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Prepare yourself against pandemic. While the fatal Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe, we have curated a meticulous guide consisting of spread methods & possible Coronavirus precautions to help you combat this infection.

Prepare yourself against pandemic

As per the latest update, the novel Coronavirus outbreak that began from Chinese city Wuhan in December 2019 has taken over 145 countries & territories till date. The number of people succumbed to this deadly virus is 5,547, while over 1, 48, 922 have been rendered infected. According to the Chinese scientists, two types of novel COVID-19 are causing substantial infections globally. Easy restaurant style Bhindi Pyaz Recipe. March 11, 2020March 11, 2020 Bhindi Do Pyaza is a delicious North Indian bhindi gravy dish that is healthy & tastes amazing.

Easy restaurant style Bhindi Pyaz Recipe

This Bhindi Masala gravy dish is prepared with bhindi, onions, tomatoes & mélange of Indian spices. Everything you need to know. Coronavirus in India Latest News | The number of people infected from the deadly Coronavirus has risen to 29 after an Italy-returned Paytm Employee from Gurugram (Haryana) tested positive for the novel Coronavirus infection.

Everything you need to know

Yesterday, 6 members of a family from Agra tested positive of coronavirus signs and symptoms. The novel 6 victims are the relatives of the Delhi-based man, who was tested positive for infection. The Delhi patient infected his relatives after he visited them in Agra. Updates on Global Pandemic. The deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread it wings to over 60 counties, with death toll rising to 3,000 globally, as per Coronavirus latest news.

Updates on Global Pandemic

The vast majority of the infected people comes from China, where the epidemic began in December 2019. As per the latest update, the SARS Coronavirus outbreak has rendered over 89,000 infected on every continent, except Antarctica. Outside China, South Korea has the world’s second-highest number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection. This lethal virus has rendered over 4,335 infected, with 26 people succumbed. WHO urges world to prepare for Pandemic. The 2019-nCoV or human Coronavirus outbreak that emerged from Chinese city Wuhan in December 2019 has taken over around 47 countries.

WHO urges world to prepare for Pandemic

The virus is now on every continent, except Antarctica, the sources state. As per the latest update, nearly 3000 people from around the world have succumbed to this deadly Coronavirus infection, while over 85,000 have been rendered infected. Major Highlights of the Mega Fashion Event. The designers got a little creative for London Fashion Week 2020 by experimenting on bringing back retro style, office look, prom dresses and going crazy with the designing, paving way for wardrobe change to all fashion lovers for the coming fall.

Major Highlights of the Mega Fashion Event

Let’s look deeper into the details of every look by the fashion gurus for making London Fashion week 2020, one of the most talked about event since 14th February 2020. Having caplets attached to the knitted dresses and satin dress with metallic sleeves sparkling simplicity and grace, JW Anderson played with the fabrics with his creative mind. He also designed Fil-coupe dresses with undulating threads in silver, turquoise and golden colors. Liquid satin dresses woven with metal and prints gave the look a contrasting effect and fashion trend that will be adapted in coming times. Step by Step Vegetable Pulao recipe.

February 14, 2020February 15, 2020 Basmati Pulao is a flavorful & aromatic rice cuisine that is prepared by cooking basmati rice with vegetables & mélange of spices.

Step by Step Vegetable Pulao recipe

What makes this vegetable Pulao recipe a mouth-watering cuisine is the use of spices such as cinnamon, cloves & cardamom. Some other Basmati Pulao ingredients include cashew nuts, raisins & saffron. Highlights & Winners of 92nd Academy Awards. The renowned 92nd Academy Awards were held on 9th February 2020 at Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Highlights & Winners of 92nd Academy Awards

Organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Oscar awards 2020 honored the movies released in 2019 for 24 distinct categories. This enchanting Hollywood event was tele-casted by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the United States. It was produced by Lynette Howell Taylor & Stephanie Allain and directed by Glenn Weiss. The Oscar Awards 2019 was organized without a host & witnessed great success.

New Flagship Store launched in Sydney. Max Mara Fashion, the renowned Italy-based luxury fashion line, recently launched its first-ever street level flagship store in Sydney.

New Flagship Store launched in Sydney

The expertise of Duccio Grassi Architects has helped this Italian luxury brand spread its wings in the heart of Sydney, the capital city of Australia. The brand aims to use the materials that purely reflect the Italian artistry in couture. Music Industry’s Best Award Show. The 2020 Grammy Awards on 26th January was a resplendent event with enthralling performances from who’s who of the music industry.

Music Industry’s Best Award Show

Many promising artists won awards in several categories. The untimely death of Basketball legend Kobe Bryant did cast a dark cloud over the event. Pamela Anderson Wedding - The Baywatch star gets hitched for 5th time! January 27, 2020January 28, 2020 According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jon Peters & Pamela Anderson Wedding took place in the lovely Malibu as a private ceremony.

This is the Baywatch Star’s 5th Wedding. The couple previously dated more than 30 years ago after they met at the Playboy mansion. During that time, they dated for a few months after which both went their separate ways. But, in the past few months, the Batman movie producer Jon Peters & the Surf lifesaving series Baywatch star Pamela Anderson rekindled their romance. The story behind the 5th Pamela Anderson Marriage: Step by Step Bharwan Kulcha Recipe. January 15, 2020 Stuffed Kulcha or Bharwan Kulcha is a delicious North Indian Cuisine from Punjab. It is prepared with all purpose flour/refined flour & then stuffed with spiced potatoes. Easy & Step by Step Shahi Dum Aloo Recipe. December 10, 2019December 10, 2019 Kashmiri Dum Aloo is a delicious Indian traditional dish that is delightfully savored throughout the world. This luscious potato-based dish originates from the Kashmir valley and is a part of the Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine.It has another variant in Bengal known as Aloor Dum and it is eaten with Luchi (Deep-fried Flatbread).The key ingredients of this tasty dish include baby potatoes, yogurt and warm spices.

This gastronomic delight is a zesty combination of spices & flavor that will leave you spellbound wanting for more. Ideal Culinary Destination for Food Lovers. Karim’s Restaurant is lauded as one of the leading non-vegetarian food chains across India. Established in year 1913 by Haji Karimmuddin, the main Karim’s Hotel is situated near Jama Masjid, Gali Kababian, Old Delhi, India. It is named as Dastar Khwan-E-Karim at Nizamuddin. Currently, the remarkable Karim’s restaurant is being run by the fourth generation of Haji Karimmuddin, the pioneer who made the Royal food from the Royal Mughal kitchen available to common man.

Not many are aware of the fact that Karim’s has also been recognized by Times Magazine as one of the top restaurants in Asia. Malicious Android SDKs pose a serious threat to Facebook & Twitter. Facebook and Twitter have been rocked by Malicious Android Software Development Kits(SDKs) after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. These SDKs integrated with thousands of Android apps through the connected social media accounts(Facebook&Twitter) and illegally accessed the user’s personal data. Twitter found out that an SDK developed by OneAudience contains a privacy-breaching code. This enabled the malicious android SDK to transfer some personal data of its user’s to the OneAudience servers. Google stops election ads from using political inclinations. The silicon valley behemoth Google announced that it will be bar election ads utilizing public voting history and political associations. This move is a result of growing pressure on social networking platforms over the management of political advertising in the run-up to the U.S presidential elections.

Earlier, the verified political advertisers were able to serve ads using data obtained from the conduct of users, such as browsing activity, personal preference. US major upcoming events: LadyBoss Summit 2020, MMM & Fabric Show. Easy way to cook mutton Biryani Recipe. November 20, 2019November 20, 2019. Infographic Digital Marketing Trends 2019. For those who are not very aware of what Infographics are or what they are for, it is not complicated to understand. Also, Infographic design is easy to create. Infographics are images that contain information on a specific topic, from sales to the most varied objectives. Sustainability pioneer in the Fashion World. Good news for Sustainable fashion enthusiasts!

Eco fashion week, a sustainability pioneer in the luxury sector is all set to launch its Eco friendly Fashion and Style Show on 14th November 2019 in San Francisco. Pegasus spyware threatens to affect other apps including Whatsapp. Chicken lababdar restaurant style Recipe. November 9, 2019 Chicken Tikka Lababdar is a traditional Mughlai chicken recipe. How to Make Crispy Fish Fingers at Home - Easy Fish Finger Recipe. December 6, 2018August 9, 2019 Luscious Fish fingers bathed in a burst of lip smacking flavors is a popular and delectable appetizer. How to Make Crispy Fish Fingers at Home - Easy Fish Finger Recipe. Explore delicious easy desserts to make at home - best dessert recipes. Easy recipe to make Gulab Jamun at home. August 26, 2019August 26, 2019. Stay tuned to latest fashion news with Positive News Trends. July 25, 2019July 29, 2019. Mostly Served Tasty And Easy Homemade Pickles Recipes.

Pair your meal with easy appetizer dips & chutney recipes. How to prepare in few steps? How To Cook Hara Bhara Kebab - Veg Hara Bhara Kebab Recipe. Exciting & Delightful summer cocktail recipes for you! Thai Green Curry Chicken – Easy Steps to prepare it At Home. Savor Indian cuisine with authentic Indian food recipes.

Find easy healthy salad recipes with delicious flavors & textures. Starter Recipes - Prepare veg & non-veg snacks with delectable appetizers. Article 370 Abrogated – Jammu & Kashmir to be reorganized. Spicy Fettuccine Pasta. Pair your meal with easy appetizer dips & chutney recipes. CCD Owner & Founder, VG Siddhartha Found Dead by Local Fishermen. VG Siddhartha, CCD Owner Missing. New York fashion week–Witness the icons of Fashion industry. Intrigue Summit 2019 is back – Participate to Learn & Inspire. Global Voice Search Market 2019-2025. St Louis World's Fare is calling! Get your visa & fly!

Spicy Spaghetti Pasta. Spicy Spaghetti Pasta. Agent Smith Malware – 25 Million Android Devices at Risk! How to Cook in Few Steps. How to Cook in Few Steps. A collaboration meet at Montauk. Ticker Tape Parade held in New York to celebrate the WC victory. Ticker Tape Parade held in New York to celebrate the WC victory.

Cambridge Analytica Privacy Scandal: Facebook to pay a Fine of $5 Billion

Classic & Fresh Waldorf salad Recipe in Easy & Simple Steps. Positivenewstrends. World Heritage sites | Pink city to be the 2nd city from India. How to prepare in easy steps. Affiliate Marketing Summit | a scope for budding entrepreneurs. Aloo Papadi Chaat. Nottingham Digital Summit 2019 – 3rd July at Nottingham, UK. Indian Zara, a Cheaper Fashion Chain to be launched by Tata. Indian Zara, a Cheaper Fashion Chain to be launched by Tata. EU decides to boost the Schengen visa fees by the year’s end. Fake malware-created cancer nodes trick radiologists. Get quick and easy meal ideas & easy recipes to make at home. Get quick and easy meal ideas & easy recipes to make at home.

How to effortlessly cook tasty Maas ka Soola at home

International Yoga Day 2019, 21 June – the 5th Yoga Diwas. How to cook the aromatic & delicious chicken soup. Maria Bobila flaunts her new Linen Notch Short-Sleeve Shirt. Savory Lamb Risotto Recipe - Breaking News & Beyond. Hypersonic cruise missile – A test launch from Agni 1. How to cook the delicious & aromatic Shikampur Kebab. Tony award 2019 is conquered by the Ferryman Star Laura Donnelly. CEO of Apple Inc launches its beta versions of new iOS in WWDC. Leading Mac cleaning software utilities for your Mac. Ali Stroker Selected Among The Nominees For Tony Awards 2019. Apple iPadOS – An Exclusive Dedicated Operating System for iPads. Kurunegala Hospital Sterilization Fiasco terrorized Sri Lanka.

Try your hands on tasty Sesame Crumb Fried Prawns. CLEAR biometrics – Easy way to pass security checks at BOS.

Renault Merger proposal is set to initiate after the approvals

How to make delicious Stir Fried Vegetables. How to Make piquant Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry. Samsung Galaxy M30 design and key features revealed in a leak. Death of CryptoCurrency CEO left Rs.1000 Crore locked in cold wallets. SBI data leak exposed financial data of millions of customers. How to make luscious Konkani Fish Curry. Barbie Turning 60: A legacy that inspires Ground-breaking careers! SIM Card Swap Fraud-Mumbai Businessman lost Rs. 1.86 Cr.