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Polito Woodfire is Melbourne's Leading Manufacturer of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens in Australia. We specialize in manufacturing of environmentally-friendly, handcrafted and Australian made Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. Contact us today.

4 Mistakes to avoid when Wood Fire Cooking. Nothing compares to traditional wood fire cooking.

4 Mistakes to avoid when Wood Fire Cooking

It offers flavours and textures that you simply can’t get with a conventional oven. However cooking with a wood fire oven, whether it’s an backyard alfresco pizza oven or a commercial oven, presents its own set of challenges. Unlike your basic kitchen oven, you can’t just press a button, turn a dial and trust the oven to do the rest. Wood fire cooking is an involved process that requires selecting the correct wood, properly building and positioning the fire, monitoring the temperature and more. So before you get cooking, let’s have a look at 4 wood fire cooking mistakes to avoid. 1.

If you have a newly built oven, it will need to be properly cured before you start cooking. Curing the oven involves gradually heating it over a period of several hours using fires of increasing size and heat. 2. Choosing the right wood is essential for good wood fire cooking. 3. 4. You should also avoid leaving ashes under the burning wood. Why is it Beneficial to Consider a Wood Fired Pizza Oven? How to Cook Efficiently In Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Oven? Premium Quality Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens - Polito Woodfire. At Polito, we build custom, handmade commercial wood fired pizza ovens for restaurants, cafes and other hospitality businesses.

Premium Quality Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens - Polito Woodfire

We work with commercial and private architects to custom-build ovens in a range of sizes to suit a variety of floorplans, layouts, decors and finishes. Our commercial pizza ovens can be free-standing, built in, or even built into a trailer for a mobile oven. We are proud to partner with Silver Chef, Australia’s only hospitality equipment funder. We have designed and installed custom commercial ovens for a range of high-end hospitality venues including Jackalope (Mornington Peninsula), Mornington Brewery (Mornington), Gilson (South Yarra), Harley and Rose (Melbourne), SPQR Pizzeria (Melbourne), and more. Portable & Mobile Pizza Ovens- The Giotto ovens by Polito. Reasons to Install Commercial Exhaust Canopy - Polito Woodfire. If you are in the business of cooking food, you must be well aware of the difficulties faced in doing so.

Reasons to Install Commercial Exhaust Canopy - Polito Woodfire

Exposure to heat, gases, odour and ventilation issues are some of the challenges you might be experiencing. Cooking for long hours in such an environment becomes hard and tiresome. So how can you improve such conditions? One of the most efficient ways is installing a Commercial Exhaust Canopy. It is installed right above your stove with a fan enclosed in a cover. Such exhaust makes your cooking space safe and hygienic. Better air quality-With the exhaust in place, your kitchen is free of fumes and gases. So if you want to make cooking a comfortable experience, then get rid of unwanted air pollution from your kitchen. Our high-quality standard and performance make us the global leader in the market. 19 Norwich Ave, Thomastown VIC 3074, Australia Like this: Like Loading... What Do You Need To Know About a Portable Pizza Oven?

Using a portable pizza oven is a contemporary way to cook your pizzas.

What Do You Need To Know About a Portable Pizza Oven?

Besides cooking, it's also seen as a luxurious accessory in modern kitchens. They are light-weight (around 148kg) and you easily clean them without much hard work. If you have purchased one such high-quality Australian oven, then you will get the following advantages like: Portable The main good thing about these portable items is that they can be used everywhere. Smoki's Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Canopy Supplier in Australia - Polito. A comprehensive guide on buying a Commercial Pizza Oven - Polito Woodfire. It’s no secret that pizza is loved by people all across the world.

A comprehensive guide on buying a Commercial Pizza Oven - Polito Woodfire

If you are starting your pizzeria or a restaurant with pizza on the menu, you need to invest in a Commercial Pizza Oven. There are many things that you need to consider while selecting the pizza oven for your business. It includes space, fuel source, pizza type, volume and many more! Why is it Beneficial to Consider a Wood Fired Pizza Oven? - Polito Woodfire. Are you interested in a crispy, chewy crust of pizza which is loaded with additional nutritional values of mineral and vitamins or even that smoky flavour that can induce your taste buds instantly?

Why is it Beneficial to Consider a Wood Fired Pizza Oven? - Polito Woodfire

Well, the Wood Fired Pizza Oven in Sydney has to be your next pick, undoubtedly! There are many benefits related to owning a wood fired pizza. It is efficient in the sense that it cooks faster, tasty and healthy pizza. It is economical too; after all, it can prepare several pizzas at the same time while cooking many other foods. Though, the price depends on what size and quality of the oven you choose. For now, let's see the benefits that the wood fired pizza oven for sale has to offer you: Higher cooking temperatures As the heat radiates out from the wood fire, it spreads around the oven and is further absorbed by the walls of the oven.

Higher temperatures, radiant heat from the fire and heat bouncing off inside the walls of the oven helps with the crisp pizza base. Outdoor Pizza Ovens For Sale in Sydney at Polito Woodfire. Diy Pizza Oven Kit - Polito Woodfire.