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Pothys is one of the most preferred silk cloth provider in Chennai, India. The best elegant silk cloth from pure silk to art silk, cotton and designer sarees, indulge in the joys of saree online shopping from one of the most reputed saree retailers in the country.

Buy Bridal Lehenga Collections 2016 & 2017! The Unconventional Bride - Lehengas. If your wedding is around the corner and you have absolutely no interest in looking conventional, there are some ideas that will make you stand out.

The Unconventional Bride - Lehengas

There are a number of things you can do to become a trend setting bride. One of which is buying a normal Lehenga and adding your touch to it by adding some embellishments or dyeing it in a unique colour. If you unquestionably detest the usual baby pink, maroon and red Lehenga, you can always give it to professional and add an edge to it. If an extravagant Lehenga burns a hole in your pocket, buy a simple one and modify it to your taste. Even though dyeing seems risky, it can darken or lighten the already existing Lehenga and revamp your entire look. What we are about to suggest next is appalling and inadmissible by elders. The Festival of Flowers - Pothys Onam Sarees. God’s own country Kerala, has always been the epitome of beauty and elegance.

The Festival of Flowers - Pothys Onam Sarees

As a testament to its beauty, the land’s women and festivals reflect the same elegance. One of which is the grand festival called Onam, celebrated by Keralites all over the world. As Onam is fast approaching and the air around is filled with the sweet scent of flowers and Payasam, here is an overlook of the glorious festival of Onam and why it is such a monumental event. There are so many traditions and practices involved with this grand festival. Silk Sarees - Our Culture Pride. Economical Casual Sarees - Become the Office Fashionista! Silk Sarees. You Deserve A Treat! - Exciting Designer Sarees. Finding The Perfect Lehenga. Palazzo Pants are The New Jeans. There is no doubt that each and everyone of us went gaga over denim jeans during the dawn of the millennium.

Palazzo Pants are The New Jeans

Jeans were the raging hot topic in every fashion circle and it created a rave among the youngsters. It became a style statement and eventually translated into comfort wear. A stark resemblance to this fashion phenomenon has come into the picture and that’s none other than the dynamic Palazzo Pants. Palazzo Palazzo Pants have been the hottest selling item in the market for a few months now. Now that you know the endless advantages of this new fashion phenomenon, we are sure you want to get your hands on these super stylish pants. The Perks of Being a Bride - Bridal Saree collection. Designer Sarees End The Tenacious Battle. The AADI Gala - Pothys. All Time Beautiful & Elegant Attire - Printed Sarees. The Big Fat Indian Wedding - Lehenga. Right from the wedding hall adorned with beautiful flowers and ornaments, the gastronomical grandeur in the buffet and the near and dear ones of the couple dressed in their best attire, weddings are truly a joyous occasion.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding - Lehenga

With a galore of ornaments, decorations and amazingly dressed people everywhere, the most important person of the day- the bride, should surpass all the opulence with her outfit. Even though there are zillion options when it comes to bridal wear, there is one style of outfit that can never go wrong. It's the perfect blend of trend and tradition. A harmonious marriage between style and sensuality.

Any bride who wears this will emanate sheer elegance and beauty. Make your wedding special with designer bridal saree. Readymade and Unstitched Blouses Save the Day. The Comfort of Art Silk sarees. Dresses for Girls - Adorning Your Little Princess. Historical Dupatta for Every Woman. Pothys Virtual Tour – Walk through our store Where ever you are! Beauty of Wearing Half Saree - Davani. Leggings - A Comfortable Piece of Clothing to Wear. Kurtis - The best choices of women.

The Choice of Printed Sarees. Pothys Bridal Lehengas. Patiala Salwars and Pants with Dupatta. Ever-last memories by blending the couple names at Pothys state-of-the-art wedding silk sarees. The beauty and charm of Venkatagiri Silk Sarees. As a passionate textile historian, I love researching the rich history of textiles of the Indian subcontinent.

The beauty and charm of Venkatagiri Silk Sarees

It is exhilarating and stimulating to study the evolution of clothing through the ages and the effect of cultures, traditions and religions. For example, during ancient times, females draped themselves in loose fitting garments, akin to men. They used two-piece clothing, a dhoti and a tight-fitting chest-band (stanapatta). With the influence of foreign cultures and traditions, women in India started dressing more modestly.

Pothys — The beauty and grace of chiffon-georgette sarees. Press Release - Pothys offers the largest collection of Wedding Silk Sarees in this wedding season. Tamil Nadu’s favourite textile retailer and the largest and most trusted silk emporium, Pothys, has offered its latest and largest collection of bridal sarees for the wedding season.

Press Release - Pothys offers the largest collection of Wedding Silk Sarees in this wedding season

Pothys has gained a household name and reputation as the most trusted name in silks and textiles throughout the Tamil heartland. Paithani Silk Saree – The Queen of Sarees. Paithani Sarees Collection - Pothys. The beauty of a Kancheepuram wedding Silk Saree: silk_sarees. Somewhere in the realm of the Gods a few millennia ago, Sage Markanda was busy creating a fabric.

The beauty of a Kancheepuram wedding Silk Saree: silk_sarees

He had just cleaned the cotton bolls and was making a yarn out of it. The Master Weaver to the Gods could create exquisite threads even from cotton. The yarn was made. He would use it to make the fabric for Lord Shiva who had commissioned His angavastra. Just then, Sage Narada appeared out of thin air. Readymade Blouses are a Huge Do for Every Season. The fashion trend keeps changing its identity forever.

Readymade Blouses are a Huge Do for Every Season

It disguises in each form every season, confusing people, especially the trend followers. Here, let us talk about an important and a chic factor for every saree – The blouse piece. Adorable Designer Sarees for All Perfect Occasions. 3 Tips to Own Your Dream Wedding Saree! Let Your Imagination Go Wild All you need to do is day dream (which we do every day but, still…).

3 Tips to Own Your Dream Wedding Saree!

Sit down or even lie down in a calm place where you can “think” about how you really want to look for your big day. You may take inspirations from movie stars or drool about that saree you eyed so jealously at your friend’s party. If you ask me, I’ll say keep it unique. After all, it’s “Your” big day not theirs. Banaras Sarees: Elegant Traditional Showcase Attire for Every Women. Kamal Haasan now for a green cause with Pothys. Flamboyant Lehengas for the Voguish Brides. Stylish Dress Colors of Summer! Everyone must be hunting their wardrobe for light weight and summer friendly clothes.

Stylish Dress Colors of Summer!

But is that all you’ll look to style up? Do you put your fashion at pause during summer? Actually you don’t have to, because we are here with the blog that will help you stay in vogue as you stay cozy. When you want to style up in trending fashion, always pick the genre first, like how a writer would choose when he or she decides to pen.

If salwar suit is your favorite outfit then style up according to fashion rules of salwar suits. Teal is the fashion favoring colour. Peachy Coral is super trending with youngsters. This summer go metallic, whenever you are hitting some parties. Elegant ensembles in Kurtis. Here are styling tips to wear Kurtis for different occasions. Kurtis can be matched with Leggings, Patiala pants, Palazzos, Denim pants and skirts. This is the ease of use that Kurtis render to the wearers. A formal wear has to generally be a subtle look so that it catches less attention and yet look neat. For such a look, always go for pastel colours with dark shaded pants. A Kurti paired with denim pants will suit one, no matter what your age is.

Kurtis took over salwar suits for a few things that only Kurtis can offer the wearer. When you plan to travel, a good ‘airport look’ can have a really long Kurti matched with palazzo pants. Kerala settu sarees - Cream Hues in Dream Drapes! We stock sarees with heavy and rich embellishments, sarees with signature prints, sarees with grand motifs and zaris and so many. But of all, there’s one handloom saree that holds good for any occasion. It is the Kasavu saree or the Kerala saree, from ‘God’s Own Country’ - Kerala. As history has it, this saree is an evolution of Mundum_Neriyathum, worn by the ancient women of Kerala. This Mundum_Neriyathum comes in two pieces. Mundum is draped around the waist and Neriyathum is worn on the Torso. This Kerala saree, though comes only in a cream shade, ?? With the regal appearance, these saree will suit any festive occasion. Satya Paul Designer Saree. Summer Cotton Sarees - A Crisp Summer Affair! Celebrate Colors!

The Warps and Wefts of Kanchipuram Silk Saree. The Kanchipuram sarees as we all know have gotten their name from the famous town named Kanchipuram otherwise called the silk city . The saree derived this name as an act of honoring the weavers of kanchipuram district. A Kanchipuram silk saree is generally distinguished into three parts as border, zari and pallu. Tailor it to Your Style Needs - Unstitched Dress Materials for Chudidhar, Anarkali, Salwar. Traditional Wear for Womens. Bengal is a region with hot and humid climate due to its peculiar geographical location. This has made light clothing a necessity. And yet, art finds its way even in mundane dressing and creates fabulous clothing like the rich cotton sarees of Bengal. Bengal Saree collections The weaving tradition of Bengal is ancient.

It was during the Mughal era that royal patronage was offered to many weavers who settled in various towns of Bengal and created what are known today as “clusters,” each manufacturing its specific woven fabric, distinctly different from the other. Anarkali suit - semi shimmer silk black colour at Pothys. Dupatta: An Everlasting Trending Fabric. The dupatta is seen as a representation of culture and tradition among us. The fabric is usually soft and smooth with different styles and patterns. Relatively paired with a salwar kameez, now dupattas progressively are paired with a churidaar, anarkali suits, patiala suits etc. Origin of dupatta is unknown, but it has widely been used by Asian women for centuries together. Many of the dupattas are made of different fabrics like chiffon, raw silk, cotton or some kind of synthetic materials.

Trisha Silk Sarees. The designer saree colour combinations that can never go wrong. Fusion, as in a combination - A colour combination. A great day or an evening is made, if a colour combination is got right and these aren't hard to get if you know how to blend in the right match from fabric colours to other elements ! New wedding hue is blue. Gone were the days when brides opted for red and maroon for their wedding silks. There's no more "Colour me Red" brides. Looks like 2016 brides will prefer ‘Blue’ for their wedding attires.

Different shades of blues are going to occupy the wedding halls. Different colors suit different occasions. If it is blue, then it is going to be perfect for all occasions. Customize Salwar Suits to Awesome Looks! When do you call an attire your favourite? Designer Saree Trend. Back to the roots -The popularity of Dhotis - Saree, Dhotis. Regal Splendour in Silk – Kancheepuram Sarees: silk_sarees. Dhoti - The Ethno - Vogue! Festival time is when a compulsive shopping happens. But that compulsion is sheer joy, which we would want to happen again and again. This time Pothys gives you more reason to smile and shop. Let this Pongal brim with joy too. As sarees take a centre stage during festivals, there's one other attire that catches attention too. Lehenga, Pure Silk, Wedding Silk. Umpteen Shades of Pink. As fashion has it, pink - the girly colour can be matched with much more colours beyond imagination. Here are few ways you can pair up pink with other colours...