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Me.time - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Wink - Smart Home - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Wink is the simpler way to a smarter home.

Wink - Smart Home - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play

Start with connected products from your favorite brands and control them all from one app. Before you know it, your home will be doing things you never thought possible.Lights. Security. Comfort. Blackr Pro - OLED Screen Off – Android-Apps auf Google Play. Plugin for Always On AMOLED – Android-Apps auf Google Play. Always On AMOLED - BETA. One Thumb Control - BETA - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. With One Thumb Control you can access different modules from any screen of you phone and with only one thumb.These modules are made to facilitate your life by allowing you to do simple actions when you don't have both of you hand available.You can find in this app :• a quick settings module• a file explorer module• a music module• an app launcher module• a quick communication module• a contact moduleThis app is still in development and in BETA so be forgiving.Planned for the next updates :• launch button size option• info view (top view) distance option• app optimisation• and more...

One Thumb Control - BETA - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play

St John Ambulance First Aid – Applications Android sur Google Play. St John Ambulance is determined that no one should die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it.This app includes the latest first aid advice and protocols for dealing with emergency situations.

St John Ambulance First Aid – Applications Android sur Google Play

It is simple to follow with illustrated guides and voiced instructions.The app doesn’t replace the benefits of learning first aid on a St John Ambulance course, nor is it as in depth as a full first aid manual. But when there is an emergency, it will help you to know what to do to in those few crucial moments when basic knowledge of first aid can make the difference.Nothing is more tragic than a life lost needlessly. You can be the difference between life and death.Please note: The first aid advice is based solely upon UK protocols. Both the UK and European emergency service numbers are provided. ICE - En cas d'urgence – Applications Android sur Google Play. Call 10 Minutes - App Android su Google Play. Call 10 Minutes+ Set time to end out going call.+ Reject and callback incoming call quickly.We don't have support from Android OS to detect the call is actived so call time is counted when you start making call.

Call 10 Minutes - App Android su Google Play

Please kindly understand this problem.Otherwise, if you face any problem when using, please kindly give us some comment.We will check and fix as soon as possible.Thank you very much. Chiamare 10 minuti+ Impostare il tempo di finire fuori corso chiamata.+ Rifiuta e callback chiamata in arrivo in fretta.Non abbiamo il supporto di sistema operativo Android per rilevare la chiamata viene actived così chiamata tempo viene conteggiato quando si inizia a fare chiamata. Capisca prego gentilmente questo problema.In caso contrario, se si faccia alcun problema durante l'utilizzo, si prega gentilmente di dare qualche commento.Noi controllare e correggere il prima possibile.Grazie mille.

Block Call - App Android su Google Play. CALL BLOCK will help you reject unwanted call.Main feature: 1.

Block Call - App Android su Google Play

Manage black, white list very easy: *Add list number from call log, contacts or manually. *Delete number very easily by long press that item. 2. Block Mode: * Block call in black list. * Block call except contacts. * Block call except white list. * Block all incoming call. 3. Navigation Bar. Slice Navbar RRO/Layers Theme - App Android su Google Play. Track It-Call,SMS,Data Monitor - App Android su Google Play. Cool Navigation Bar – Applications Android sur Google Play. Settings Extended – Applications Android sur Google Play. NEW: Weather tile.

Settings Extended – Applications Android sur Google Play

Now you can see weather conditions at a selected location.Settings Extended puts your favorite settings or application shortcuts to the notification area and lets you access them quickly. You can instantly adjust Android settings even without leaving an application you use. Settings Extended will save your time to do better things.Join our Google+ community: Beta Testing community: Hide from Lock screen. In the System settings "Sound & notification" - "When device is locked" - "Hide sensitive notification" and then "Security" - "Screen Lock" - "Pattern". Open Link With... – Applications Android sur Google Play. LinkedInラーニング - Google Play の Android アプリ. Curiosity. Join millions of people getting smarter every day with the Curiosity app.


It’s the best way to explore infographics, articles, and videos that keep your brain sharp. Plus, it’s completely free! Ok Google Commands Helper. SearchBar Ex - Search Widget - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. App Search Plus. My App Finder - App Drawer – Applications Android sur Google Play. SearchBar Ex - Search Widget - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Pixel Pill Widget (Pro) – Applications Android sur Google Play. ADI for Google Pixel Launcher - App Android su Google Play. Advanced Storage Analyzer Beta - App Android su Google Play. Beta Apps – Applications Android sur Google Play. Beta Apps – Applications Android sur Google Play. Using Beta Apps, you can get access to a comprehensive list of the Beta version of the most popular apps, and in just a single click- You’re a Beta Tester!

Beta Apps – Applications Android sur Google Play

Satisfy the geek within you, and get access to all the unreleased features of the apps you have.Update: With the latest update, you can convert any app you own to its Beta Version. This may be limited by the region you are in. ★What’s Beta and why do I need it? - Ever wondered when your phone will get that Whatsapp video call update which your friend\enemy has had for months? Antutu Benchmark – Applications Android sur Google Play. Next Lock Screen. SquareHome 2 - Win 10 style. Amazon Shopping. Copy Text On Screen - App Android su Google Play. OctoAndroid for OctoPrint. SwiftKey Beta – Applications Android sur Google Play. SwiftKey Beta Testing Group 4b – Applications Android sur Google Play.

Notification Reader: Shouter. Notifications Off [Root] - App Android su Google Play. Tasker – Applications Android sur Google Play. Alt-C. URL Notification. URL Manager. The ultimate URL Manager.

URL Manager

This app squeezes your long links into neat, short links. You can also expand links, view click analytics and scan links with this app. Ever found something nice online and decided to share the link with a friend but realized the link doesn't only look untidy but also takes the entire space in your message? SwiftKey Beta Testing Group 4a. Cortana – Applications Android sur Google Play.

Get Cortana and never miss a beat!

Cortana – Applications Android sur Google Play

Bring your personal assistant to your phone to help you keep track of the important stuff wherever you are, across your devices.Set a reminder on your PC to pick something up at the store and she’ll alert you on your phone when you get there.Miss a call on your phone and she’ll let you know on your PC, and send a reply text for you.If traffic’s a mess and you need to leave early to make that meeting, Cortana’s got your back.If you need to find a fast answer or info on a flight or package, just ask. And Cortana is a truly personal assistant who gets to know you better all the time so she can help track the things you’re passionate about, like your favorite artist or sports team, and give you smarter recommendations. Obtenez Cortana et de ne jamais manquer un battement! MacroDroid - Device Automation. MacroDroid - Automatisation – Applications Android sur Google Play. Automate. Indigo Virtual Assistant. Dragon Mobile Assistant.

Keyboard. Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) Barcode Scanner+ Simple. QR BARCODE SCANNER. Powerful QR Code Scanner A+ - App Android su Google Play. The Scanner is a skillfully advanced but simple App designed to do exactly what it claims – Scan, Decode and Read QR codes, in a reliable, dependable AD FREE way! UNIQUE FEATURES:• The first QR Code scanner in the world with Hypersonic Speed.• View “In-App Preview” before opening the site in a web browser.• Easily detect the code even in Low Resolution.• Easily detect the code from Off-Angle pictures.• Scan QR Codes stored in camera’s library from previously taken pictures.

WHO CAN USE SCANNER? • Anyone who is searching for an intelligent QR Code scanner.• Also is perfect for people who looking to perform Advanced QR code scanning and decoding without any unnecessary additions apart from exactly what you need. StumbleUpon. Roulette di decisioni - App Android su Google Play. Brillante des lampes torche. White Light Flashlight – Android-Apps auf Google Play.

Color Flashlight. Turn your phone into a color flashlight, police light, disco light, candle and led banner. Have you ever tried to use your phone's screen or LED as a beacon of light, only to find it's just not bright enough? Turn your phone into a versatile flashlight with Color Flashlight app, the app that brightens up your phone's day and leads the way. Never be caught in the dark without a light again. [Color Flashlight HD LED improved design quality] * Light When You Need it, Where You Need it. PassMan Password Manager. PC Remote (Beta) Typeform LITE: beautiful forms – Android-Apps auf Google Play. Typeform LITE is your personal, mobile survey and form builder. Here are just a few things you can build within minutes with Typeform LITE: • Satisfaction surveys • Demographic surveys• Market research surveys• Branding questionnaires• Social media polls• Registration forms• Sign up forms• Feedback forms• Party and event invitation forms• Quizzes• Email subscription forms Get closer to your customers, employees, students, and fans, with an engaging experience that gets you more answers.

SurveyMonkey. Helium - App Sync and Backup – Applications Android sur Google Play. Backup Your Mobile – Aplicații Android pe Google Play. Mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync. ★★★Featured on Google Play in 130+ countries. ★★★As seen on by The Times, PCWorld, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, All Things Digital, Android Central and many more.SMS & calls on your PC, Mac or tablet in perfect sync with your Android phone. ● Text from computer and tablet (real SMS and MMS) using your Android #● Call notifications on your computer - when you receive a call on your phone● The only remote texting app with native apps for Android tablet, iPad, Windows 7/XP, Windows 8 desktop & tablet, Mac OS X and Chrome● Complete call log history from your Android on your PC & tablet● MMS Group Chat (group messaging)● Multimedia messages (picture messages and files)● Support for any browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera …)To connect your computer or tablet to your Android phone, download this app on your phone and register for an account.

SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting. Shoebox - Photo Backup Cloud. How to enable USB Debugging on Android. mPLUS Places. mPLUS Places rewards you with sweet store merch, gift cards and entries into great promotions. Rack up your earnings at home AND on the go! Here’s how it works: How to enable USB Debugging on Android.

SMS Text Messaging from Tablet. SimplyText: Free Texting - SMS – Applications Android sur Google Play. Google Voice. SMS Text Messaging -PC Texting. AirDroid: À distance/fichier – Applications Android sur Google Play. Module d'extension du service. Samsung Mobile Print. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. – Applications Android sur Google Play. Samsung Print Service Plugin. Update for Old Versions. Inbox by Gmail. Opera Max - Data management. Opera Max - Data manager. Voice. Nomie. EpicWin - RPG style to-do list - App Android su Google Play. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks. WolOn. Energy Bar – Applications Android sur Google Play. PowerLine – Applications Android sur Google Play. AppHunt. ML Manager: APK Extractor. Duplicate Files Fixer. Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner. ML Manager: APK Extractor. Notifications Off [Root] - App Android su Google Play.

Force-Stop It! (Root Required) Greenify.