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ZoomSafer Prevents Distracted Driving ZoomSafer Prevents Distracted Driving Looking for ZoomSafer? ZoomSafer, the Company Acquired by Aegis Mobility in 2012 In November 2012, industry leaders Aegis Mobility and ZoomSafer combined to create FleetSafer... the world’s premier enterprise solution to prevent distracted driving. Aegis's offerings now include TeenSafer, a solution for parents to monitor and enforce their teen's mobile device use while driving. Find out more: ZoomSafer Audiovox Car Connection Customers
Turn Off the Cell Phone While Driving - Stop Cell Phone Use While Driving - PhonEnforcer Prevents the Use of Cell Phone While Driving
New app disables texts, e-mails while driving | | Consumer DALLAS — Maybe it's the result of a mobile workforce, but it seems society just can't put down cell phones. "You're in your car and when that phone beeps, you want to know what just came across the phone," said Larry Eppard of MobileLutions. "Anybody who's got a smartphone who says they haven't done that is probably lying." Texting and driving causes 200,000 accidents a year, according to the National Safety Council. But MobileLutions, a North Texas company, created an app for that. It's called MobiLoc. New app disables texts, e-mails while driving | | Consumer
Smart phone application developed in Hernando blocks text messaging while driving SPRING HILL — The chime of an incoming text message can be tough for drivers to resist, even while barreling 70 mph down the interstate or navigating a crowded parking lot. So when a texting driver drifted into Gary Thomas' lane in Hernando County last spring and nearly ran him off the road, it became clear to him that distracted driving had to stop. "I was complaining and complaining, and I finally decided to do something about it," said Thomas, of Spring Hill, a home health physical therapist. The idea motivated him to team up with two techies, Ed Harrold of Istachatta and Justin Ruzinok of St. Petersburg, to help people kick the texting-while-driving habit. Smart phone application developed in Hernando blocks text messaging while driving
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11 best iPhone app rating and review sites 11 best iPhone app rating and review sites Even though the iTunes App store has a review and ratings system, it’s still best to get several opinions before spending money on an app you might never use. It would be nice if you could download trial versions of apps from the iTunes store, but it does not look like this will happen anytime soon. So if you want to find out which iPhone apps are cool, which iPhone apps are popular and which iPhone apps to stay away from, then check out these iPhone app review sites! FreshApps