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KOGAA - Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Construction Services. HOME. Piet Oudolf. Rehwaldt Landscape Architects. CONTACT. CEBRA Vesterbro Torv 1-3, 2nd floor 8000 Aarhus C Phone: +45 87 30 34 39 E-mail: CEBRA INT Abu Dhabi Branch Masdar City Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 (0) 56 974 7762 E-mail: PRESS For enquiries regarding press material please contact Anne Strange Stelzner at +45 8730 3439 or

COMPETITIONS For enquiries regarding competitions and acquisition please contact Lars Schäfer at +45 8730 3439 or JOBS AND INTERNSHIPS At CEBRA we are always looking for talented and committed candidates to be a part of our team. NB: We will send a confirmation that we have received your application, and we will contact you again if we are interested in further information or an interview. Landscape Architecture - Urban Design - Architecture - Environmental design. Contact | SHoP. New Maryino Quarter – Moscow (RU) - MLA+ | Architecture, Urbanism & Related Thinking.

Client: Confidential Floor Area: 370.000 m² Program: residential, retail, community functions, primary school, two kindergardens, supporting uses Team: MLA+ Links:Project sheet New Maryino is located in the south east of Moscow at the the banks of the Moskva. Earmarked as a regeneration site, it will be transformed form an industrial storage area into a new middle class neighbourhood. Consequently the masterplan developed by MLA+ and based on a framework plan developed by speech: focuses on establishing a new place. Buildings together with the open space layout and the programming create a dense and intense urban environment for its new residents and other residents of Maryino equally.

Currently MLA+ is designing the architecture for the area which will consist of closed city blocks and articulated facades featuring rich detailing. Sectors | Grimshaw Architects. Fala atelier. OMMX. Places - Buro Ole Scheeren. Penda designhouse. Regentekwartier | Van Aken Architecten. Door het gedeeltelijk saneren van Philips fabriekscomplexen in het centrum van Eindhoven is het mogelijk een nieuwe ontwikkeling te realiseren voor dit gebied, het zogenaamde Regentekwartier. Woontoren de Regent maakt onderdeel uit van deze plannen. Het ontwerp, bestaande uit een 96 meter hoge toren met 102 appartementen “de Regent” en 460 appartementen in carré-vormige bouwblokken “het Regentekwartier”, vormt een ruimtelijke eenheid met de Witte Dame.

De toren staat als een verlengstuk van deze fabriekscomplexen op een markante plaats in de stad. De begane grond, de 1e verdieping van de woontoren en de begane grond van de carrés aan de Willemstraat zijn ingevuld met commerciële ruimtes en vormen een logische overgang tussen de reeds aanwezige winkels en commerciële ruimtes in het centrumgebied en het nieuwe plan. SMAQ - architecture | urbanism | research     City boids – Caracas, Venezuela. City Boids looks at various phenomena of informal urbanism throughoutCaracassuch as vendors in traffic jams, street vendors, squatter settlements and illegal extensions of newly built condominiums. It describes these actors and practices as ‘urban molecules’, i.e. small elements that arise from similar necessities, which infiltrate and colonize the gaps and failures, the voids in space and time, produced and left over by the ‘formal’ city. Traditional representational systems are unable to register these intangible practices.

City Boids, therefore, develops an intuitive notational system of diagrams in order to represent the specific logics of the self-organized and time-based spatialization processes at hand. Work / Mir - Bergen, Norway. Сергей КИСЕЛЕВ и партнеры. OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen. SVESMI. The village of Nikola Lenivec is well known today, first as a staging ground for Archstoyanie festival, but also due to the installations of well-known artists such as Nikolay Polisskiy and Alexander Brodskiy, among others. Villages, thickets, and glens strewn throughout the landscape contain dozens of works of art. While at first these objects were placed outside of a central narrative, a need has arisen to properly organize this space in order to carry out the festival, and also to create an art-encampment, where artists could work and create - inspired by their natural setting.

Archpolis project became the first stage of conceptualizing the future development, as well as re-imagining the spaces of Archstoyanie, and assuming architectural and landscaping strategies on a full scale. The frame imposes 3 different scales on the territory, which working together, form main structure for the future development. Team SVESMI: A. Sverdlov, A. Smirnova, H. IDC. Shigeru Ban Architects. Digital Bakery.