extension of the 1970’s blend between directness of form, and a decorative sense which can only be described as “flair” in furniture talk. Many of these 80’s designs have a simplistic beauty to them. Shiro Kuramata. Shiro Kuramata. George Sowden. Enzo Mari for Driade. Michael Graves. Glitch. Fortune - Fortune 500 Daily & Breaking Business News. Portfolio Tools: Responsive Drag and Drop Layouts, Custom Fonts, Video, & Lightroom Plugin.

Has A Portfolio. Upload & Share GIFs Online. UPLOADUse Upload to put your GIF collection on GIPHY so that you can share your GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, email, and everywhere else.

Upload & Share GIFs Online

Choose GIF files to add by dragging and dropping, clicking the blue search button to browse your files, or entering GIF URLs to add files for upload. You must be logged in to upload multiple GIFs so we can save them to your channel page. TIP: If you add GIFs via URL make sure your URL is an image URL ending in .gif and not just any website URL (example GIF URL: Optional: You can change the order GIFs will appear on your channel page by dragging and dropping the files or clicking "Reverse Order. " Optional: You can add relevant tags to your GIFs, separated by commas, and add a Source URL to give credit to the original source. Hit the Upload GIFs button to finish. Service de conciergerie internationale 24h/24 7j/7. Quintessentially Lifestyle est un service primé de gestion personnelle et de conciergerie de luxe réservé aux Membres de son club exclusif.

Service de conciergerie internationale 24h/24 7j/7

Whether it's for business or pleasure, our Private Membership and Corporate Services are designed so that everything is catered to our Members' preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements. Photo gratuite: Tasse, Coupe, Café, Boissons, Plaid - Image gratuite sur Pixabay - 1209194.

Vecteurs exclusifs gratuits par Freepik. Get Inspired: Band&Roll Handmade Leather Goods Branding. Berlin-based Band&Roll turned to a team of designers for their cool branding and packaging and the results are pretty inspiring.

Get Inspired: Band&Roll Handmade Leather Goods Branding

The design had to be great in order to compliment the beautiful work that the Band&Roll team meticulously produce. Turning to Eskimo, the design team behind the much-celebrated Deerz branding. Learn more about both the project and the brand itself below. Most of the printed materials have rounded shapes, which are preferable for Band&roll identity. To communicate brand image and their form of activity we used duplex paper (Gmund Alezan Iguane Cult 300 gsm and Fiber Mark Suede Tex Tan 431 gsm).

Long before the growth of large industries, people barter their skills. Bob's burger. Conciergerie Privée. Product and Graphic design, Bari, Apulia, Italy. Procrastination : 15 solutions concrètes pour arrêter de tout remettre au lendemain.


Feng shui. Lifestyle & Interior Design Trends Forecasting. Make Pixel Art - The Original Pixel Art Drawing App for iPad, Mac and PC! Everybodyspocketmuseum.tictail. The Hole NYC » WARP & WOOF. Curated by Toby Clarke and Kathy Grayson May 7 – June 20, 2014 OPENING: Wednesday, May 7th from 6-8PM Alek O.

The Hole NYC » WARP & WOOF

Suki Cheema combines art, travel and textiles. Dossier Journal » Fashion-Literature-Art-Culture. Otaat / Myers Collective - "Collection Threea" Produits. Revêtements et protections des sols industiels.


Produits à base de ciment pour réparations. (...) Produits et systémes d’impermeabilisation pour l’étanchéité des structures enterrées et des balcons. (...) Collection ‪#‎tmar‬ ‪#‎oud‬ ‪#‎hanout‬ ‪#‎zitoun‬ ‪#‎sejnane‬ by CPADT sur Pinterest  ETHNIC-CHICproduits artisanaux tunisiens salon galet et bâtons tinja :cpadt. Tissu Africain Print Veritable Wax Super Wax Bazin Textile Afrique. Ahmed Zayani, (SOMA)" moulage caoutchouc , plastique & assemblage" LIN : Les Industries Nouvelles : Rien que des solutions. Pyg japanese band. Shana Moulton on Vimeo. Des articles artisanaux – Tasdir. Pros de la Com. Recrutement Panorama | Y&R TUNIS, is recruiting a Regional Account Director for Tunisia and North Africa Publié le 15/03/2016 Panorama | Y&R TUNIS, part of Young & Rubicam Advertising, is recruiting a Regional Account Director for Tunisia and North Africa.

Pros de la Com

My son. I want to talk about my son.

My son

My son is now one year and eight months old, has brought enormous happiness to our family although my wife, my parent-in-laws always complain about how tiring it is to look after him. He is really cute and adorable. He can now speak some very simple words such as papa, mama, but he can understand quite a lot of things although he can’t, cannot express himself verbally, for example, he can recognise the personal belongings of each family members (member), such as my T-shirt, the eye-glasses (glasses) of grandpa or my wife’s bag, etc.

He also firmly protects his own personal belongings, such as his little chair on which he sits for meals. He will drive you away if you attempt to sit on his chair. I am always amazed how fast he can learn things and how good his memory is. I always believe that parents are the first and best teachers for children. Yoga sutra Chapitre I. Grammar for Speaking. Hello students, We have prepared a special teaching program for you.

Grammar for Speaking

The name of the program is Grammar for Speaking. We want to show you the most important English grammar that you need for speaking. The program is designed for students at Level 1 and Level 2. During the program, I will try to speak clearly and not very fast. Some students study English for many years but they are still not sure what grammar to use when they speak. We prepared a program that can help you understand English grammar. Free Online Music History and Appreciation Courses from Top Universities. Here are 19 online Music History and Appreciation courses offered free by two top universities: the Open University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Free Online Music History and Appreciation Courses from Top Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) MIT's Opencourseware contains numerous music courses. Many courses focus either on specific composers or time periods. For example, Early Music explores the 2,000 years of documented music-making before 1680, while Modern Music explores Western concert music for the first 60 years of the 20th century. The Open University The Open University offers three courses for music lovers. Free Online Music History and Appreciation Courses at a Glance. Fresh News from Tunisia. Nora x Redmilk.

Coaching and Coworking

Accessoire parfumerie - Univers Parfums. Accessoire parfumerie Univers du parfum s’est spécialisé dans la distribution des accessoires de parfumerie sur toute la Tunisie pour répondre aux besoins de la même clientèle spécialiste dans la production de produit olfactif, cosmétique et détergence. Entreprises - Bouteilles, flacons, bocaux et pots en verre - Tunisie. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous offrir le meilleur service et vous faciliter votre navigation. En navigant sur notre site, vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies sur votre ordinateur. Fabricant/Producteur. Sotuver. MCM Emballages, le specialiste de la conserve et du bocal. Bocaux Weck TUBE®, 6 Bocaux Weck en verre TUBES 340 ml, MCM EMBALLAGES BOCAUX ET STÉRILISATEURS AUTOCLAVES, France.

350 ml boissons bouteilles en verre avec bouchon-Bouteilles-Id du Verre hermétique bouteille avec couvercle ( de qualité supérieure )-Bouteilles & bocaux de stockage-Id du Freelance Other Design & Creative Jobs Online.


Good food. Floral. Fashion. Design 10. Céramique. Make Pixel Art - The Original Pixel Art Drawing App for iPad, Mac and PC! Proof you DO look different in every changing room mirror, AMANDA PLATELL writes. Every woman knows from bitter experience the hell of the changing room. We’ve all been there. You find the perfect dress, try it on and it looks sublime. Flattering, fitting, fabulous. Then you get home and look in your own mirror and discover it’s actually a disaster. Then there’s the other scenario. Both situations can leave a woman in despair. Business + Innovation.

«Histoires d’Artisans»… au coeur de la Médina de Tunis - FFDesignerFFDesigner. «Histoires d’Artisans»… au coeur de la Médina de Tunis - FFDesignerFFDesigner. Alexander Girard. Ping Wei Ikebana Art Studio - Gallery. Ping Wei Ikebana Art Studio "Ikebana is not a mere decoration, it is an art. " --Sofu Teshigahara 10622 N. 8th StreetPhoenix, AZ 85020ph: 602-373-3457alt: Gallery Desert Ikebana Blog: Femmes de la bible - Page 4. Amina Abdellatif (Amoniak), parcours d’une influenceuse – ONORIENTOUR. C’est à la Marsa de Tunis que nous rencontrons celle qui se fait appeler Amina Amoniak. Accueillis dans son univers coloré et bigarré, nous échangeons avec la jeune femme une discussion scandée par la volonté d’unifier et connecter les talents des pays du monde arabe. Thomas demand oeuvres.

2762 × 2008 - 250 × 355 - 650 × 454 - Le lieu. Direction JULIETTE BOMPOINT 01 40 11 11 52. Chris shier - Hi dear, this is Poussy Draama. Jorge Penadés. Under €100 – Voo Store. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Etudiant renouvellement. Offres d'emploi Artistique - Tunisie. Réseau des Ecovillages. Les étapes successives , Les étapes , Comment s'y prendre.

NUD Collection. New Textile Colors The collection of textile colors will expand this season, 12 new colors are added, from now on can we proudly present 50 different textile colors and patterns in a wide color spectrum. New Lamp Holder in the series of Tubes FOIL lamp holder, made of the natural material aluminum is a further development of the popular lamp holder AQUA made of raw copper in the expanding series of Tubes. Anna mendieta. Charles Hollis Jones. Beci Orpin.

Location appartement 2 pièces 40 m² Paris - 40 m² - 990 euros.


Alec Baldwin, Jim Carrey, Kevin Hart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gad Elmaleh, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Barry Marder, Brian Regan, Chris Rock, George Wallace and Jerry Seinfeld "In and Out" Single Shot. Paris À vendre - craigslist. Guitar for 30 euros €30 (Paris) pic [xundo] Canape lit / click clack €40 (paris) pic [xundo] €165 Ambre pendant silver 925 €165 (Dr-compagnie) pic [xundo] Bleu Crêpe Anarkali Ensemble Churidar €18246 (Paris) pic [xundo] LOFT: Property Lease for Sale €50000 pic [xundo] ✔✔ INTERNATIONAL FASHION INDUSTRY LOCATION AVAILABLE pic [xundo] €39000 Hermes Birkin 30 Himalaya Matte Nilo / Palladium €39000 pic [xundo] €35000 Hermes Birkin 30 Matte Alligator Mimosa €35000 (Cote D Azur) pic [xundo] CREE T6 LED 900LUMENS 2 IN 1 HEADLAMP with Zoom/rechargeable/brand new €33 (PARIS) pic [xundo] Los angeles art/media/design. S Film and TV Production Directory.

Cosmétique bio

Mémoire, concentration et énergie : diète spéciale. Mémoire, concentration et énergie : diète spéciale. Design 8. Les Freelances sont sur Hopwork. Baromètre de l'emploi freelance. Design Video Courses and Tutorials from Learn Web Design, Web Development, and More. Astuce, recette et remède de grand mère.


Service des impôts des entreprises du centre des finances publiques de Paris 1er arrondissement - Île-de-France - Paris - 75. Design 4. Design3. Design 2. Los Angeles vintage furniture.