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She Wraps The Scarf Around Her Neck. When She Pulls It Forward? WOW! PSP (Polysaccharide-Peptide) research aspects. 101 Tips and Ideas for Couples Photography. By Becca It’s almost time for Fall Family Pictures again!

101 Tips and Ideas for Couples Photography

Last fall we aired our popular 101 Family Picture Tips & Ideas to give you TONS of ideas and inspiration. This fall we decided to air… How to pronounce Moschino, Hermes, Miu Miu and more designer names - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine. Homemade Lavender Bath Salt. I love using my bath salts especially after a busy day, so I keep this large apothecary jar next to my tub full of epsom salt.

Homemade Lavender Bath Salt

Epsom salt is so good for detoxing achy muscles and has so many healing properties. You can find plain epsom bath salts at any drug or grocery store as well as many versions mixed with a variety of fragrance. Happy Face Candy Bouquet In A Mug - How To Make Candy Bouquets - Delectable Art. How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers. How to make perfect Tissue Paper Flames. 99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier - Seriously.

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home. Ink and Scissors. Paper Chic Studio. Free printable labels & templates, label design @WorldLabel blog! U printables by RebeccaB: FREE printable - Cute Hedgehogs. Paper Bow Tutorial.

Good Morning, If you are new to this post, welcome, I am glad you are here. If you are a return visitors, I am glad you are back again. Please respect my time and my willing to share. If you made the origami bow using this tutorial and you have either one of these facebook, yahoo group, blog, twitter and others please share the link to this tutorial. Sharing is what making blogging fun.

VIDEO: How to Make a Paper Rose. How To Make a Loopy Paper Flower / Bow / Gift Finish-er Off-er Thing. You know how sometimes you make something and it turns out to be SO EASY that a monster is created because you can't stop, which is perfectly okay because not only is that thing easy, but also SUPER FAST and FREE?

How To Make a Loopy Paper Flower / Bow / Gift Finish-er Off-er Thing

Yeah, me neither. For anybody who has ever wanted something other than a ribbon (although you certainly could use ribbon) to pretty up a package, this one is dedicated to you. Grab some double sided paper, scissors, a stapler and a glue gun. That's your first layer. And you can stop there. *each layer needs to have slightly shorter strips. A little circle and a button hot glued to the middle and done. Water Supply and Drinking Water in Thailand. In general, people don't drink tap water, with bottled water being the norm.

Water Supply and Drinking Water in Thailand

While it has been reported that tap water exceeds world standards for drinking water in many parts of the city, and the Metropolitan Water Works Authority has made a strong effort to exceed World Health Organization standards by 1999, in some places the water that comes out of the tap is still questionable, usually as regards the pipe network that carries the water to some old places. Hauling large quantities of bottled water from the store is not necessary. Large containers of bottled water can be delivered to your door on a regular schedule by water vendors. Ask your building manager, a neighborhood official, or a neighbor for information on who serves your neighborhood. In central Bangkok, you can just call the company Sprinkle at 02-712-7272, one of the best organized. Water is usually delivered in large heavy bottles.

"Create Your Design in Real Art™ Alphabet Letter Photography, An Exquisite Personalized Gift!" The Baby Box with the Very Best Baby Items. Collin Kartchner Studios. I am SO pumped about this. Gone are the days of just taking photos. Photography is and always will be my first love. Capturing still moments of real interaction and emotion is always a thrill. Moving pictures, however, somehow create a whole new experience.

Life in motion, set to music, tells a story that photographs cannot. Shop For Putty. Paper love, style, and the joy of design. Romantic Pink Wedding Inspiration We are in love with this beautifully styled wedding inspiration shoot by CK Wedding and Event Design.

Paper love, style, and the joy of design

We are smitten by the stunning setting by the water and the romantic pink hues used throughout the shoot. The gorgeous photos by Andrea Zajonc Photography perfectly capture the romantic mood of the shoot. Our gold calligraphy wedding suite… Read more. 40 Hong Kong foods we can't live without. Hong Kongers have a passion reserved just for Hong Kong food that eclipses their love for politics, shopping, gambling, and even -- gasp -- stocks.

40 Hong Kong foods we can't live without

This city is home to some of the most food-obsessed people in the world and produces an alarming array of food items ranging from the stubbornly traditional to unself-conscious fusion foods, each more drool-worthy than the next. Here are a selection of 40 Hong Kong food items that make us rather not live than live without: 1. Hong Kong-style French toast Unlike its more restrained Sunday brunch counterpart, Hong Kong-style French toast is for when you're stressed out and looking for a warm, deep-fried hug. It's two pieces of toast slathered with peanut butter or kaya jam, soaked in egg batter, fried in butter and served with still more butter and lots of syrup. Try it at Lan Fong Yuen, 6 Gage Street, Central, tel +852 2850 8683. 2. On paper, an egg sandwich doesn't sound very noteworthy. 10 Best Apps for Paranoid Parents.

How to Make Christmas Holiday Desserts in Jars. Delightfully Noted. Happy 2012!

Delightfully Noted

The TomKat Studio. Fake Febreeze.