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The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor offers 24/7 plumbing and electrical services in Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter Valley. Services include hot water system repair & blocked drains repair by licensed plumbers and electricians. Call us at 13 10 91.

How to Clear a Blocked Sewage Drain. What are the Therapeutic Aspects of Hot Water? Want to know something cool?

What are the Therapeutic Aspects of Hot Water?

Bathing in hot water gives us so many advantages. However, do you know what they are? We want to inform you, and that is why we wrote a list of five therapeutic aspects of bathing in warm water. So, read on to know more. What are the Factors in Buying the Best Hot Water System? What are the factor in Buying Hot Water System? How to Fix a Tempering Valve Not Working Properly.

Having some troubles with your hot water system due to your tempering valve?

How to Fix a Tempering Valve Not Working Properly

Then you’d be happy to know these tips we listed to help you fix a tempering valve that’s not working properly. Read on to know more! A tempering valve is a necessary part of a hot water system. Its main purpose is to ensure that people are not harmed when hot water comes out of the tap. This device serves as a mixing tool that combines cold and warm water to produce the right water temperature because the water to be released from any outlet should comply with Australian Standards (AS 3500).

You see: Since a fully functioning tempering valve is important, having issues with it is a no-no. Now, we want to help you with this, so we listed the signs you have to look out for to know if you have a faulty tempering valve and the quickest way to solve them. Is 2021 The Year of The Blocked Drain? So what’s the solution?

Is 2021 The Year of The Blocked Drain?

A Blocked sewer Drain can be real Drama, they never happen when it’s convenient and when they do happen it’s always messy, so how do we stop it from happening? 1) annual drain cleaning is one way of ensuring your drains stay clear however this never really solves the issue it’s basically a bandaid.2) CCTV your drains and dig up and replace the problem area, this is a 100% foolproof way of making sure that your drains don’t block up.3) CCTV your drain and reline (sleave) the problem area, again this will prevent the blocked drain from happening in this spot. If you’re finding that your drains are starting to back up, smell or gurgle,Then call us today, for a short time only we will CCTV and water jet your drain for a discounted price of $250. Booster Button or No Booster Button Solar Hot Water System. Interior design. Why Do My Drains Gurgle? Have you ever experienced at some point of your life when you had a really bad cough, so bad that when you try to breathe you have an uncontrollable gurgling sound coming from somewhere down your throat?

Why Do My Drains Gurgle?

It’s exactly the same thing that’s happening whenever you have that gurgling sound in your toilet or any other plumbing fixtures in your house. You have something partially blocking up those drains. How to Clear a Blocked Sewage Drain? What are the Therapeutic Aspects of Hot Water? What is the Best Solar Hot Water Systems? What are heat pump hot water system. What are the Factors in Buying the Best Hot Water System? 6 Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains. Top 5 Winter Plumbing Problems. Blocked sewer lines normally cause water backups.

Top 5 Winter Plumbing Problems

You will normally notice these water backups when you flush your toilet and while taking a shower. At first, you might just think that the problems are only limited to a blocked toilet or a blocked shower drain, but the frequent reoccurrence of water backups in different areas of your home proves otherwise. Tree roots infiltration is usually the cause for blocked sewer lines. It will be more difficult for you if blocked sewers act up during winter. It pays to get your local plumber to check the sewer lines. Hot Water Issues During Winter. What is the Cheapest Hot Water Heater? Hot Water Heater Buying Guide.

Newcastle and Canberra Post-Lockdown Plumbing Tips. Best Hot Water Systems in Canberra and Newcastle. Storage hot water systems have electric, natural gas, LPG, heat pump and solar as sources of energy.

Best Hot Water Systems in Canberra and Newcastle

Depending on the size, storage hot water systems can be installed inside and outside your home except for solar hot water systems and heat pumps that require a secured space outside. What are Drains Made of? At some stage in your life, you may have encountered issues with blocked drains within or your plumbing system.

What are Drains Made of?

Your plumber or blocked drains specialist might have pointed out that the old pipes are damaged and need urgent replacement or that your pipes are made of good material and minimal intervention is required such as patching or relining will solve the issue. The durability of your plumbing systems relies firstly on the quality and type of materials used in your drains, and secondly on the workmanship quality of the plumber or plumbing company you have hired. As any smart homeowner or property owner, it helps to have considerable knowledge on how the piping system in your home or property works as well as what materials and brands are used for the pipes and fixtures. We have listed the common materials that you can find in most Australian homes, along with the features and benefits of each type.

How is COVID-19 Changing our Showering Habits? Blocked Drains Rise Due to Toilet Paper Shortage - What Can You Do About it? What Can You Flush if You Don't Have Toilet Paper? Many people are under the impression that once you‘ve flushed your toilet and the bowl is left empty, then your problems are flushed away.

What Can You Flush if You Don't Have Toilet Paper?

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In Australia, we use as little water as possible to flush our toilets, and rightfully so being in the driest continent on the planet. To be exact, it’s only 4.5 litres full flush. This small amount of water will take the solids out of your bowl but often it will take many flushes before the solids break down and enter the council mains. By flushing unsuitable items down your drain which do not break down as easily as toilet paper, you are potentially causing blockages in your pipes. Often the problems will also occur in the council mains when many people are flushing materials that are not designed for use in toilets.

Top Ten Causes of Blocked Drains and How To Prevent Them. No Toilet Paper? No Problem. 5 Plumbing Tips to Prepare You For Autumn. Top Most Common Plumbing Problem. Hot Water System Repairs Canberra. 5 New Year Plumbing Resolutions for 2020. The Ultimate Fire Safety Guide for the Holidays. Best Plumbers & Electricians Newcastle. Top 10 Summer Plumbing Tips. This is certainly one of the areas with the most traffic in your home in the summertime.

Top 10 Summer Plumbing Tips

If you see that the pressure is low when you flush your toilet and smell unpleasant odours from drains, contact your trusted plumber immediately. You absolutely would not want guests coming over to experience the disasters of drains blocking up, toilets overflowing or toilet leaking. Expert Tip: Make toilet rules that every member of the family should follow. Flush only toilet paper down the loo, other things will block it up. Be also aware of snakes coiling in the bowl as cases like this can happen during summer. Tips to Secure Your Home When Going Away during the Holidays. Power Surge Diverters and How This can Protect your Assets during a Power Surge. We cannot prevent a storm from carrying debris and pushing falling trees to the power lines or stop bats from making a temporary stop in our transformers and fuses.

Power Surge Diverters and How This can Protect your Assets during a Power Surge

However, this should not stop you from safeguarding your assets from damage and property loss. A popular mechanism that you can use is a power surge protector. They usually look like power strips. Unlike power strips, surge protectors come with a built-in feature that controls the voltage that flows into your devices and cuts it out when a surge happens.

The packaging of these products also come with the number of Joules that can be absorbed. 4 Green Plumbing Tips so you can Save Water. 6 Critical Places to Check for a Healthy Plumbing this Spring. The toilet is probably the most utilised facility at home. It is also one of the most common places where you can find a leak. You must have heard of the colouring dye test from the list of easy plumbing tips for homeowners in the 10 Spring Plumbing Tips. If food colouring is not available, you can check for excess water that continuously trickles down the bowl when it is not flushed. To identify the cause, remove the lid off the toilet tank. Why Is Everyone Talking About Gutter Maintenance During Spring? Electric Eel VS Water Jetter - What's better? It’s an argument had by plumbers and customers all over the country.

It’s a debate that has echoed through the halls of Parliament for years. What’s better Electric Eel or Water Jetter. Whether it’s an electric eel or water jetter that your plumber has, I guarantee you he will get your drain clear. These machines are some of the hardest working tools in a plumbers arsenal. Both machines do the job required, however, both can also be specific to your needs, and one thing I do know is that most plumbers actually enjoy rolling their sleeves up and getting those blocked drains cleared and running again.

That all said, I still do have a preference when it comes to using either an electric eel or water jetter.When I did my apprenticeship water jetters were not readily available unless used for clearing larger commercial type sewer lines, the electric eel was really the only way we cleared blocked drains. Best Plumber & Electrician in Canberra. Looking for a plumber in Canberra, at The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor, our ​tradespeople are qualified and licenced so you can be sure that you are getting the best skills available. Canberra plumbers and electricians need to be knowledgeable in all facets of the industry as there are so many variables within the trades in Canberra.

Luckily our tradesmen are the best in town and we have a bunch of technicians available for you locally. Our tradesmen are local and have been exposed to the culture and thus know us and understand our priorities. Should there be a need for a local plumber, electrician, be it domestic or commercial electrician and plumber, we’ve got you covered. We only hire the best plumbers and electricians in Canberra. The Good and the Bad of Storage Type Hot Water vs Instantaneous Units. Statistics have shown that 21% of the energy used in every household goes to just heating up the water. Of this, 48% use natural gas to heat the water, while 45% use electricity, 4% use solar energy and 3% use liquefied petroleum gas (Source).

Storage types use tanks and cylinders to store the water inside where it is heated up using electricity, gas, solar or LPG. Do I Call a Plumber or a Drainer to Clear my Drains? What is a Tempering Valve? How would it help you? The Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) has two conflicting requirements. Prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria, the cause of Legionnaires’ disease, it is a strict requirement that any stored hot water be kept at minimum temperature of 60°C. What's the correct size of water heater do I need? Assuming that you have the water saving showerhead, a typical 10-minute shower would consume 70L of water. So having 3 people taking showers between that specified time would consume roughly around 210L of hot water. Things to Consider When Getting a Ceiling Fan. How to Prevent Scald Injuries on Young Children? Where Does Our Wastewater Go? Once this sewage is flushed down, it goes to our pipes.

These pipes are what we call our sewer. The sewer pipes remove and collect all sewage from our property. They are interconnected with the other sewer pipes from other properties through the main sewer pipes. These main sewer pipes rely on gravity to transport the sewage down to the Sewage Treatment Plants. Sewage Treatment Plants are essential to clean out the sewage prior to it being disposed of properly. Mixer Tap vs Standard Taps.

Mixer taps are the most common tap that you see in Australian homes especially kitchens. These are the taps where you have one handle that controls both hot and cold water and are mixed together and comes out from one single spout.Older types of taps have separate spouts for both the cold and hot water these are called pillar taps.The third type is the traditional taps with a handle for both hot and cold and a spout. So what’s better mixer tap, pillar taps or standard taps. Clearing Drains the Good Old Fashioned Way. Leaking Hot Water Service? What Should I Do? How Do I Fix a Blocked Drain? Homeowners Checklist: What to Look for During an Inspection. What To Check If Your Hot Water Service Is Not Working Properly. The Hot Water System is one of the essential appliances in every Australian household.

They can either be gas, electric, and solar powered or a combination of these. Hot Water Systems accounts for at least 21% of the energy consumption of most Australian homes. The majority of the hot water consumed is in the bathroom with a third of it being used in the laundry area and the rest are used in the kitchen area. What To Check If Your Hot Water Service Is Not Working Properly.

Hot Water 2Day in Australia

Winter is here and the gas is burning, So What should I do if I smell gas? Is Your Hot Water System Right for You. Electric Eel VS Water Jetter - What's better? Upgrading Your Old Ceramic Fuses. If your house has ceramic or plug in fuses, then you really need your fusebox upgraded to the current standards, which must be completed by a licensed electrician. If you have older style circuit breakers or a number of breakers connected to a safety switch, then it pays to replace them with combination switches (RCBO’s) for greater safety and peace of mind, and to reduce nuisance tripping.

Experts Tips for the Cold Season. Why Do I Run Out of Hot Water? 3.