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Top 10 Tricks to Make your Villain Stand Out. Welcome back to the column that breaks down gaming into what’s really important, ten things at a time!

Top 10 Tricks to Make your Villain Stand Out

Any story arc needs a good villain. The best big bads are more than just another devil or vampire or dragon. RPG-SoundMixer - The new PnP RPG Experience. SMARTAPPSFORKIDS.COM. Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork. Bug Out Bag - The 7 Types of Gear You Must Have to Survive. Bug Out Bag For someone new to being a Survivalist building your first Bug Out Bag can seem like a big task.

Bug Out Bag - The 7 Types of Gear You Must Have to Survive

Everybody you read about has been tweaking theirs for months or even years and has a pile of gear built up. It’s hard to know where to start, but if you cover all of the basics in a survival situation you will still be much better off that 99% of the people. HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You'll Soon Be Using. Java and JavaScript Programming, by Richard G Baldwin.

The Original Worlds Cheapest Optical Mousepad. Zen and the Art of the Fireball& So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.

Zen and the Art of the Fireball&

If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself. - Sun Tzu A party lives and dies by teamwork. Beginning Game Development: Part I - Introduction &124; Coding4Fun... Part I – Introduction Welcome to the first article of an introductory series on game programming using the Microsoft .NET Framework and managed DirectX 9.0.

Beginning Game Development: Part I - Introduction &124; Coding4Fun...

This series as aimed at beginning programmers who are interested in developing a game for their own use with the .NET Framework and DirectX. The goal of this series is to have fun creating a game and learn game development and DirectX along the way. Game programming and DirectX have their own terms and definitions that can be difficult to understand, but after awhile, you’ll crack the code and be able to explore a new world of possibilities. The Most Important Algorithms (Survey) After a long discussion with some of my RISC colleagues about what the 5 most important algorithms on the world are, we couldn't reach a consensus on this question.

The Most Important Algorithms (Survey)

So I suggested to perform a little survey. The criterion for suggestions was that these algorithms should be widely used. Lets Code ... an MMO! Introduction My name is Michael Goodfellow.

Lets Code ... an MMO!

The first time I touched a computer was probably in 1971, and I immediately wanted to know how to program it. I worked in the software industry from 1975 to 2005, when I retired on disability. And yes, I still write code. Who knows why? I learned programming writing computer games (which were played on typewriter-style terminals connected to mainframes), but I never got to write one professionally. Character Sheets from Dyslexic Studeos. Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems.

The Mother Of All Character Questionnaires Use this list of questions to construct or add to your own characrer questionnaire.

Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems

The questions cover different genres and types of details, so feel free to exclude or modify to suit your group. Questions are divided into broad categories. And similar questions and bunched into groups within their category. For brevity, I cut out most follow-up explanation type questions, such as "Why", "how come", and so on. Introduction Questions Give a two or three word description of yourself. Physical Traits. Chaotic Shiny - RPG-Related Generators. The Cube (game) Kokology is the study of kokoro (Japanese: 心) which in the aforementioned language means "mind" or "spirit".

The Cube (game)

The series of Kokology books were created by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito,[1] a professor at Rissho and Waseda Universities in Japan and an author of a number of bestselling books regarding psychology and relationships. The television Series ran on Saturdays it was only aired in one city broadcast time 22:00 to 22:54 (54 minutes) Series Run: April 20, 1991 to March 21, 1992Country: Japan BroadcastingBroadcast: Yomiuri Television Production DepartmentProduction: IVS TV ProductionCast/s: Yamaguti Mie, Inferior soul, Izumiya Shigeru, Miwa Akihiro More.

Riddles. Design your own hell! Slack n Hash- Name Generators. After much deliberation… goodbye. Sort of. For now. The Uncertain Areas: Shadowrun Characterization Generator. 4880.jpg from The rpg-project. Fontennium - Magic Fonts. Random Dungeon Generator Launcher - v 0.1.12 beta. Characters with Character: Random Personality Generator. If you're enjoying the content here, check out our new site, Thoughtcrime Games. Thanks for visiting! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Codpiece of Attention (3.5e Equipment) Why hello there, old chap. The tip of this strangely shaped codpiece is elaborately decorated with the weathered idiosyncracies of an imperious, moustached man of older years. The face is said to be the remaining visual effigy of the wizard eccentric who invented it.

The codpiece of attention may be worn over any clothing. Topless Robot - Ever Wonder What a Gelatinous Cube Sounds Like? from 5 NPCs That Won't Put Your Players to Sleep. Are your NPCs drab and boring?

5 NPCs That Won't Put Your Players to Sleep

Do they all speak with the same voice (yours) and use the same mannerisms (yours)? Do they exist only as plot hooks, sage advisors, and merchants? Then you, my friend, might want to consider spicing up your party’s social life with some three-dimensional NPCs that won’t soon be forgotten. Use this article as a source of quick inspiration when your players start to look drowsy. Fifty More Adventure Ideas (for Dungeons and Dragons&) - Writers Corner:... Dec 13, 2006 (Updated Dec 20, 2006) Popular Products in Books.

Fifty More Adventure Ideas (for Dungeons and Dragons&) - Writers Corner:...

A collection of resources for pen and paper RPGs. Crooked staff productions roleplaying aids. Please note that this site and its contents are Copyright © Kristian Richards 2002 - 2011 <p>Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href=" />Powered by FeedBurner</p> Hello and welcome to the CSP home page! It is the aim of this web-site to provide a wide variety of roleplaying aids for both the GM/DM and player alike. Within these pages you will find a number of files and images (spread over a few differing sections) all of which are completely free* to download.

In some instances (such as with the adventures section) the downloads are compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons (3rd edition) role-playing game - though in most cases they should prove to be equally suitable for most types of role-playing / board games with little or no modification. Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game. Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game is a survival horror board game that was first published in 2007. Players can play on the Hero team or as the Zombies. A modular board randomly determines the layout of the town at the start of each game and there are several different scenarios to play.[1] Seven supplements have been released.

To achieve a horror movie feel, all of the art for the game is photographic and the game comes with a CD soundtrack of original music.[2] The game borrows from horror film stereotypes and zombie film plots. An example of Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game gameplay. Before playing, the board is set up. Players are split into two teams, the Zombies and the Heroes. World Builder Projects.

Dysons Random Morph Map. The Free RPG Compendium. 1000 Blank White Cards - 1000 Blank White Cards. How to Flesh out a Country or Region in Your Fantasy RPG World. RPG Host: Role-Playing games, Archives, Programs, Maps, Adventures, contests, hosting, and more! The 100 Most Important Things To Know About Your Character (revised) The Virtual Tabletop for Pen & Paper Roleplaying Games. Paranoia: Whats it all about?