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Reference projet pro. Art moderne 1863-1960. Art contemporain 1960 à aujourd'hui. Verre. Curiosity cloud — Mischer'traxler. 'Curiosity cloud’ celebrates a moment in nature and plays on the interaction between humans and the natural world.

Curiosity cloud — Mischer'traxler

Commissioned by Perrier-Jouët, the project was first presented in the Victoria and Albert Museum during London Design Festival 2015. The installation comprises 264 mouth-blown glass bulbs, hanging in a room. Each glass-globe contains a single, hand-fabricated insect that refers to an existing species found in nature. From a distance, the insects are quiet and calm. As visitors enter the darkened room and approach the installation, the bulbs close to the observers light up and the insects come to life. Adalberto Mecarelli - Oeuvres 1985. Adalberto Mecarelli. Axo Lights. Installation biennale de design (Belgique) — Troïka.

Objets décoratifs de luxe- Cristal de Baccarat. James Turrel. Twin towers 2011. Anthony McCall: 5 Minutes of Pure Sculpture. 23 Apr Click to enlarge New York based artist Anthony McCall has been creating unique light installations since the 1970s with a 20-year break in between.

Anthony McCall: 5 Minutes of Pure Sculpture

Currently, McCall has a solo exhibit in Berlin at the Hamburger Bahnhof, titled Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture – his largest to date – showing light installations created since 2003. His works are a combination of film, sculpture and drawing, though his more recent works are digital with complex forms created with the aid of computers. These light sculptures are ephemeral, yet seem tangible and physical. 1024 - 1024 architecture / Creative Label / Art Installation / Video Mapping.