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MooCash: Earn Cash, Make Money. What is MooCash?

MooCash: Earn Cash, Make Money

MooCash allows you to earn cash rewards just by using your phone. Make money when you install apps and games, watch videos, complete a survey or even refer your friends. Then, you can redeem rewards for paypal cash, free mobile recharge, gift cards and reload game wallet. Thus, it's fun and easy to make money and earn cash on your phone! Clicks Community - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Payza. Neobux Pocket. ClixSense Neobux - Earn money - App Android su Google Play. Barcode Scanner et QR – Applications Android sur Google Play.

SCAN, de décoder, créer, partager avec QR BARCODE SCANNER!

Barcode Scanner et QR – Applications Android sur Google Play

Barcode Scanner & QR est totalement gratuit. Changez votre smartphone en un puissant code QR, code à barres, et l'utilité de numérisation Data Matrix. Ouvrez l'application, l'appareil photo vers le code et vous avez terminé! En utilisant l'appareil photo du téléphone, Barcode Scanner va rapidement numériser et reconnaître les informations de code-barres.Lors de la numérisation d'un code QR, si le code contient une URL de site Web, vous serez automatiquement redirigé vers le site.

Si le code ne contient que du texte, vous allez immédiatement voir. PTCGO Code Scanner - App Android su Google Play. NOTE: The redeem feature has been removed temporarily since Pokemon changed how things work.

PTCGO Code Scanner - App Android su Google Play

Codes can still be emailed though.This application will let you quickly scan many QR codes right in a row. Then you can email the results to yourself so you can copy and paste them later or, if they're PTCGO codes, redeem them straight from the app! This application can be used with any QR codes, but is extremely helpful for use with PTCGO codes.To use simply touch the scan code button to start scanning. Counter. Counter is a simple tally counter app that you can use to count everything.


Count your diet portions eaten, count inventory items, count drinks sold, count calories ingested, etc.! Counter is available for free!

APKPure Apps

Keyboard for Excel – Applications Android sur Google Play. XBMC Launcher. App Guides. Keyboard Shortcuts. Complete Kodi Setup Wizard. The easiest and best way to setup kodi or spmc to your liking, full setup in just a few minutes.Choose from all the best and most popular builds, all upto date with the best addons, all with video previews and reviews.Customise builds by installing extra addons from our add-on packs.Backup you current setup and restore at a later time.Perform all essential maintanence tasks at the touch of a button.

Complete Kodi Setup Wizard

All your kodi needs solved in one app.To sideload to other device visit builds, addons and wizards found in this app are not created or maintained by us. They are freely available on the internet, we are simply providing an easy way to install them. Kodi is a registered trademark of the xbmc foundation. Kodi Boot - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Wifi Screen Off. 4-Head (XBMC/Kodi Remote) - App Android su Google Play. AirWire (UPnP/DLNA) AirWire allows you to enjoy listening to music, watching favorite movies, TV series, photos on a large screen of your TV set, PC, notebook, media player, game console or other devices in any part of the world if you have a smartphone or a tablet PC.To start using AirWire, you need no additional equipment.

AirWire (UPnP/DLNA)

It is enough to have a TV set connected to the Internet or a media player and access to the Internet with the data rate not less than 4 Mbit/s.As of today, AirWire has been tested with DLNA TVs, media players and music receivers from popular TV and HiFi brands. VLC Direct Pro Free. AirWire (UPnP/DLNA) Configurator for Kodi+ ***FEATURES++Configurator -- Install build, install build from url, install addons and repo, install repo list, change boot screen, cast screen, change kodi look and feel/themes++TV--- Over 200 live channels, Boot device to live TV, Unlock Premium Live TV, Easy to use++Maintenance--- Factory Reset Kodi, Clear Cache, Backup, Restore, Buffer fix, Auto Boot, Open and force Close Kodi++Activation ---- 2 free methods and 2 paid methods.

Configurator for Kodi+

Kodi – Applications Android sur Google Play. Kore, Official Remote for Kodi - Google Play の Android アプリ. Vectir PC Remote Control. BT Controller Editor - App Android su Google Play. BT Controller. MOGA Universal Driver. MOGA Pivot. Customer Registration. CT-Stream Player – Applications Android sur Google Play. FULL DESCRIPTION Ct-Stream Player is an ott/iptv Player which works perfectly with all mobile and fixed devices', including smart tvs' operating system.

CT-Stream Player – Applications Android sur Google Play

These include Android, iOS, macOS, Windows. Ct-Stream is your best choice to access ott/iptv services using all handheld devices like tablets, smartphones, desktops, tv set top boxes and any other broadband internet enabled device. All Subscribed customers will use this App to enjoy all media contents and adaptive videos available on the portal. The App is a subscribers delight and clearly establishes the incredible possibilities of the ott/iptv ecosystem which is the message the various colours of the App aim to porttray. The App is available in Play store, Amazon, windows and will soon be in IOS.We are happy to present this App to the video and linear channels video viewing communities and invite you all to enjoy it.MAIN FEATURES OF THE APP.The features of the App are as follows:1.

Rooted Device Required

Blogger. Voice. No More! Quit your Addictions. No More!

No More! Quit your Addictions

A clean and elegant app that supports you daily in overcoming any weakness which is holding you back from becoming a better person. It does not matter if you are trying to overcome a serious addiction like drinking, smoking, gambling or trying to improve your life by quitting wasteful activities like watching porn or playing videogames for too long; No More! Can help you overcoming it and look at yourself in the mirror with pride - with a useful sets of features:✔ Progress at a glance: see and share your progress through a beautiful interface.

Feel yourself improving day after day.✔ Reach Milestones: embark on a self-improvememt journey. Stay on course by reaching milestones and unlocking achievements.✔ Instant Motivation: Read dozens of motivational quotes. SPIN Safe Browser. Use SPIN Safe Browser to block pornography, inappropriate content and achieve a safe internet surfing experience.

SPIN Safe Browser

SPIN leverages the power of Google SafeSearch for search results and image results.SPIN is a fully featured web browser with integrated internet filters that even blocks the grey area of sites that are normally good but are prone to pornography.Millions of websites filtered and blocked:✓ Prone to Porn: Websites that are normally good but may contain inappropriate images or content that is pornographic. (examples:,✓ Pornography✓ Nudity✓ Unfiltered Search Engines ✓ Gambling ✓ Drugs ✓ Alcohol & Tobacco✓ Anonymizers (Proxy websites) ✓ YouTube (many videos with mature content exist)Why SPIN?

Bloqueador porno navegador web. Secure Web Filter App Blocker - App Android su Google Play. Web Filter App Blocker Admin - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. IMLock Admin App is to remotely control all of your IMLock users on Android or Windows.This app is installed on the Parent's or Admin's phone or tablet.The IMLock Client App is installed on the children's or employee's phones and Windows PCs.From the IMLock Admin App, you can remotely control the users Blocking, Schedules, Whitelisting, App Blocking, Porn Blocking, and More. You can view realtime reports on Web Usage, Blocking, App Usage, Call Usage, SMS, GeoLocation, and more.You can also create new blocking rules, and they will be implemented on all of the user's devices in moments.14 Day Trial.For help, contact or Website:

Clarity - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Gain clarity on the work that’s most important to you, your colleagues and your company. Clarity helps you focus on your most important work so you can get more done and stress less! Prioritize the most important thing to make progress on at work todayRequest support from colleaguesLearn about the important work your colleagues are doingSupport them with Likes and Comments Give Shout-outs to colleagues for a job well done!

Learn more about Virgin Pulse at Ganar claridad sobre el trabajo que es más importante para usted, sus colegas y su empresa. Virgin Pulse Global Challenge - App Android su Google Play. 525+ Docks for Nova Apex ADW - App Android su Google Play. ThemeX: Extract Launcher Theme – Applications Android sur Google Play. Text Widget Maker - App Android su Google Play. Lat Lng Finder – Applications Android sur Google Play. DECIDE. Notification Cleaner Notifier. Recent Notification - App Android su Google Play. Have you ever missed an important notification shown in your device status bar? No worries! Recent Notification can safely store them for you. Relax and read them when you find time.Find out which applications are spamming annoying notifications and uninstall them.Features:- Notifications are grouped by application.- Read the full details of notifications in the same style shown on the status bar. (e.g. inbox, big and regular style)- Easily filter notifications by day.- Swipe to remove notifications as a group or individually.- Automatically deletes old notifications on a specified days limit.- Tap the notifications to launch the respective application.- User interface developed using Material Design.Permissions:To read notifications, enable notification access on device settings.

Notification Cleaner - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Are you tired of removing advertisements that appear on Notification from other apps? You had enough of clearing the notification which constantly appear.You just want to block the notification from certain apps but allow only specific apps to post the notification.No advertisements! No extra permissions! Block the notifications from the bloatwares that comes along with the OEMs.Simple and very easy to use and the best part.. 100% free.

¿Está cansado de la eliminación de los anuncios que aparecen en la notificación de otras aplicaciones? Usted tuvo suficiente de despejar la notificación que aparece constantemente.Lo que desea es bloquear la notificación de ciertas aplicaciones pero permitir sólo aplicaciones específicas para enviar la notificación.No hay anuncios! DIESEL : App Switcher. Raccourci des notifications – Applications Android sur Google Play. App: Creador de Atajos - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Focus Notify - Google Play の Android アプリ.

フォーカスは直接通知の間でメモを追加する通知を使用します。 Notey - Notification Reminder - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Notifly. Notifly offers a new way to read notifications and also reply to notifications. Just from anywhere you want.Sometimes you did not want to quit your current app but also need to quick reply to a message. At this point Notifly will help you.By receiving a notification Notifly will open it's content in a small bubble. By clicking this a bounded popup with the content will appear.You can read it but also directly reply to it without quiting the current application. Floatify Notifications. Notifly. ThemeX - Theme Extractor.

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