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30 Free eBooks To Learn Everything You Want to Know About Personal Finance. Personal finance is something that we care about here at Mint.

30 Free eBooks To Learn Everything You Want to Know About Personal Finance

Learn more with great personal-finance tips in our blog article index. When you reach into a broad-ranging topic like personal finance, you find everyone and their cousin trying to reach across the Internet to give you advice. There’s so much information there that it can literally be overwhelming; there’s literally too much for the average person to sort through.

Luckily for you, at Mint we’re looking to quash that “intimidation” factor. There’s no reason that personal finance can’t be thoughtful, cohesive, and comprehensive, so we’ve probed through the web to find 30 free e-Books/booklets across the topics you’ll reference most. We’ve sorted these e-Books into specific categories, along with a brief description we’ve written up on each of them. Just in case you don’t have time, the top e-Book in each category is our Minty Pick. Consumer Awareness Credit & Credit Cards Saving & Investing Mortgages Retirement Planning. 7 Money Tricks Rich Guys Know : My dad taught me how to rig a mainsail, my college buddies taught me how to hold my Jim Beam, and my teachers taught me how to parse Chaucer.

7 Money Tricks Rich Guys Know :

But somehow no one got around to helping me calculate compound interest or build a diversified portfolio. Arcane skills? Perhaps, but learning them is the best way to avoid spending your retirement years nibbling on Alpo. Of course, people teach only what they know, and previous generations had less cause to study the finer points of finance, says Charles Farrell, a Denver-based investment advisor. Ensuring your financial survival will require learning to be your own CFO. Figuring Out Your Net Worth Would you start a diet without knowing your weight? And if you've never stepped on a financial scale, it's way too easy to binge on debt.

One warning about net worth: The equity in your home is an asset, but its value is subjective, and it's not as useful in a pinch as cash or nonretirement investments. Running Your Ratios Gauging Interest. Why Every Business Needs A Duct Tape Entrepreneur. Whenever I think of duct tape, I think of my favorite television superhero MacGyver. What?!? There’s a ticking time bomb set to explode in 10 seconds?

Take that stick of chewing gum, some duct tape and disarm that bad boy. It wasn’t always pretty, but MacGyver always got the job done no matter what the situation. He was never concerned with how elegant the solution was, he just did what was necessary to help his client. If Macgyver was a real person, who wouldn’t want him on your team? My Anti-Duct Tape Story When my wife and I first started out with our business, I used to spend an endless amount of time tweaking the look of the website. Amdahl’s Law Since I’m a microprocessor designer by day, one of the core principles of designing fast CPUs is defined by Amdahl’s law.

More Duct Tape Please Duct tape entrepreneurs also excel at recognizing that a partial solution is sometimes better than no solution at all. Complicated=Bad! Conclusion. A favour for a friend. Adventures in $40 eyeglasses. Last year, I stumbled upon a blog post about buying prescription eyeglasses online.

Adventures in $40 eyeglasses

It sounded too good to be true: you could get any frames you wanted quickly and cheaply, and the comments were filled with optometrists freaking out. Eventually, the author launched a dedicated blog for it called Glassy Eyes. When the site was recently mentioned on MetaFilter right around the time I was getting my 2-year exam, I decided to take the plunge myself and order some glasses online. Why Buy Online? As a lifelong near-sighted person, prescription eyeglasses and especially prescription sunglasses have long commanded a high premium due to the seemingly precise and scarce nature of creating them. Today things are different, with Coscto and Walmart bringing prices down to the $100-150 range for frames/lenses and they serve as a good economical option to the mainstays.

Get Your Measurements Right First thing you need is an up-to-date prescription. Measure What You Have, Know What You Want The Verdict? Get Rich Slowly - Personal Finance That Makes Cents.