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Pookie and Sebastian

Pookie and Sebastian started in 1997. We are a fashion forward boutique chain, carrying women's contemporary clothing at assessable price points.

Pookie & Sebastian Starts a New Era of Fashionable Clothing at Affordable Rate. Take a Look into the World of Fashionable Clothing When it comes to fashion and fashionable clothing’s, you should not look further than the big four fashion capitals, i.e., London, Paris, Milan, and New York.

Pookie & Sebastian Starts a New Era of Fashionable Clothing at Affordable Rate

Pookie Sebastian on Google site shows that they are making a difference. These fashion capitals are known to be influenced by the latest fashion trends. In fact, these fashion capitals have some great fashion leaders who are blending the latest fashion trends with the taste of the people. Most of the fashionable clothes with latest style trends are available at the retail stores. Pookie & Sebastian - The New Place for Fashion Clothing. Fashion Seeing a Vast Change f you are thinking that you have got bored with the same old fashion style, think again.

Pookie & Sebastian - The New Place for Fashion Clothing

Kevin Matuszak will give you the perfect reason to fall in love with the city of New York again. He has come up with a fashion forward boutique chain Pookie and Sebastian on Twitter. Pookie and Sebastian, Fashion Forward Clothing Store. Pookie and Sebastian, Fashion Forward Clothing Store New York is known as the fashion hub of the world and Manhattan is one of the prime areas that have offered the people with fashionable boutique stores.

Pookie and Sebastian, Fashion Forward Clothing Store

People when shopping for fashionable clothing may prefer to visit retail centers that deal with popular labels or brands. Many people who wants to shop unique NYC clothes, may not be able to afford to buy a clothe form the retail chains as they are very costly. However, one such store is present that is hidden among the chic retail stores i.e., Pookie & Sebastian; NY based clothing and home ware stores. It is one of the fashion boutique chains that deal with woman’s contemporary clothing at an obtainable price range. Pookie and Sebastian, Breaking the World of Fashion. Knowing About Fashion Boutique Chain If you looking forward to a fashion forward boutique chain you must then visit a store like Pookie and Sebastian on You Tube?

Pookie and Sebastian, Breaking the World of Fashion

Obviously, when you are thinking of fashion, you can think of the following four places like London, Paris, Milan, and New York. Despite many other places trying to put its baby feet forward into the fashion industry, no one will be able to take the place of Ney York. Kevin Matuszak who is a fashion loving entrepreneur has opened up a chain of fashion boutique in the city of New York. A visit to the store will let you take a sneak-peak into some wonderful collection of clothing’s for women. Pookie & Sebastian New York Ideal Store For Fashionable Clothing for Woman. Do you want to learn about the latest fashion trends from the top designers of the world?

Pookie & Sebastian New York Ideal Store For Fashionable Clothing for Woman

If you are a fashion queen, you must be following the fashion journals closely and see what New York Spring/ Fall Fashion Week has in store for you. In fact, you eagerly wait to see what your favorite celebrities are wearing on the red carpet and you try to follow that. But if you want to get on the cutting edge of fashion, you must definitely follow Pookie & Sebastian on Facebook. Whether one loves minimalistic trends or vintage, New Yorkers can get prefect inspiration about fashionable clothes under one roof. One thing that every woman loves about their favorite celebrities is their dressing style. Pookie & Sebastian New York Rediscovering Beauty of Crinolines. Fashionable Dresses to Turn Heads If you have followed the Victorian age closely, you might have noticed, woman asked their maid used to pull the corset string as tight as possible.

Pookie & Sebastian New York Rediscovering Beauty of Crinolines

After all, it would help them to get a tiny waist as possible. Another important undergarment which used to hold an important place was crinolines. Basically, it is a stiffened form of petticoat which used to hold the woman’s skirt. Pookie & Sebastian New York Redefining Fashion Trend. Pookie & Sebastian New York Get Ready for Latest Fashion. Pookie & Sebastian New York Get Ready for Latest Fashion Pookie and Sebastian, What We Love About Spring in New York City can tell you perfectly why would you love their Spring collection line.

Pookie & Sebastian New York Get Ready for Latest Fashion

Everyone loves the season of spring. Spring is the season when new leaves and flowers come up. It is the season when one can remove their sweaters and pullovers and try out fashionable clothes. A New Clothing Line from the House of Pookie and Sebastian Clothing. Fashionable Clothing’s for Woman When it comes to fashion, New York is obviously one of the important cities that follow the fashion trends very strictly.

A New Clothing Line from the House of Pookie and Sebastian Clothing

If you follow Pookie Sebastian Google site, you will see that this fashion store or boutique offers clothing that has been influenced by the latest fashion trends.Other cities which are also know for providing fashionable clothing and fashion shows are Paris, Milan, and London. Every year, fashionistas follows the latest fashion trends so that they can remain at par with latest trends. The owner of the fashion boutique Pookie & Sebastian is Kevin Matuszak.

Pookie & Sebastian New York, Thriving in a Fashion Capital. The “Big Four” fashion cities currently are New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

Pookie & Sebastian New York, Thriving in a Fashion Capital

These are where the biggest names in fashion go to show off their latest creations. Runway models strut up and down the catwalk and show off what these fashion icons have made. All of these clothes are readily available online on various platforms, as well as in magazines and on TV. The fashion industry is a $1.2 trillion business. That is a lot of clothes. These types of clothing stores are known as boutique outlets. Pookie & Sebastian New York, Fashion at Its Finest. Throughout history there have been many different cities that were renowned for their power, government, art, music, food, and fashion.

Pookie & Sebastian New York, Fashion at Its Finest

Over time, some of these cities kept up their reputations for certain ways of life, while others just became memories of a storied past. In between the major influential cities of the renaissance, culture was spread throughout cities and states where ever people could travel. Throughout Europe, the artists from different regions contributed their own style and take on this burgeoning culture. Pookie and Sebastian, Keeping Up with Change. Pookie and Sebastian, Getting Your Start in Boutique Fashion Retail. Pookie and Sebastian, Getting Your Start in Boutique Fashion Retail Opening your own clothing store is something that a lot of fashion-loving entrepreneurs dream to do. Before you open the doors to your first store and share your passion with the world, there are a lot of other things to consider.

What kind of clothes will you sell: vintage clothing, selling popular brands, or will you have your own brand? Depending on which one will determine other aspects of your business. For example, the location will be important. Boutique stores are great because they can specialize in one aspect of fashion. Pookie and Sebastian was started by Kevin Matuszak. Pookie & Sebastian Clothing, Surviving in The World of Fashion Retail. Staying relevant in a business industry that is constantly changing is not an easy thing to do. Some industries can remain the same for years, while others, like the restaurant industry, have trends come and go so fast that people’s interests change and restaurants can be out of business within one year of opening. Another industry that depends upon the interests of people and current trends is fashion.

The fashion industry is a $1.2 trillion dollar business. While there are a lot of high-end retailers that sell clothes most of us can only dream to wear, there are also a lot of cheaply made clothes that can be seen in every shopping mall across America. Fashion is constantly changing and trends are different season to season. Pookie & Sebastian New York Get Ready for Spring with Pookie & Sebastian. As winter rapidly comes to an end, there are birds in the air, flowers popping up in the parks, and a brave few souls have started showing off some more skin.

Not only is spring an exciting time because of the change in weather and overall atmosphere of life in a big city, but it is also exciting for one huge reason: fashion. As much as spring breathes life into the wildlife and flowers all around us, it also breathes life into what we wear. We can unpack the clothes that we stashed away last fall, throw on some brighter colors and show off a bit more skin than was advisable in previous months.

Pookie & Sebastian, Breaking into Fashion in New York City. When it comes to cities with great fashion, look no further than the “Big Four”. These are the unsurprising leaders in the global industry of fashion, not only because they have put out some of the most influential and exciting designers and fashion trends, but also because they have long been a mecca of sorts for people in all positions within the industry. The Big Four cities in fashion—of the 20th century—are Paris, Milan, London, and of course, New York. Despite other cities recently stepping in—Seoul, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles—New York has solidified its place in the fashion industry with the same industrious and inspiring vision that made the United Sates great in the first place.

Located in New York City, Pookie and Sebastian has been operating for more than 18 years as one of city’s trendiest and most fashion-forward boutiques there is. They started out as a discounter in upstate New York, buying branded goods to keep in stock in their stores. Pookie and Sebastian, Where Modern Fashion Lives. Pookie and Sebastian, What We Love About Spring in New York City. That old song says that the holiday season is the happiest time of the year, but frankly we disagree. While the end of December and the beginning of the New Year are certainly beautiful and exciting times, the dark period of winter immediately following the holidays pretty much ruins winter every year.

By the end of February everyone is sick of trudging through sloshy and dirty snow, searching for their hats and gloves, and waiting outside for buses and trains. Pookie and Sebastian Clothing, Getting the Most Out of Spring. Mad for Moto Jackets! What's In. Pookie and Sebastian–Corsets, a Tight Squeeze in Fashion. Pookie and Sebastian is a hot new women’s clothing company with fashion clothing at the best prices. Even a quick peek at the company’s website shows picture after picture of women wearing interesting and flattering pieces from the company. With these designs, women in bygone days wouldn’t have needed to wear corsets! Women have worn corsets for a great many years, in one form or another.

The longing for a slim waist and an hourglass figure led many a woman to hold her breath and instruct her maid, sister, or best friend to pull on the corset strings as hard as she could. She was then ready to finish dressing and meet the assembled company with a waist as small as she could make it. Most corsets contained stays of whalebone, though metal was also used. Corsets have served another purpose: they sometimes had garter belts attached, which would hold up a woman’s stockings. In the heyday of corset-wearing, several different types of corsets were available. Pookie & Sebastian-Crinolines, Beauty in a Wire Cage. Pookie and Sebastian – The long and elegant lines of Edwardian Fashion. Pookie and Sebastian – Extreme style and White Pearls of the 1960s Fashion. Pookie & Sebastian New York – 1950s Fashion, The End of Conformity.

Fashion of the 1950s contains many a classic style. Rather than being made at home (or by a dressmaker, for wealthy women), clothes were now readily available as ready-to-wear. While this meant that clothes didn’t fit the way they once did, it also meant that they could be bought and worn that very day; a woman didn’t have to wait for her dressmaker to finish a gown, and a working-class woman didn’t have to set aside time every day to sew until her latest dress was finished. With the 1950s came the end of fabric rationing, although it took some time to take full effect.

Clothing no longer needed to be a mixture of various styles, as it had been in the 1940s. Waistlines varied, unlike previous decades. Fur became wildly popular with the lowering of a fur tax. Blouses and jackets lost the padding that had been present since the 1930s (and had been particularly marked in the 1940s), creating a more natural shoulder look. Clothing for teenagers broke with tradition. Pookie & Sebastian – 1940s Fashion, Creating a Certain Silhouette.

Pookie and Sebastian – Elegance and Beauty of the 1930s Fashion. Pookie and Sebastian – Entering the Modern Era of Fashion. The 1920s were landmark years in many ways. As far as fashion is concerned, the 1920s ushered in an era of women’s clothing that was actually comfortable. Flapper dresses, with their straight lines, meant that corsets and girdles were no longer needed (though this didn’t prevent many women from wearing them anyway).

Most clothing of the 1920s was made from cotton or wool. Pookie and Sebastian – Jeanne Paquin, Setting Fashion Trends for the Future. Jeanne Paquin is one of the important names in clothing design. Her lifetime spanned the end of the nineteenth century, and continued well into the twentieth. Jeanne Beckers was born in Paris in 1869. As a young woman, she made dresses for the Maison Rouff. She went from strength to strength, taking one position after another until she was in charge of the studio. Pookie and Sebastian – Blue Jeans, the History of a Future Trend.