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Portal by *cornishmouse
Portal 2 as a 70s Style Movie Poster! | GamersMint
portal by ~Ex-Trident
Portal by ~tragicrabbit07 Yeah I know, I couldn't think o anything more creative for a title. It's been awhile since I've done somthing just for me, not a comission, not a comic, all for me. I need to get back to doing that, if nothing else it makes it easier for me to update NWF since I don't get burnt out on it as easily. This is from teh game Portal. AMAZING game although way way way way way too short. I jsut love the feel for it, adn the dry humor(I dunno if it's suposed to be funny but i think the robot 'narrator'/enemy GLADOS is hillarious) Portal by ~tragicrabbit07
Portal 2 - The Reunion by ~almond-goddess Portal 2 - The Reunion by ~almond-goddess It's. Finally. DONE.