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Axil Digital Marketing Training Institute. We are specialized in providing highly skilled professional training in Internet Marketing to our students, enthusiasts, and professionals.

Rethink - Are you an SEO Expert? For goodness sakes please start your own site or build your online identity, before you even think about advising others.

Rethink - Are you an SEO Expert?

I'm shocked at the number of "SEO experts" that can't make a living off their own "expertise". Real SEO experts and trainers get their hands dirty and-and work on their own sites to keep it on the top of trends. So what are you waiting for, build your website or a blog! Start by purchasing a domain install Wordpress install clicky or google analytics write great content watch your analytics, see what's driving traffic Then start building links The great content or service, relationships (offline and online), money (for info-graphics or more great content). Real SEO knowledge doesn't come from a random blogger, forum, or magic “get rich quick” scheme. I did some research on it and here are the top most mentioned skills: SEO Google Analytics PPC - AdWords HTML & CSS Social Media Marketing Content Writing WordPress Email Marketing and more.

Why Google is Banned in China. Google is a Search Engine.

Why Google is Banned in China

We hope you know what is a search engine and what is the importance of Google in Internet Marketing. If you don’t, then start learning Digital Marketing. We are Axil Academy – we provide Complete Digital Marketing Training in Delhi. In this article, we will discuss, Why the most popular search engine “Google” is Banned in China? China had asked Google to block some of the results it showed when people search in their search engine. Google hasn’t accepted Chinese regulations on data Google/Youtube is a source of bare truth (freedom of speech) and the Chinese government doesn’t want Chinese to know truthful info about Tiananmen, Tibet, Hong Kong, Chinese Communist Party, internal corruption, LGBT, etc.Supposedly Google services were/are too strong to promote similar local services. The simple answer is that China has banned Google because Google has content which the PROC deems illegal.

The popular search engine in china Like this: Like Loading... Why Is Google So Popular? Start Giving Attention to Keyword Research! Keyword Research is very important for a business to find the right audience.

Start Giving Attention to Keyword Research!

Finding the right keywords to use on the pages of your site can make the difference between being found on the Web by people interested in what you offer and being invisible. Keyword research means understanding your audience, and locating words and phrases that they will use to search for your pages and expect to see on those pages.We look at information from sources such as Google’s keyword planner to see historically how much traffic certain keywords tend to appear in search results. We also explore how easy or difficult it might be for your pages to rank well and compete for those keywords in search results.

Keyword research is a part of Digital Marketing Do you know what is digital marketing? If you don't, then let me explain! Who we are? We are Axil Academy! Axil Academy - Digital Marketing Training Blog: New era of digital marketing through mobile devices. In this article, we will talk about the evolution happing in digital marketing through mobile devices.

Axil Academy - Digital Marketing Training Blog: New era of digital marketing through mobile devices

We are Axil and we provide the most advanced training on complete Digital Marketing Course. If you are interested in learning internet marketing then do visit our website. You will find the link at the bottom of the article. Growth of Mobile Devices in India India accounts for 20% of the world’s mobile phone subscribers. Smartphones are finally taking the nation by storm. Digital marketing is for business When people make a search on Google, they should find your business.

If you want to involve your potential customer at a more casual and personal level, want to make them a fan of your business, do social media marketing (SMM), Video Marketing etc. If you want to update your customer regularly about your industry, business, or product, do Email marketing. Mobile Marketing is a part of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi - India.