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François-Albert Gandon

Toolbox for web entrepreneurs. Lean startup, webmarketing, Ruby on Rails.

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You have one month :-) Ready ? Go! by politicus Jan 7

That would work. Much appreciated! :) by fanna Jan 4

I get your point + took a brief look at your pearltrees. What do you think if I, for a reasonable period of time, made these pearltrees public again so that you could duplicate them and add them to your pearltrees? by politicus Jan 4

Wish you would make public all your tech links. I have a ton in my trees and will have to do some serious pruning if you don't. Please share your intentions so that I may plan accordingly. by fanna Jan 3

you had a lot of good pearls, shame you decided to move everything to your private pearl and not share any of your great findings with the world.. by aroman Dec 5

Thanks for the report. We are taking care of it ;) by amsika Mar 28

Merci pour ce très beau pearltree :) by ian.ardouin Mar 16

J'ai essayé d'uploader les icônes de Nicolas mais cela me donne un rond blanc... No problem je vais attendre que cela soit fixé ;-) by politicus Sep 24

On va regarder ton problème d'avatar de près. Par contre, si tu as l'url de l'image, nous pouvons nous en occuper. by reversus Sep 24

Bonjour, merci. Je suis en train de transférer ma veille de mes bookmarks Firefox vers Pearltrees (soit environ 6000 ressources. And counting ;-)). A propos de l'avatar, je n'arrive pas uploader les icônes."Il y a comme un bug". Info transmise à PED. Il y aurait un pb spécifique avec la version de mon navigateur. A suivre donc ... by politicus Sep 24