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Research and Innovation has been the focus of the company since its inception and is at the very core of its productivity. The organization has always welcomed and motivated young minds and has successfully implemented their ideas. The company believes in developing products which are new to the country. The products are developed in house with indigenous processes; thus putting Pluss® on the world's innovation map

Pluss launches Celsure™ - PlussPluss. Pluss launches Celsure™ An innovative and efficient temperature controlled shipping solution for pharmaceuticals Gurgaon, 04 May, 2016 – PLUSS, a startup, into Research & Innovation, providing innovative and impactful solutions to the society at large has come up with yet another technological marvel Celsure™ – a unique passive temperature controlled shipping solution for pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, blood samples, medicines, etc.

Pluss launches Celsure™ - PlussPluss

This ‘Make In India’ product Celsure™ addresses the global issue of vaccine wastage. According to World Health Organization (WHO) the Global Vaccine Wastage is over 30% and the biggest reason for this huge wastage is the broken cold chain while shipping vaccines. The conventional shipping solutions are EPS (Thermocol) boxes with gel/ice packs which are economical but do not provide the desired temperature maintenance of 2-8⁰C. With so many factors relying on successful shipping, great care must be taken to protect the cold chain.

About Pluss: Is dry ice safe to carry frozen foods? - PlussPluss. From VikramBetal’s set, to the alluring stage performances, till Shahrukh’s railway station entrance in Main Hoon Na, you do know there is no cloud floating beneath!

Is dry ice safe to carry frozen foods? - PlussPluss

Well, happy to inform you it’s ice. Yup! It’s all dry ice i.e. frozen CO2. Traditionally used for cooling purposes, cool storage, ice boxes etc., dry ice not as heroic and fun as it seems on screen because the other side of the story comes with hazardous results. This solidified carbon dioxide is very harmful and at times deadly. It is extremely cold! It’s always recommended that you carry your frozen products in an insulated bag. cool storages, dry ice, frozen foods, ice boxes, pluss. CAUTION! IT MAY BE FROZEN DESSERT BUT IT NEEDN’T BE ICE CREAM … AT ALL - PlussPluss. PLASTICS IN CONSTRUCTION - PlussPluss. Plastics are unarguably the most fascinating materials known to mankind.


They are present in almost every sphere of our modern lives- from packaged foods to smart automotive, from electronic gadgets to fabricated houses. After packaging, construction sector is the second highest consumer of plastics across the globe. Construction sector majorly includes buildings, housings & real estate projects. However, the consumption of plastics is not much evident in construction & buildings to the layman. Plastics are used for a wide array of applications including piping, wires & cables, electrical fittings, profiles for doors and windows, roofing, flooring, insulation, railings to list a few besides various other interior and exterior applications. Plastics pipes is one of the most predominant application of plastics in the construction sector and share the majority of all new pipe installations- well over 50% of the annual tonnage and is still growing. Pluss - Synergism At WorkPluss.

Pluss® HFFR Wire & Cables: Coupling agent between HFFR fillers such as Magnesium Hydroxide [Mg(OH)2 ] & Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) and the polymer matrix.


Aluminum Composite Panels: Coupling agent for highly filled flame retardant based PE-Aluminum ACP compounds Metallized Cast Polypropylene Films: Metal Adhesion Promoter for enhancing aluminum particles bonding with PP matrix. Lamitube Adhesive Resin: Tie Layer adhesive resin binds non polar PE matrix to polar EVOH/PA matrix. Polypropylene based WPC’s: Coupling agent for wood fillers and PP matrix. HDPE based WPC’s: Coupling agent for wood fillers and HDPE matrix. PA Compounding: Coupling Agent for mineral and glass filled Polyamides. PP Compounding: Coupling Agent for mineral fillers like mica, talc, calcium carbonate etc. & glass fillers in Polypropylene. PC/PBT Compounding: Coupling Agent for mineral and glass filled PC, PBT Compounds. Non Wovens: Flow Improver for PP spun bonded cartridges. PP Compounds: Flow Improver for highly filled PP compounds.