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Poh Kong is a Malaysia based jewellery brand. They have a wide collection for gents, ladies and kids. They have a unique range of Anggun, Bombay, Auspicious, Disney, miss Petite and Happy love collections in gold jewellery; Disney, Cocoro, Be Younique, Diamond Allure and I love LOVE collection in white and rose gold jewellery; Hemara, Angel and D’first collection in diamond jewellery; Schoeffel collection in pearl jewellery.

PohKong Jewellers: BRING PROSPERITY TO YOUR LIFE WITH GOLD CHARM. Gold has been considered auspicious in many cultures all around the world because of its bright yellow colour.


It is the colour of the sun and is said to represent the glow of divinity. We might only know that usage of gold is an ornament which we wear to enhance our looks and beauty but gold has lot many uses like gold is used in space exploration purposes and also in medicine & dentistry. Since, its inception in 1700, the gold charm has kept people mesmerized with the staggering beauty it produces. Ancient Egyptian used to wear gold bangles, necklaces, rings, pendants etc., and the gold ornaments also show pride.

Therefore, it was only preserved for high-class people- the kings and the queens or for anyone in the royal family. PohKong Jewellers: Cincin Berlian- Makes Your Day Special. Cincin Berlian, in English it means diamond ring.

PohKong Jewellers: Cincin Berlian- Makes Your Day Special

A diamond is a precious jewel that always makes you feel special. The reason for the diamond ring’s popularity is, its charming design and versatility. One can easily consider a diamond as a women’s best friend. According to the Romans, diamonds are the symbol of marriage and strength. According to the ancient Greeks, diamonds are unconquerable. IMPORTANCE OF YELLOW GOLD IN LIVES OF PEOPLE. Gold has played a significant role in human beings lives and it has been largely admired in almost all human cultures and civilizations due to the excellent characteristics which it possesses, Gold is extremely ductile in nature, it is a good conductor of electricity, doesn’t have any stain, gets blended and alloys very well with other metals and also can be broken down to sheets and wires.


Gold is a lustrous metal and has an unmatched shine even in its original form. It is simply a timeless beauty that attracts everyone. COMMEMORATE YOUR SPECIAL DAYS WITH THE LATEST GOLD NECKLACE DESIGNS – Pohkong. Gold has always played a very important role in our life.


People have always marked their special and auspicious days with a token of love in form of gold jewellery. Though gold has many uses, most people use it to gift their near and dear ones on their birthdays, weddings, engagement and any kind of special occasion. A woman’s love for the latest gold necklace designs is unmatched and incomparable. Gold jewellery is something which makes a woman feel proud when she is wearing it, as it adds an extra touch of beauty to their looks.

The elegance and essence of gold leave people flabbergasted. PohKong Jewellers: Is Yellow Gold Jewellery Back In Style This 2021? Yellow gold in Malaysia is making a comeback this year so you can look forward to pairing your gold earrings with bracelets, necklaces, and bangles!

PohKong Jewellers: Is Yellow Gold Jewellery Back In Style This 2021?

Based on various occasions and seasons, jewellery trends tend to come and go just as fast as fashion trends. But is gold jewellery coming back in style? Jewellery is known to transform any outfit or style. PohKong Jewellers: Buy the Best Pearl Earrings- Everything You Need To Know. Do you want to buy pearl earrings for yourself or your loved ones, and don’t know where to start?

PohKong Jewellers: Buy the Best Pearl Earrings- Everything You Need To Know

Or have you been seeking ways to adorn your ears? Or do you simply wish to know this lovely accessory better as you’re set to refresh your collection? Whatever the reason, you’ll find all the necessary information in the guide here about choosing and wearing this stunner. The luxurious style of pearl jewellery is suitable for women of every age and stage.

Even little girls love pearls! We adore all pearl accessories equally, but pearl earrings surely deserve an award for being the little black dress of jewellery. Get Latest Gold Necklace Designs- Trending and Stunning – Pohkong. A woman’s love for the latest gold necklace designs is endless.

Get Latest Gold Necklace Designs- Trending and Stunning – Pohkong

Raid her wardrobe and you will find a plethora of gold necklaces in various designs, patterns, weight, and color. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gold necklaces are any woman’s weakness. Top Ten Best Jewellery Gifts for Your Wife – Pohkong. There are many occasions to treat your wife throughout the year, and she’ll treasure jewellery gifts in Malaysia for a lifetime.

Top Ten Best Jewellery Gifts for Your Wife – Pohkong

Finding the ideal earrings or necklace for your wife can make any festival or anniversary more special! If you’re looking for a little shopping inspiration, check out our top ten jewellery gift ideas for your wife. Have you ever wondered why women love to accessorize with jewellery? It may just be a way to throw on your earrings every day, but what sparks this ritual? Why Choose White Gold Wedding Rings – Pohkong. Not just is white gold both classic and versatile when it comes to wedding rings, it’s additionally the go-to choice for numerous couples who desire a white or cool metal look rather than yellow gold.

Why Choose White Gold Wedding Rings – Pohkong

You can make a bold statement by matching white gold with colored stones or go traditional by matching it with white diamonds. Purchasing white gold needs a bit of knowledge before diving in. PohKong Jewellers: Everything You Need To Know About The Gold Charm. Wedding Ring Trends For 2021 – Pohkong. One of the most touching moments of a wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom pledge themselves in marriage by exchanging wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Trends For 2021 – Pohkong

Such a special moment deserves to be represented by an equally special ring. Here are some of the latest trends in wedding rings for 2021. Gone are the days when most married couples wore matching wedding rings. Newlyweds these days expect their rings to have personality and to showcase their personal taste. Wedding jewelry is a very personal preference, and no matter how much the bride and groom love each other, it does not have to mean choosing that matchy-matchy set of rings. While a simple solitaire wedding ring may be a classic selection, you’re probably going to want to step out of the box once you see the one-of-a-kind wedding ring trends 2021 has in stock. PohKong Jewellers: Make Your Wedding Special With Set Perkahwinan Emas. Every bride on earth has a wish to look her best on her wedding day! That perfect look is nearly impossible without the perfect jewelry, as wedding jewelry makes that dream of looking best at a wedding come true by giving an astonishing effect to the overall look of the bride.

Surely, wedding jewelry is an essential part of the bridal look. Get The Perfect Proposal Ring For This Valentine’s Day – Pohkong. While it doesn’t have to be a special event to show someone how much they mean to you, Valentine’s Day is the day that people like to feel special. For many a dozen red roses or a bottle of the finest pink champagne and chocolates are a firm preference, for others, it’s the chance to make a spectacular romantic gesture. Is there any day of the year that is more romantic than Valentine’s Day?

If you have found that special one and want to propose, the day celebrating St. Valentine is likely the best time of the year to pop the proposal. Before you start planning your amazing proposal, setting up the scene make sure you take time to find the perfect proposal ring. For some couples, getting engaged on Valentine’s Day is the most romantic possible way to take their relationship to the next level, while for others, the holiday is a common substitute for more creative, personalized marriage proposals. Latest gold necklace designs. PohKong Jewellers: Buy trendy and lovely gold charm in Malaysia. Since the ancient periods, charms have existed as pieces of stone, animal bones, shells that were amulets toward evil, keepsakes, or memories of good moments.

Latest gold necklace designs to buy in Malaysia 2020 – Pohkong. The spiritual significance of the ornaments has been connected with a mysterious literal meaning right from the beginning of history. This is because those who have related their various values for several decades relate them to different symbolism, the meaning received in diverse cultures. The spiritual meaning of jewelry is a real defense against bad energies, it is also a path to the positive vibes. Nowadays gold jewellery is very trendy especially the gold necklaces, go through the whole article to know more about this trend!

Introducing the Most Exquisite and Affordable Rose Gold Rings. It's that time of the year when people give gifts to friends, family, and acquaintances and nothing looks better than rose gold rings. Pretty and sophisticated the rings can make a statement piece when brought from a good brand like Poh Kong. KUALAL LUMPUR, Malaysia - Dec. 23, 2019 - PRLog -- The simple rose gold rings can look exquisite and beautiful with creative designs thatspell love and luxury at the same time. The beautiful ring can gleam with loveliness and appear classier when jewellery experts work on the design element to come out with something sophisticated and classy every time and each time.

Poh Kong is the place for all the jewellery lovers and the lovers of luxuries pieces like rose gold rings. Buying Gold Coin in Malaysia as an Investment Is it Worth it? Buy Earrings in Malaysia According to Your Face Shape – Pohkong. Makeup can make you look great and contour can make your features appear sharper. Well, even fashion jewellery can make a difference too! Earrings, nose pin and necklaces are a few accessories that can modify your face contours and make you look like a dream. Did you know that a simple earing can make a hell lot of difference in making you glamorous?

Compulsive shopping for earrings is never good. Pohkong — All You Need to Know About Rose Gold Rings. PohKong Jewellers: 5 Things to Know Before Buying Gold Coin in Malaysia. Gold is a metal that’s expensive and many people prefer buying this metal during special occasions, especially during the festive time like Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras. Mark the Event Special With an Exchange of Rose Gold Ring – Pohkong. Adorning and decor are needed to brighten up human lives. It is everyone who prefer the choice of flaunting with matched pairs of clothing and accessories.

The simplistic looks can be managed to have with ornate designed jewellery. PohKong Jewellers: The Art of Buying Pearl Earrings. The value of money does not make it up with everything. Sometimes, it is the selection and the eye for detail which helps to choose the best object. Detailing features is much important rather than making an eye over the price tag.

Gold Bar- the Less Expensive Gold Asset – Pohkong. Traditional concepts are undergoing major transformations. The present era is focusing on the essential factors which enable better sustainability of human beings. The updated methods and wise decisions can be a great way to lead meaningful lives. Nowadays, people focus more on the cost saving methods and the easy practices.