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Trends - Hot Searches. Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy. 1353161108525362_animate.gif (500×494) The Useless Web. The World Wide Web project. The WorldWideWeb (W3) is a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents.

The World Wide Web project

Everything there is online about W3 is linked directly or indirectly to this document, including an executive summary of the project, Mailing lists , Policy , November's W3 news , Frequently Asked Questions . What's out there? Pointers to the world's online information, subjects , W3 servers, etc. Two Cans and String. Where are you on the global pay scale? Compassion Pit. Homemade vortex cannon. The Alternative Doctor Who theme music video. Nick Clegg you sick man lying about the NHS bill. BioDigital Human: Explore the Body in 3D! Rob Higgs. R9TND.gif (400×300) Gyroscopic self-leveling pool table on the cruise ship "Radiance of the Seas" How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy - Magazine. No one would accuse Jaroslav Flegr of being a conformist.

How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy - Magazine

A self-described “sloppy dresser,” the 53-year-old Czech scientist has the contemplative air of someone habitually lost in thought, and his still-youthful, square-jawed face is framed by frizzy red hair that encircles his head like a ring of fire. Certainly Flegr’s thinking is jarringly unconventional. Starting in the early 1990s, he began to suspect that a single-celled parasite in the protozoan family was subtly manipulating his personality, causing him to behave in strange, often self-destructive ways. And if it was messing with his mind, he reasoned, it was probably doing the same to others. Web Equation. Rw7bo.gif (570×328) 6GLBO.jpg (863×575) Write a Letter to the Future. What Happens When 500 People Trace the Same Line? Summarize a Document.