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Deal Seeker: In Search of a Good Night’s Sleep. I love to sleep. And unlike some other things I love, it’s good for me, too. That’s why I try to make getting seven to nine hours of sleep—the recommended range for an adult—a top priority. Unfortunately, technology can get in the way of achieving this worthy goal. Apparently, even if I successfully resist the temptation to watch yet another episode of Game of Thrones or random-stalk friends on Facebook till the wee hours, just glancing at the screen—which emits light waves that may signal the brain it’s time to stay awake—can make falling asleep difficult.

However, there is some technology that can actually help you log those Zs—and some of it can be had for a pretty good price. This week, I rounded up some great deals for you on sleep-improving technologies. Leesa Mattress The primary technology underlying a good night’s sleep is your mattress. Save up to $335 on your auto insurance Desjardins Insurance Sponsored SleepRate A good night’s sleep is a thing of beauty. Temp Traq Finally. Coupon from 4inkjet to offer a fantastic shopping experience. Deal Seeker Special Alert: Amazon Prime Day Scoop. First, though, there is one little catch: As the name implies, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of these Prime Day deals.

That’s not that much of a catch, really. I’ve been a Prime member since the early days. It has transformed the way I buy everything from kitchen staples to shoes. Other people I know spend their weekends shopping around for household necessities. I don’t. I don’t even keep shopping lists. I just order what I need from Amazon when I think about it, and—thanks to my Prime membership—it’s at my door almost before I’d have had time to go shopping. 10% on auto insurance Desjardins Insurance Sponsored That Amazon Prime also comes with unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, music and books as well as unlimited secure photo storage with Prime Photos is—for me—just gravy. In short, I think Amazon Prime is well worth it, even when it’s not Prime Day.

A quality, name-brand 32-inch Smart HDTV for under $200 Chromebook laptops for only $199. Guide To Purchasing Printer Ink Online. Buying office stationery can be a daunting task since office supplies like printers; ink cartridges are quite expensive and need to be bought wisely. When it comes to buying a printer, the main concern for you would be the cost of the printer ink. A cost-saving option you have is to buy the ink online from any of the office supplies eCommerce store.

When it comes to buying printer ink, you first need to decide the exact type of printer ink that you want for the printer. Choosing the right printer ink will primarily depend on the purpose for which you are using the printer. If your main purpose is printing plain black text copies, then re-manufactured and compatible ink cartridges would suit your purpose.

Printer supplies have their dedicate eCommerce websites. When you are shopping for office stationery online, you do not have the liberty to see the product in front of you. About the Author: 4inkjets is a reliable site for shopping for office stations. How to Move Your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music. Now that Apple Music has officially launched, many Spotify users are trying to figure out the best way to export their playlists from one service to the other. Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution for this dilemma, but don’t worry — you won’t have to manually recreate every single playlist if you don’t want to. READ MORE: How have you used Netflix this long without knowing these 10 tips and tricks? So far I’ve found two popular methods for importing a Spotify playlist to Apple Music. They aren’t foolproof, but if you have dozens of playlists that need to be moved, they could potentially save you hours.

First up is Applefy, an application that was originally intended for developers, but has since been reworked for anyone to use. Once you’ve downloaded the app from GitHub, follow these instructions from the creator: Dell Email Updates: 15% Off Welcome Offer Open the application and log in with your Spotify details. Finally. Related stories The 10 best paid iPhone apps on sale for free today.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dies at 55. (Credit: Bob Riha, Jr. /Nintendo via Getty Images) Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, has passed away. He was 55. Nintendo announced the tragic news in a brief statement, listing his cause of death as “a bile duct growth.” Iwata’s health had been declining for some time. In 2014, he missed the E3 conference in Los Angeles on advice of his physician.

He underwent what was believed to have been successful surgery shortly thereafter. Iwata’s career began as a developer with Nintendo subsidiary HAL Laboratories, where he worked on popular Nintendo games such as Balloon Fight and Earthbound. A Meter that Calculates your Insulin Dose for You Abbott Diabetes Care Sponsored Greatly admired by gamers and peers, Iwata steered Nintendo through some of its brightest days. Iwata's friendly demeanor endeared him to countless players.

Grab Attractive Deals on Office Stationeries - Purchase Them Online. When it comes to purchasing printer ink and other office-related stationery supplies, most people prefer to go to the local stationery store to buy copiers and printers. Though most people frequent retail stores to shop for office supplies, you can also explore other places to buy supplies at cheap prices without compromising on the quality of the stuff.

Shopping for printer ink and other stationery supplies online not just entitles you to some heavy discounts but also saves time and effort otherwise spent in traditional shopping. When you shop for office stationery online, you do not have to wait year long for retail stores to announce their annual sales where you get to save money on branded products. Most of the websites selling office stationery stock supplies from top brands like Ricoh, Nokia, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, Epson, Brother, Dell and many more. You can find everything right from printers, laser toner, paper, ink refill kits and other supplies. IBM Just Created the World’s Smallest, Most Powerful Chip; Here’s Why You Should Care.

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Yahoo Tech The world's smallest computer chip Phones, tablets, computers and TVs.If you own one, this chip, the world's smallest, will definitely affect you. Here’s what we know about the latest superchip and what it’ll mean to you. Fair question. Gotcha! Mia Moretti - Take Meowt @ Chalk Point Kitchen Video by C.C. Sheffield on Myspace. Finding the best deals for printer toners and other stationery supplies online - Tips and Advice. Finding the best deals for printer toners and other stationery supplies online 1298 views This article is copyright free and is published in Tips and Advice » Shopping Joined: May 02, 2012 63 articles Deciding which printer to buy for your home office depends on several factors.

The battle for the supremacy between laser printers and inkjet printers never ends. About author: AZURA 4inkjets coupon could be found on the 4inkjets website as well as other portals that stock the 4inkjets coupon codes. 4inkjets is a popular site for printer and ink supplies where you get all the stationery at a discounted price. Other article from Shopping The Arsenal s new away wholesale soccer uniform has been officially announced in recent Most people who like the football club Arsenal should know that the Arsenal's new away wholesale soccer uniforms have been officially announced on Tuesday. View by 300 people Posted by Irfanuddin in , View by 453 people View by 146 people.