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Shop for the latest graphic shirts at Positive J. Make a statement with good vibes shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts.

Good vibes T shirts. Hoodies & Sweatshirts. Graphic Tshirts For Women. Inspirational T Shirts. 19 Things That Didn't Exist 30 Years Ago That We Can't Live Without Today. I recently watched a TV series set in the 1980s – right when computers and the digital revolution began to infiltrate mainstream culture.

19 Things That Didn't Exist 30 Years Ago That We Can't Live Without Today

Exasperated, one of the engineers advised that developing a portable PC under fifteen pounds was impossible. I actually laughed out loud. How The Colors and Syles of Our Daily Wear Represent Us to the World. Self-Expression Through Tees: The Power of Clothing & Fashion. 12 Sep Self-Expression Through Tees: The Power of Clothing & Fashion Posted at 19:05h in Design by Kelly Kantrowitz “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” – Ralph Lauren Yes, clothes are functional – a.k.a I’m pretty sure security would escort you from work if you showed up flaunting your birthday suit.

Self-Expression Through Tees: The Power of Clothing & Fashion

But, truly, clothes are so much more than that. Like the words we use to communicate, how we choose to dress is a form of self-expression. Inspiration can be derived from popular culture, music, celebrities, nature, politics, you name it. Whether your guilty pleasure is watching live runway shows, or you’re a purely unconventional fashionista who scours boutiques for indie labels, style is a universal language that can be used to express your thoughts, feelings, or views without ever uttering a word.

BAD MORNING SHORT SLEEVE MEN’S GRAPHIC T SHIRT. Buy Hoodies For Women online. THINK BIG Long sleeve women’s GRAPHIC t-shirt. This long-sleeved shirt is made of the ultra-smooth American Apparel cotton, and it has comfy long sleeves to protect you from the elements.

THINK BIG Long sleeve women’s GRAPHIC t-shirt

The sleeves are cuffed at the hand for a tapered look that adds a little flair. • 100% cotton (heather grey has 10% polyester) • Long sleeves • Cuffed hands • Durable ribbed neckband • Double stitched You’ve thought big. Now, think bigger. Pontification is infinite. Holidays and Family Drama Ways to Avoid Them. Holidays and Family Drama: Ways to Avoid Them - Positive J - Medium. If we are asked to name any one thing that keeps us going through our daily chores and that we wholeheartedly anticipate, it would be the holidays.

Holidays and Family Drama: Ways to Avoid Them - Positive J - Medium

Here, we cannot help but get reminded of the famous remark made by Hamilton Wright Mabie where he said, “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love”; it is indeed true. Holidays are a great time for family and friends to come together and celebrate in unison. But, not always does the reality resemble the picture that our minds have conceived; while holidays are an impeccable opportunity to bring the whole family under one roof, it, at the same time, can also be the reason that gives birth to some long-drawn family drama that results from the deep-embedded complains and furies against one another.

WOMEN’S HOODED GRAPHIC SWEATSHIRT. Everyone needs a go-to, cozy sweatshirt to curl up in, so go for one that’s soft, smooth, and stylish.


It’s also perfect for cooler evenings! • 50% cotton/50% polyester • Reduced pilling and softer air-jet spun yarn • Double-lined hood • 1×1 athletic rib knit cuffs and waistband with spandex • Double-needle stitching throughout • Front pouch pocket In a world based on images, the realest thing you can do is be honest and open with yourself and with others. Men’s Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt. 16 Morning Rituals That'll Boost Your Energy & Happiness. Besides the messy bedhead, I can probably guess what your typical morning routine looks like: after the shrill sound of your alarm rings, you hit snooze a couple of times before reluctantly rolling out of bed.

16 Morning Rituals That'll Boost Your Energy & Happiness

You throw on the first work-appropriate outfit you spot in your closet, eat an uninspiring breakfast (like an on-the-go protein bar), and race out of the house. You’re still stifling yawns and rubbing the sleepiness out of your eyes. The reality is, we are all guilty of falling into this routine. And for those reading this and saying, “Not me,” that’s a good thing – your days are likely filled with higher levels of happiness and productivity. A bulk of the time, a lack of enthusiasm in the morning stems from thinking about all the things you need to get done that day and your solution is to just crawl back under the covers and hide. Let Go & Be Happy: How to Avoid Social Pressure and Embrace Who You Are. Let’s be real: we’ve all experienced that moment where we’re lying in bed contemplating all the embarrassing mistakes we’ve made in life rather than getting some much-needed shut-eye.

Let Go & Be Happy: How to Avoid Social Pressure and Embrace Who You Are

Why did I go in for a fist bump when they clearly wanted to shake hands like an adult? Cringe. The truth is, we place a great deal of pressure on ourselves. Positive Vibes, Positive Minds: The Power of Clothing. Posted at 17:56h in Uncategorized by mike While we live in a culture that pigeonholes fashion into glamor magazines and in-your-face advertisements to beef up our closets, clothes can also be a lot more nuanced.

Positive Vibes, Positive Minds: The Power of Clothing

What we elect to throw on each day can act as a visual representation of ourselves, expressing our culture, values, political views, emotions, and more. Positive J. Long Sleeve Graphic Tees Men's. BURY THE FEAR HOODED SWEATSHIRT $39.99. Music Forever: The Incredible Ways Music Affects Your Body and Mind. Posted at 20:04h in Music by Kelly Kantrowitz “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato Music is a source of inspiration.

Music Forever: The Incredible Ways Music Affects Your Body and Mind

It has the ability to influence our mood. It can encourage us to bust out the dance moves, lift our spirits, inspire social change, provoke a rowdy crowd at a sporting event, fuel your workout sessions, and spark a multitude of emotions depending on your mindset. Lindsey Lohan delivered this epic line in Mean Girls, “I like math…Because it’s the same in every country.” Without music, our lives would be utterly silent. Music Can Alter Your Emotional State Paralyzed by fear or anxiety?

Need an outlet for your anger? Feeling completely down in the dumps? If you ever feel trapped in a negative emotional state, calling upon the power of music can help transform your mindset into a completely different tune. Good vibes T shirts. Good Vibes Shirts. DO WHAT YOU LOVE SHORT SLEEVE UNISEX T SHIRT.