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When The Chips Are Down - Poker Chips - Richard Lavoie. HOW TEACHERS CAN ACCOMMODATE THE DYSLEXIC STUDENT. "There are many strategies a teacher can implement in the classroom to help a Dyslexic student do well and understand the different skill sets such as spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic and understanding time.


Most of these suggestions are beneficial for any student but especially important for Dyslexics. " * If one or both of a child's parents are Dyslexic the odds are 50% their children will be too. Dyslexia can also skip generations from grandparent to grandchild. There is a gene that indicates Dyslexia. Visit the article CAUSE OF DYSLEXIA ON CHROMOSOME 18 which we have quoted on our website from the * Help right-brain learners (Dyslexics) understand their thinking and the learning differences from left brain thinkers (big picture and concrete images versus abstracts such numbers, letters and words)

. * These students think in wholes: spelling whole words, thinking in whole words, whole chapters and stories, whole lessons, whole assignments and whole concepts.


30 fun and safe websites for kids. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password.

30 fun and safe websites for kids

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The Internet is full of resources for English language learners at the university level.

The 101 Best Websites for ESL Students in 2016

However, the problem lies in which material is valuable and which isn’t. Like with any topic, the internet’s a mix bag. There’s amazing materials for ESL students and also material that could prove detrimental to your learning. If you’re heading off to university or already studying, you don’t have time to surf the net in the hope of finding valuable websites.

This is why we’ve created this helpful list of the 101 best websites for ESL students. The list is divided into logical sections, including: Grammar and UsageGrammar CheckWritingReadingSpeakingPronunciationVocabularyListeningAcademic SkillsDictionariesGeneral Academic ResearchIELTS This compilation of websites will blow your mind, and of course improve your English at the same time. Grammar and Usage Learning grammar is probably one of the most frustrating things for any language learner. . (1) a4esl (2) English Club (3) Using English (4) Grammar Quizzes. The Solution to Reading Comprehension. Sentence Examples.


21st Century Skills - Erin McGovern...Tomorrow's Teacher   5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools. I thought I could read my students' body language.

5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools

I was wrong. As an experiment, I used Socrative when I taught binary numbers. What I learned forever changed my views on being a better teacher. Why Formative Assessment Makes Better Teachers Formative assessment is done as students are learning. Here's what happened in my classroom. "We've got this, it's easy," they said. I looked at the other students and asked, "Do you have this? " They nodded their heads furiously up and down in a "yes. " My teacher instincts said that everyone knew it, but I decided to experiment.

I was floored. I taught for another few minutes and gave them another problem. But the end result was not what you think. I am sold. Good teachers in every subject will adjust their teaching based upon what students know at each point. Formative Assessment Toolkit Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. 1. Socrative can be used for quick quizzes and also on the fly, as I've already shared.

ESL Resources.