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SWOT Analysis - American Apparel. Men’s Fashion Is Headed for a Gender-Bending Moment Unseen Since the ’70s. In January, Gucci’s menswear runway collection was an eye-opener.

Men’s Fashion Is Headed for a Gender-Bending Moment Unseen Since the ’70s

It wasn’t because the brand had just fired its nearly decadelong creative director Frida Giannini in December, or even because new designer Alessandro Michele had pulled the clothing together in less than a week in his new role. It was because the men on the runway looked ... like women. In fact, some of them were women—an increasing trend in menswear shows. Models of both genders—waifish male models and boyish female models alike—were wearing silhouettes, fabrications, and items of clothing that traditionally appear in womenswear collections. Fashion’s Bold New Future Has No Gender. "The great gender blur," Ruth La Ferla called it in the New York Times, writing about the fall collections coming out of the most recent New York Fashion Week.

Fashion’s Bold New Future Has No Gender

Content Marketing Blurred Lines. Content Marketing Blurred Lines. What You Need to Know About Generation Z. Francois ozon's five favourite films that broke down gender identity. In Francois Ozon's latest film The New Girlfriend, France's leading man Romain Duris dons high heels and applies lipstick to play David/Virginia, a man who deals with the death of his wife by dressing in her clothing.

francois ozon's five favourite films that broke down gender identity

The film is one of the prolific French filmmaker's richer works, playfully toying with themes of cross dressing, gender and sexuality and willing the audience to be as intrigued and enthusiastic as David-Virginia about his transformation. The New Girlfriend takes on a similarly romantic fairytale sheen to Ozon fan favourite 8 Women, as his deceased wife's best friend Clare [played by Anais Demoustier] falls for David/Virginia, ultimately discovering something about her own identity. Ozon adapted the idea from a Ruth Rendell short story with inspiration from a documentary on transgendered people.

Challenging ideals of beauty, body shape, and gender binaries with generation z. A far cry from the days when beauty only meant one thing, when models had to be of a certain size, shape, and skin colour, and when gender norms defined what society deemed acceptable, in 2015 anything can be beautiful.

challenging ideals of beauty, body shape, and gender binaries with generation z

Tired of unrealistic ideals about body shape and beauty, and bored of racial stereotyping and gender binaries, Generation Z are leading the way for a new kind of beautiful that shines from within and stems from individuality. Like diamonds in the rough, we meet the kids who are putting their fingers up to Photoshopped perfection in a bid to be their own kind of beautiful. Breaking the gender binary. When the Amazon produced hit TV show Transparent won five of the eleven Emmy Awards it was nominated for, it was yet another milestone for transgender visibility and representation.

breaking the gender binary

The tragicomic series that chronicles an LA family in which the father comes out as a transgender woman and starts her transition, has given the transgender community a multifaceted identity that is deeply complex, richly diverse, and yet retains humanity, warmth and integrity. For me, as a transgender woman, the show felt like a breath of fresh air. After years of dealing with the endlessly derogatory transgender story lines on the Jerry Springer Show, Transparent finally offered a representation of trans people which felt open and honest, rather than sensationalised, violating and blatantly disrespectful.

The show doesn't sugarcoat trans issues, nor does it overdramatise them. Still, Soloway's speech made me wonder whether we in fact have a transgender civil rights problem. @valentijndehingh. Tie Use in Decline - Market Adapting to Changes. Tie Use in Decline – Market Adapting to Changes The fashion world is driven by change – that’s what makes it so interesting and diverse, but it’s also the very thing that makes it so bewildering.

Tie Use in Decline - Market Adapting to Changes

Changing trends have always represented a major challenge for fashionable men, but these days there’s something else to tackle – let’s call it the sartorio-economic climate, for the sake of grandiloquence if nothing else. Gender equality in your workplace. Women earn around 18% less on average than men, despite efforts to remove barriers in the workplace.

Gender equality in your workplace

Employers have a crucial role to play to help close this gap and create more diverse workplaces. Sign up to the Think, Act, Report campaign to show your company’s commitment to gender equality in the workplace. ​could we ever live in a truly genderless society? Defining your gender outside of the binary of female or male is something which can often feel rather redundant in mainstream space, for multiple reasons.

​could we ever live in a truly genderless society?

While so many seek to package us into acceptable female/male categories, our gender identities are constantly tugged and twisted into arbitrary categories designed to make others feel comfortable. Underwear: Rise In Unisex. Cult Swedish fashion brand Acne has launched a range of gender-neutral underwear, exemplifying the trend for unisex apparel, and channelling an androgynous aesthetic in intimates pioneered by Calvin Klein in the 90s.

Underwear: Rise In Unisex

The line includes boxers, briefs, shorts, and high-waisted styles. The collection features a neutral, skin-tone colour palette with the Acne logo emblazoned along the waistband – mirroring Klein’s exploration of underwear with unisex appeal. Indeed, the 90s aesthetic is a key driver for the line, as it is for our Perfect Ordinary Design Direction. Shot by indie photographer Ryan McGinley, the range appeals to the millennial and contemporary market; especially young urban couples who share wardrobe staples. The Changing Nature of Globalization in Our Hyperconnected, Knowledge-Intensive Economy - The CIO Report. Facebook. Su-muse: Is the concept of Unisex fashion making a change? This is a short article from my portfolio about unisex fashion trend that has hit the catwalk.

Su-muse: Is the concept of Unisex fashion making a change?

A few months ago Selfridges opened up a pop up shop devoted to gender-neutral clothing. The British department store rebranded unisex fashion as “Agender” clothing. Menswear buying manager for Selfridges, Eleanor Robinson explained to The Guardian online that “women buying menswear is a growing trend”. After the Hermes spring/summer collection hit the runway earlier on this year, the concept of both male and female clothing combined became mainstream. 3 Designers on How They Define Unisex Fashion. Genderless fashion is in the air, from boundary-pushing unisex lines like Hood by Air to the Gucci men's runway, which incorporated pussy-bow blouses and lace.

As part of Pitti Immagine, the multidimensional fashion fair on now in Florence, Pitti director Agostino Poletto spearheaded Open, a unisex showcase. “Overcoming the rigid distinction between the traditional male and female universes” was the goal, Poletto told the Cut. A GENDER-NEUTRAL FUTURE ‹ SCENARIO Magazine. This is a blog post from the Global Scanning Network at The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Facebook's 71 gender options come to UK users.

Facebook worked with UK groups Press for Change and Gendered Intelligence to add 21 new options to ensure the list best reflected the ways UK users may choose to describe themselves. "Gender identities are complex and for many people, describing themselves as just a man or just a woman has always been inadequate," said Professor Stephen Whittle, vice-president at Press for Change. The European Court of Human Rights has upheld the right to develop our gender identity, as key to our personal autonomy. "By challenging the gender binary, Facebook will finally allow thousands of people to describe themselves as they are now and it will allow future generation of kids to become truly comfortable in their own skins. " Ensuring users feel comfortable being their true selves while using the network is a priority, said Simon Milner, Policy Director, UK Middle East & Africa at Facebook. Other websites have already implemented similar policies as transgender issues became more widely considered.

Man. Highsnobiety "Same Difference" Editorial Captures Ungendered Outfits. Antonia - ANTONIA. Upcoming Unisex Brands from Berlin Fashion Week. We could relay to you the virtues of unisex brands, and there are many, but the proof is in the number of designers who have begun to take this direction. Why restrict yourself to just one half of your potential consumers, when you can appeal to both? At last week’s Berlin Fashion Week we were struck by the amount of brands on offer that cater to both genders and how immediately drawn we were to them.

Visiting Bread & Butter, SEEK and Capsule inbetween storms it was a natural decision that, with so many up-and-coming unisex brands, we just had to feature them all in order to give all you guys a heads-up. These are all brands that are carefully conceived, with serious thought put into every step of their design, production and manufacturing. When Marketing to Millennials, Unisex Sells. It has been decades since expectant parents felt compelled to paint the nursery walls baby blue for boys and cotton candy pink for girls. But gender-specific marketing can be a huge turnoff for many shoppers–-particularly Millennials and the cohort behind them, Gen Z. Both have proven to be the most gender-bending consumer groups to date. Generations Y (the Millennials) and Z exhibit an evolving and fungible view of what it is to be masculine and feminine, in part because of economic realities that are putting men and women on more equitable career paths. What’s more, they are growing up in an era of increasing tolerance for non-traditional gender identities.

“These young consumers are bending, blending and flipping gender norms to meet their individual needs,” notes “The Cassandra Gender Report: What Gender Means to Generations Y and Z.” Gender-neutral fashion: beyond menswear and womenswear. Why Unisex Products Are the Way of the Future - TREND HUNTER PRO. The rate of progression for our society is seemingly limitless and as we move further into the new millennium, it’s clear that unisex products are going to continue gaining market share. This move towards products are aren’t specifically tailored for men or women are taking precedence for a variety of reasons: looser gender barriers and continued acceptance of queer individuals, to name a few. 50% of Millennials believe gender falls on a spectrum.

Half of all Millennials believe that gender exists on a spectrum, and shouldn’t be limited to the categories of male and female, according to Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll, which surveyed 1,000 people aged 18-34 about everything from politics to dating to race issues. The findings suggest young people are moving away from a binary conception of gender, a major shift from previous generations. (For full results and methodology, click here.) 50% of Millennials believe gender falls on a spectrum. Unisex Fashion: Can It Ever Be More Than a Niche Category?

Uk.businessinsider. Gender-neutral clothing: We try out Selfridges new Agender range. The Major Trans Models You Should Be Following on Instagram This Fashion Week. A Brief History of Unisex Fashion. In March, the London department store Selfridges gave itself a radical makeover, transforming three floors of its Oxford Street emporium into gender-neutral shopping areas. Is Agender Fashion a Trend, or a Movement? You Do You Project. The Hot New Fashion "Trend" Is All About Gender — In the Best Way Possible. JWTIntelligence introduces ‘The Future 100,’ a look at global trends in 2015. LSN : The Big Idea : Elizabeth Selvey: Universal Beauty. FULLTEXT01. Are You Ready For Gender-Free Fashion? Selfridges. HIBU - Gender Neutral. Are You Ready For Gender-Free Fashion? Selfridges Makes Gender-Neutral Clothing the Norm with Agender. Will Gender-Neutral Clothing Take Off? - SheRa. ​Should retailers promote genderless shopping? Is Gender-Neutral Clothing the Future of Fashion? How Russian art inspired gender neutral fashion.

Inside Selfridges' radical, gender-neutral department store.