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Wilderness First Responder Training - WFR Courses. Summary The definitive wilderness course in medical training, leadership, and critical thinking for outdoor, low-resource, and remote professionals and leaders. The Wilderness First Responder program is the ideal medical training for leaders in remote areas including outdoor educators, guides, military, professional search and rescue teams, researchers, and those involved in disaster relief. The curriculum is comprehensive and practical. It includes the essential principles and skills required to assess and manage medical problems in isolated and extreme environments for days and weeks if necessary. Description Course Content The Wilderness First Responder curriculum is written in-house by a team of remote medical rescue researchers and professionals.

The General Principles of Wilderness and Rescue Medicine with an emphasis on the prevention and identification of medical emergencies, appropriate technology, and risk management. Customization Certifications Recertification Included Materials. m49440095 WRFA ERG 9781584806295. Wilderness Medicine | Master Woodsman. When 911 is not an option! Perhaps more important than any one given skill, is the ability to keep yourself and others safe and alive, psychologically and physically. When you’re miles from anything, the last thing you need is an injury (or worse) and not know what to do! We have included this page to inform you of available programs not only to help you in the wilderness, but to help those in your group and even your community. In addition, you should know (in context) the qualifications from potential instructors and those you travel with into the field. Below you will find a brief description of the recognized levels of training; Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, and Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician.

Currently, there are no National Standards for wilderness medicine. Wilderness First Aid (WFA) – As already indicated, there are no standardizations. NOC – Nantahala Outdoor Center is where Solo Southeast is based.Location: Bryson City, NCWebsite: Master Woodsman Training | Master Woodsman. By David Wescott Master Woodsman – A man is skillful at woodcraft just in proportion as he approaches this balance. Knowing the wilderness can be comfortable when a less experienced man would endure hardship. Conversely, if a man endures hardships where a woodsman could be comfortable, it argues not his toughness, but his ignorance or foolishness, which is exactly the case with our blatant friend of the drawing-room reputation.

SE White – Camp and Trail 1920 (p. 30) Woodsman – one who works or lives in the woods or is versed in woodcraft; a forester.Plainsman – an inhabitant or settler of the prairie regionsFrontiersman – a man who lives on the frontierGuide – 1. One who shows the way by leading. Master Woodsman Training Master Woodsman David Wescott has adapted an original training from the old American Camping Association Tripcrafter Certification last used in the 80’s into what you now see below. Apprentice Camper Journeyman Camper Journeyman Woodsman Master Woodsman. Medicine Bow » Classes. Introduction: Besides the many workshops open to the public at Medicine Bow, Mark takes his lessons into your school classroom, elementary, high school and college, or to any interested group. His most popular traveling program is THE NATIVE AMERICANS , a 1 1/2 hour history and demonstration beginning with the first foot set upon North America. He follows the progress of the Indians as they migrated into the new ecosystems that would shape their cultures into the discrete tribes that finally reflected the land, plants, and animals where they settled.

He has an abundance of crafts made in the old way. The program eventually focuses on the Cherokee, the people who once walked the trails of Medicine Bow – the people who knew the Nature of this land like no people ever will again. After this class he likes to take his audience outside to see first hand the secrets of the Indians. Weekend Workshops are held at Medicine Bow all through the seasons for students of all ages. Ancestral Knowledge | explore • discover • create • reflect. Practical Primitive | About Us. Founded in 2007 by Eddie Starnater and Julie Martin, Practical Primitive is dedicated to the small-group and individual instruction of adults in all aspects of Primitive, Traditional and Self-Reliance skills.

Our Mission: To Provide these Skills in a Manner which is Accessible, Achievable and Attainable to all who seek to Learn. Workshops for adults 18 & over that focus on specific topics, our traveling Skills 2 You program, one-on-one Mentoring, and Virtual Instruction; we provide options that will fit your lifestyle, and help you to build a strong and stable repertoire of skills. By keeping our workshops under 10 people we ensure you get the most out of your experience. You'll get your hands on every skill we teach, with plenty of time to practice and lots of opportunity to ask questions. We tailor each workshop to the people attending and make sure that you learn exactly what you came to find out! Co-Founder, Head of Operations & Instructor. Schools – West | Master Woodsman. “In the school of the woods, there is no graduation day.”– HORACE KEPHART, Camping and Woodcraft, 1917 When it comes to training, you get what you pay for, period.

Unlike other professions (like Forestry), there are no certifications or state registration/licensure. Anyone can represent themselves to the public as a “survival instructor.” Before spending your hard earned money, valuable time, and perhaps even jeopardizing your life and creating the ultimate heartache for your family, spend sometime checking out YOUR potential survivor instructor. Here are a few questions we suggest you ask… Do they make their livelihood in the industry, or is this a part-time gig? How long have they been in business? Below is a list of schools of which we have first hand experience or have a good reputation from other instructors we have a relationship with.

Also, see the Events page as it can be a great place to learn from many instructors in one location. Green University® LLC Instructor: Thomas J. Outdoor Survival Courses and Classes - Ancient Pathways. Laughing Coyote Project :: Home. Boulder Outdoor Survival School | BOSS. 1881 Household Cyclopedia. Poisonous Snakes and Lizards. Solar Distillation Meeting Small Scale Water Demands 1970. Simple Methods for the Treatment of Drinking Water. 13 Skills - All Skills. Cancel Join Us! Only registered members can perform that action. Sign In or Register Home Skills Members About FAQ Contact Blog Feedback Register Sign In Stats Advertising Info Skills animal husbandry Animal Husbandry Beekeeping Dog Training Pack Animal Training arms Archery Bullet Casting Concealed Weapons Permit Firearms Gunsmithing Marksmanship Reloading Slingshot Shooting Swordsmanship arts Arts Cartography Music Photography communication Communication Cryptography Social Media crafts Basketry Candle Making Cobbling Felting Fiber Arts Glass working Knife Making Knots Leatherworking Net making Pottery Soap Making Weaving earthworks Dam building education Education Foreign Language Home Maintenance Organizational Skills People Skills Psychology Recycling Science Second Language Sign Language Teaching Writing energy Alternative Energy Bio Fuel Building a Solar Oven Distilling Fuel family Family Fun Parenting Skills food food storage Food Storage Root Cellaring health/medical outdoors permaculture professional survival.

Hands Only CPR. 1881 Household Cyclopedia. Skills in Self-Reliance & Sustainability. Please note: our classes are priced on a sliding scale. Not sure what that means? Visit our FAQ’s page for an explanation. Also check out our Visitor Information page for more info about what to expect during your class. Thanks, and we hope to see you at a class soon! Wilderness Photography & Awareness Learn and explore all of your camera’s settings, expand your awareness of the natural world, and take your photography to the next level. From 12pm until 8pm Primitive Fire Making Make two different fire kits and learn how to make fire all over the world! From 10am until 5pm Basic Animal Tracking Enter the eye-opening world of tracking and never look at anything the same!

Wet-Felting Workshop By combining wool and water in this ancient art form you can make your own sturdy tote bag! From 10am until 5pm Saturday Coal Burned Containers Some artists use paint, others use this class we'll make functional art with FIRE! Wilderness Photography and Awareness From 11am until 7pm Making Bone Tools. CODY LUNDIN: outdoor survival,  primitive living skills, and urban preparedness courses. Fm5 426carpentry. Military%20Engineering defensive%20measures. Convert Gasoline Engine to Run on Alcohol 2008.

Scout Engineering. 54 Survival Downloads and Handbooks – Pioneering, SHTF, Engineering, Urban Gardening, Defense, and More. (Before It's News) Kevin Hayden - If you find this material helpful, please consider donating $1 or $2 to the website! Thanks! Field Manuals & Military Handbooks (.pdf Format) *New* > Internment and Resettlement Operations FM 3-39.40 Psychological Operations (PsyOps) AFDD 2-5-3 CBR Shelters ETL 1110-3-498 Map Reading & Navigation FM 3-25-26 Terrain, Maps, and Direction *New* > Aircraft Recognition FM44.80 Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Field Handbook FM 3-7 Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Protection FM 34 Military Chemical & Biological Agents and Compounds FM 3-9 Counterinsurgency Operations FMI 3-07.22 Updated: Counter Insurgency Tactics FM3.24.2 Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape (SERE) AR350-30 US Army Ranger Handbook *New* > Special Operations – Using Pack Animals FM3.05.213 *New* > Special Operations – Caching Techniques TC.3129A *New* > HUMINT – Human Intelligence Collection Operations FM2.22.3 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrains (Urban Combat) FM3-06.

Books and Resources | Hesperian Health Guides. IS0871%20 %20Combat%20Lifesaver%20Course %20%20Student%20Self Study. 20 surv items 20 uses. How to Turn Salt Water into Drinking Water. By Nicholas Even though you can’t drink salt water, otherwise known as saline water, what you can do is turn it into fresh water, through a process called desalination. This process is being used more and more as a viable means to get freshwater for those who need it. It’s also very applicable in a survival or grid down scenario where freshwater may not be so available. Throughout most of the United States, the overwhelming majority of people are able to access more than enough freshwater. However, in some areas of the country, freshwater is in shorter supply. As a result of our freshwater supplies becoming more strained, seawater is becoming more of an important resource across the globe.

It’s ultimately more dangerous to drink high quantities of saline or salt water than it is to not drink it at all. When your body does not receive the freshwater it needs, it starts to shut down beginning with your internal organs and then your brain. RangerHandbook. Ar350 30 Survival Evasion Resistance Escape. Terrain Maps And Direction. Navigation Basics: Map and Compass - REI Expert Advice. 100% satisfaction guaranteed We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not satisfied with your REI purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one year of purchase. REI's guarantee doesn't cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents.

If your item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, you can return it at any time. See our limited warranty. Gear & advice you can trust At REI, we live and breathe the outdoors, and we're passionate about sharing our expertise with people of all skill levels. 10% annual member refund Anyone can shop at REI, but for a one-time $20 fee you can become an REI member and enjoy a lifetime of benefits. First aid for free – Free online first aid and CPR training with certificates.

Dr. Sebi 101: Food is Medicine

Food as Medicine - Monash University. Are you interested in learning how food can be used as medicine? If you want to understand the power of nutrition, this 3-week course will teach you about the role of food in improving health. You will explore how food can be important both in preventative health and as an aid in the management of certain chronic diseases today, in the past and in the future. Why macronutrients and antioxidants are special To begin, you’ll learn about what food contains and what makes it special. We’ll explore how food was used as medicine in the past and the role food plays in disease prevention and treatment.

The importance of nutrition for your brain and gut In your second week, you’ll investigate the different relationships between food and the gut, brain, appetite and genes. You’ll study examples of food as medicine, including the FODMAP diet for IBS and probiotics for gut health. Mindful eating and the future of food IANE Membership. Udacity. Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions. CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes - Learn. Be Inspired. Skillshare. Join Kickstarter’s Director of Community Education Stephanie Pereira for a strategic 35-minute class on how to get people excited about your next creative project! Building on Kickstarter's experience with 100,000+ project launches, Stephanie walks through essential steps, including: Identifying your goals and audienceWriting key messagesRelationship building (before you need it!) Developing a communication plan This inspiring class is perfect for inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and everyone eager to launch their idea.

Plus, the discussion and project spaces are the perfect place to get started right away. Develop your story, get feedback from fellow students, and inspire others to help you share the word! Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects – from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. How To Use a Compass.

My main motivation for writing these pages is to let people have the same nice experiences I have had when I have been, well, nowhere... Places you see just by coincidence. The compass is an indispensable tool to find your way home, or to go nowhere. Foreword This tutorial is intended for individuals and non-profit organizations, and may be printed out and used free of charge as long as my name is on it. I hope these pages will help people enjoy and learn more about our beautiful earth. When you are going to use this tutorial, it is essential that you have a compass in your hand. Then you have to use it.

Update It is now almost 15 years since I wrote this, an eternity in Internet time, and I have had plans to upgrade it, but there hasn't been time. Receive E-mail announcements! As things are slowly progressing forward with my new plans for this site, a new mailing list is now online. Credibility on the Internet is a growing problem. Florida Orienteering.