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Facebook Twitter Eating cannabis can be a slippery slope into marijuana submission. Most people who try an edible for the first time are surprised by the effects. This is true for even the most experienced of smokers. Why do edibles hit so much harder? There are many reasons why eating cannabis leaves you with a stronger high.

Waiting Game While smoking marijuana is an instant high, eating cannabis takes some patience. People who eat too many edibles find that they are unable to do much. Know the Dosage Another reason why eating cannabis yields a stronger high is because of the dosage. Most seasoned smokers can handle anywhere from 10mg to 20mg of THC per dose. Final Thoughts Eating cannabis can be a whole lot of fun as long as you know how to do it right. Marijuana for the Treatment of Epilepsy | Pot Valet. Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease | Pot Valet. Understanding the Kief and How to Use it | Pot Valet.

Ontario in Considering of Dropping Weed Prices | Pot Valet. How Are Topical Marijuana Products Beneficial For Your Skin? The effects of THC are now well established with more and more research emerging nearly every single day with regard to another benefit. Marijuana has been proven effective in the treatment of a large number of conditions and as awareness grows it is fast becoming the go-to medicinal substance to treat illness of all kinds, from IBS to sleeping disorders. Most of the studies and research are conducted on people who ingest marijuana via inhalation through a joint. However, there is also many benefits to the topical application of marijuana to the skin itself.

This is a rapidly emerging sub-industry that is growing as legalization takes place all over the USA. More and more cannabis topicals are emerging and soon they will be available in the shop of every skin care specialist, massage therapist and holistic practitioners as well as recommended by traditional doctors. As wonderful as marijuana may be, many people cannot afford or simply do not want to be high all the time. How Does Cannabis Affect Your Memory | Red Eye Chronicle. Cannabis is probably one of the most controversial plants on the planet.

Its effects are now well documented and it has been proven to have a host of beneficial properties. But it is not so clear-cut in many ways. While cannabis helps improve a number of disorders, there is evidence to suggest that if people smoke cannabis at too young an age it may, in fact, lead to a decrease in motivation and test results in school, though there may be a number of confounding variables. One area which is disputed at present are the effects of marijuana on memory. When you smoke marijuana or take a dab, THC enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain. The Science of Marijuana and Memory Memory is not as easy to measure as commonly thought. THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana which gives it the beneficial effects. So what exactly is the problem with marijuana and memory? There are a number of issues with all the existing data and studies. Cannabis and Memory. Cannabis Based Pharmaceutical Drugs in Market | Pot Valet.

Marijuana Delivery Gonzales, Cannabis Dispensary Gonzales. If you live in Gonzales and need medical marijuana, then we have good news. Our cannabis delivery service can get your medication to you within 45 minutes of placing your order. You do not have to leave the house. We will deliver to your doorstep, and you can rest assured knowing that it will be the best cannabis in Gonzales. You will need a Medical Marijuana Card, and we can help you get one, as well. Finest Quality Medical Marijuana Delivery Service in Gonzales Our online cannabis dispensary offers only the highest quality weed to medical patients – discreetly, safely and legally. Non-smokers can also benefit from our cannabis delivery service to Gonzales. The Arrival of Marijuana in Gonzales Cannabis arrived in California by Spanish ship.

The State of California was responsible for this turn of events. Classified as a narcotic, weed was very difficult to control and regulate. Although California led the prohibitionist campaign, it redeemed itself by pioneering legalization. California Calls Feds Reclassify Cannabis | Pot Valet. Accurate CBD Dosing: Everything You Need To Know. What Is a Weed Hangover? How Do You Survive It? • Featured, Stoner Blog, Stoner Guide. Anyone who wakes up feeling extra foggy and out of sorts after a heavy night of smoking may have a cannabis hangover. It is common, and any serious user knows exactly how it feels. Similar to drinking too much alcohol, weed hangovers are a very real thing. Although the symptoms are never as severe as drinking too many shots of Jack Daniels, the explanation is exact – you took too much and overdid it. Symptoms of a Marijuana Hangover As with alcohol, weed hangovers are not something that everybody gets all of the time.

. · Headaches The most common side effect of excessive consumption of marijuana is a throbbing head. . · Red Eyes Red eyes are another widely reported symptom of a pot hangover. . · Mental Fogginess If you wake up and wonder, for even a second, where or who you are, then you had too much fun the night before. Surviving a Cannabis Hangover Marijuana hangovers can affect anyone using weed, regardless of whether they are new to it or old connoisseurs. Drink Water Consume Caffeine. What Is Recreational Cannabis and Should You Try It? | Medical Marijuana Program Connection. Reasons to Consider Cannabis as Medicine | Pot Valet. The 2017 Guide to Combining Cannabis and Meditation. Even with all the blessings of today, the times we live in are tumultuous.

From countrywide rioting to health care arguments, increasing opioid use, and even political turmoil in Washington, many feel overwhelmed, and some even helpless. Ending the craziness seems impossible, but we can take control of our physical and mental wellbeing. Marijuana legalization is reigniting a desire in people to live healthier, even motivating us to take responsibility for our own health by taking advantage of all the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant. Humans have been meditating for centuries already, yet today, it seems reserved as some sort of luxury.

Meditation is good for body, mind and soul. According to many health practitioners, frequent meditation reduces stress and improves overall health, and according to humankind’s history, it is more effective when combined with our favorite companion – cannabis. On their own, both marijuana and meditation have similar effects. About Author. Suisun City Marijuana Delivery, Medical Cannabis Dispensaries | Pot Valet. Whilst there are plenty of pharmaceutical medicines that can help treat all medical conditions and ailments, many of these can have bad side effects.

A great alternative to using these prescribed medicines is medical marijuana. This is usually the safer option to use and there are an increasing number of physicians across California issuing their patients with medical marijuana ID cards. If you live in Suisun City and your doctor has suggested that you use medical marijuana for your health problems, you will be able to use Pot Valet to order your marijuana products. You will be able to sign up to our service today – all you need to do is to have your medical marijuana ID with you when you register. Ordering is simple. Suisun City customers qualify for our immediate delivery service so you will be able to have your medical marijuana delivery to you within just 45 minutes of placing your order. Suisun City, CA was last modified: January 11th, 2017 by Najaf Najaf. Ban on Marijuana Advertising Revoked by Lawmakers. Teen Marijuana Use Dropped to 20-Year Low | Pot Valet. Pervasive Marijuana “Gateway Drug” Myth Debunked | Pot Valet.

Napa Marijuana Delivery, Medical Cannabis Dispensary near me | Pot Valet. Finally, medical marijuana is becoming more accepted across America, with more states than ever before allowing their residents to use the substance to assist them with their medical conditions. All you need in order to sign up to use Pot Valet’s medical cannabis dispensary is a valid form of Medical ID. We will verify and approve your account within minutes so that you can place your first order. We offer delivery options to customers across the state of California, and Napa residents are able to take advantage of our ultra high-speed instant delivery option. This ensures that you will receive your marijuana order within 45 minutes, as long as you place your order within our delivery times of 10am and midnight daily. If you don’t live in Napa, you can still use Pot Valet, but if you are not in a county that is eligible for our super fast delivery service, you will need to choose our overnight delivery service instead.

Napa, CA was last modified: January 11th, 2017 by Najaf Najaf. Rio Vista Marijuana Delivery, Medical Cannabis Dispensaries | Pot Valet. California Tribes Form C-NACA | Pot Valet. 5 Popular Feminized Cannabis Strains of 2017   Before finding the best-feminized cannabis strain for you, you first need to know what they are. It all starts with the seeds. The seeds were specifically produced in order to yield 99% female plants.

The main reason why people prefer female plants is that they produce fewer seeds. This means that the product will be easier to smoke and overall superior. 1. Perhaps the most popular feminized cannabis strain is none other than OG Kush. 2. If you’re looking for a feminized cannabis strain that offers all of the benefits of a Sativa, check out Skunk. 3. White Widow is one of the most famous feminized cannabis strains of 2017. 4. Blueberry is mostly known for its sweet smell and full body taste. 5. Last on the list of the most popular feminized cannabis strains is Headband. Final Thoughts There is no surprise that feminized cannabis strains are becoming increasingly popular.

Drone Delivered Marijuana Banned in California | Pot Valet. The upcoming January 1 deadline has lawmakers in California working hard. They have until then to implement a system of regulation for legal marijuana sales. In its newly released licensing program, the Bureau of Cannabis Control includes some extremely interesting canna-business regulations. The legal cannabis market is about to create thousands of jobs, except perhaps for pot drivers. Only drivers with commercial licenses will find opportunity in California’s weed market. The new guidelines specifically mandate that “cannabis goods will be required to be transported in commercial vehicles or trailers.”

To be clear, nobody is actually receiving pot via drone in California, at least not just yet. The Federal Aviation Administration reported in January that the government had more than 670,000 registered drones. Drones are becoming increasingly more available. According to regulations, “Deliveries may be made only in person, by enclosed motor vehicle. Study Proves LED Lights Enhance Medicinal Value of Marijuana – LED Grow Lights Depot. A study, conducted by scientists at the Wageningen University & Research Center, found that some marijuana strains have higher levels of medically active substances when grown beneath LED lighting.

The study also found that medical marijuana grows well under high lighting levels. The study specifically measured the amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol, or CBD, produced. In the Netherlands, patients use CBD to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis. They use THC to treat and reduce the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome, nausea, weight loss, vomiting, and even therapy-resistant glaucoma. Worldwide, the demand for medical marijuana is growing rapidly, as well as methods for safer, more efficient, and more reliable production. For the study, researchers focused on creating ideal conditions for medical marijuana to thrive. Plants grown under LEDs had exposure to two light intensities: One equal to SON-T lighting and one significantly higher. Optimizing LED Lighting 1. California Bans Cannabis Advertising | Pot Valet. A Brief History of Using Cannabis as Medicine - MeditationTalks.

Cannabis has an ancient medical history. Recently, the U.S. Department of Justice vowed not to prosecute anyone using medical marijuana or distributing it within legal states, making formal a policy hinted at by the Obama Administration earlier. Currently, doctors can prescribe medical cannabis to patients in 28 states, for conditions ranging from glaucoma to AIDS. However, until the record-breaking announcement of the Justice Department, none of those laws had any weight to them.

As early as 2737 B.C., Chinese Emperor Shen Neng was prescribing cannabis tea for almost every complaint, from malaria to rheumatism, gout, and strangely, even forgetfulness. Physicians’ centuries ago were administering cannabis to patients suffering everything from childbirth to earache and severe pain. In the earliest American medical journals, doctors were recommending hemp roots and seeds for venereal disease, incontinence and inflamed skin.

The only exemption to this law was for the birdseed industry. Debt Deal Protection of Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Agreement. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been harassing the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer agreement obsessively of late, and indeed, for most of his time in office. Back in May, he wrote Congress a letter requesting authorization for the Justice Department to override state marijuana laws and prosecute those operating state-legal businesses, in essence riding roughshod over state and individual rights. Formerly the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, before Farr retired earlier this year, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer clause protects medical marijuana programs in legal states from federal intrusion. It bars the Justice Department from using federal funds to target them in any way.

Fortunately, events of the past few weeks have left medical protections in place for another three months. President Trump and Congressional leaders negotiated a federal spending, hurricane relief, and debt ceiling agreement that includes a clause for Rohrabacher-Blumenauer. Hurricane Harvey. California Declares Marijuana Cultivation Emergency-Pot Valet. House Rules Committee Blocked Marijuana Amendments. The U.S. House Committee on Rules has removed several cannabis-related amendments from a federal appropriations bill. Included among them is the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. The moves by the GOP-led committee late on Wednesday mean that a number of amendments protecting current and future cannabis laws by states will not get a vote on the House floor.

Of those removed, the most notable are the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. It bars the Justice Department from using federal funds to sabotage or interfere in any way with existing medical marijuana laws in legal states. Then in 2015, the House approved it again by a 242-186 majority vote. Late in July, the Senate Appropriations Committee included the amendment into the larger spending bill. Early on Wednesday, co-sponsors Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, and Jared Polis, D-Colorado, along with Rep. According to Blumenauer: “It would be a tragic mistake to lose the progress that we made.” California Pot Farmers Offer $1million to Sheriff | Pot Valet.

Marijuana Industry Takes Another Big Hit | Pot Valet. Shutting Down Marijuana Dispensaries Increases Crime Rate - The Weed Blog. A History of Marijuana There has long been a link between marijuana and crime rates. Because there was always such a high demand and it is a drug with proven health benefits, marijuana has always the most popular illegal substance. Marijuana was banned in 1937 despite the advice of the American Medical Association.

It has been used through history to alleviate a variety of different symptoms. The current state of marijuana legality in the USA is that 29 states have legalized medical marijuana and 8 states have legalized recreational marijuana. Marijuana Linked to Negative Crime Rates The relationship between marijuana dispensaries and crime rates is not what it was once believed to be. “Our results demonstrate that the dispensaries were not the crime magnets that they were often described as, but instead reduced crime in their immediate vicinity” Marijuana and Morality The Takeaway The study findings do not actually mean that marijuana decreases crime rate, as this article suggests. Does Weed Lower Testosterone? - Cannahacker. Medical Marijuana Laws in Popular Counties of California.

Marijuana Legalization Lowers the Cannabis Prices | Pot Vale. 5 Huge Tips for Saving Money on Weed – Marijuana Delivery Services and News. Opponents of Marijuana Have Majority on CCC | Pot Valet. Things to do When Weed Makes You Sleepy | Pot Valet. Recent Study Proves Marijuana Beneficial for Nerve Pain by John Levy. Pot Shop Fueling Tensions in Alaskan Tourist Town | Pot Valet. Popular Indica Strains for Marijuana Delivery in Santa Barbara. Vermont’s Highest Court Considers Marijuana “Sniff Test” Public Banking in California Encouraged by Pot Money. AAMC: Healing Wounds with Topical Cannabis. 10 Best Things to Indulge in When Stoned. As Marijuana Market Grows, Russian Bankers Enter Market. 5 Common Health Issues CBD Can Treat - The Last American Vagabond.

New Cannabis Control Commissioner Strong Opponent of Pot. Most Popular Strains for Marijuana Delivery in Fairfield – Marijuana Delivery Services and News. How Effective is CBD For Anxiety? | Green Dream. Cannasos. Can You Use Marijuana as an Alternative to Alcohol and Cigarettes? 7 Little-Known Health Benefits of Smoking Pot - I Love Growing Marijuana. What Is The Future Of Marijuana Delivery in California? | THE WEED BUSINESS. 5 Things you should know before taking cannabis as a medicine • Soft Secrets. What’s Dabbing and how do you do it? – Cannabis Life Network.

5 Safety Tips for Buying Marijuana Online in Vacaville: potmarijuana. Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? - Remain Healthy. Can Marijuana Legalization Help Grow The US Economy? Feds Urged To Declassify Marijuana | Pot Valet. Marijuana Users Are Healthier Than Nonusers A recent study published in. Marijuana Users Are Healthier Than Nonusers A recent study published in. California Ghost Town to Become Marijuana Tourism Hub.

Marijuana Growers Faces Crisis in California | Pot Valet. Excess Marijuana Supply poses Threat for California. Research: Marijuana is the Magic Solution to Treating Migraines. Effects of Marijuana on Child's Vision During Pregnancy. Cannabis Bar For Your Wedding | Pot Valet. Marijuana Justice Act and Federal Marijuana Policy | Pot Valet. Cannasos. 10 BEST CANNABIS STORAGE IDEAS for every stoner. NFL looking to Use Medical Marijuana for Pain Management. Marijuana Legalization & Increase in Illegal Marijuana Market. Review: E-Pen Vaporizer with Charger ~ Medical Marijuana Online - Pot Valet.

10 Things You Will Experience When Trying Marijuana the First Time - Weed Reader. Here's Why Vaping Marijuana is Considered Healthier than Smoking It. Navajo Nation to Join State of Arizona to Legalize Medical Marijuana | Medical Marijuana Program Connection. How High do Dogs get on Marijuana? THC-Free Therapy for Dogs | Animal Bliss. Cannasos. High CBD Strains for Marijuana Patients - Marijuana News and Updates. THC or CBD: Which is the Best Painkiller? New Jersey Gearing to Legalize Recreational Marijuana | Pot Valet. Things to Remember when Ordering Online Weed Delivery in Vacaville - Legal Pot Sales to be Regulated in San Francisco | Pot Valet.

Top 4 Differences Between Cannabis Concentrates and Flower | Hopegrown. Rise of Synthetic Marijuana Overdose | Pot Valet. The Latest Trend: Cannabis-Friendly Travel Destinations in California - Medical Marijuana Blog. How to Get Health Benefits of Cannabis Without Getting High | 6AM. Cannasos. Is Ford Fusion the new marijuana drug mule? Legislature Bare 20% Cannabis Tax Law in Massachsetts. States Legalizing Marijuana Due to Federal Crackdown. 5 Best Strains for Getting High in Santa Monica – Marijuana Delivery Services and News. Dispensaries in Nevada Runs Out of Weed | Pot Valet. Anti-Marijuana Lawmakers and Marijuana Industry | Pot Valet. Vaping Marijuana vs. Smoking Marijuana: Which Is More Dangerous? Has Marijuana Legalization Increased The Number of Car Accidents?