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PlayMyWord is a smart phone application that enables users practice their language vocabulary by playing fun word games

Play My Word- A Perfect Platform to Learn 60 New Languages. People love to play games and with the advent of mobile gaming technology, people have been taking their favorite games with them whenever they go.

Play My Word- A Perfect Platform to Learn 60 New Languages

The Android Phones has many great games and is among the most popular mobile gaming platforms on the market. With that being said, a slew of great gaming applications can be downloaded for anyone to play on the go! If you are looking for a great new game, which will not only reduce your boredom, but also help to increase your knowledge, then Play My Word- Word Games is the best bet for you. Here, you can learn 60 new languages in a fun way. Learning a new-found language is something that a lot of people would like to do. The Four Principal Skills There are four principal skills to language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Access to the Culture.

Play My Word - The Best Word Games for Android Users. If you are a business traveler and a frequent flyer to international destinations, you understand that having knowledge of different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, and Arabic can take you many places, but it can always get the job done.

Play My Word - The Best Word Games for Android Users

Learning a few phrases in the languages of your foreign business associates can make your experience in their country more pleasant and score extra credit points. Too busy to read a foreign- language phrase book or attend a language class before your next trip? Play My Word Game App is your solutions. This is the best word games for android available at Play Store. Good apps are always produced by experienced tutors. This app is built by keeping all types of customers in mind. One of the best ways to commit all of this vocabulary to memory is to review it throughout the day. You learn pronunciation and grammar by playing with these educational apps too. Free Android Word Games Online. Use Play My Word Games App to Learn 60 New Languages. With the explosion brought about by Smartphone, the popularity of applications has touched new heights altogether.

Use Play My Word Games App to Learn 60 New Languages

The market is flooded with apps for everything, you name it and there is an app for that. There are numerous apps available that help one improve, or brush up on their skills, personal or professional. For the same purpose, here is an article that will introduce you to an outstanding Best Word Games for Android App “Play My Word”. This App is an ultimate platform for the people who want to learn different languages in a fun way.

Today, in this article I am going to give a brief outline of vocabulary learning apps. In an era of ever growing technology and the impact it has had on our society, one of its great benefits is that it has made learning easier and more convenient than in past years. Learning a foreign language is also one of these advantages. Reason: Their Use of Repetition Helps you learn the Words. Play My Word Introduces New Features and Error Free Games in the 2.36 Version. We build this app because we wanted to make language learning different and that too in a fun way.

Play My Word Introduces New Features and Error Free Games in the 2.36 Version

We made it efficient by splitting the lessons in bite-size chunks, so that you can learn 60 different languages directly from your home. “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” Building a great language learning app is a great challenge. It’s an even greater challenge to build an app that teaches language as complex as Slovenian. Yes, in our new advanced version of Play My Word, we are introducing five more languages, including Slovak, Slovenian, Amharic, Zulu, and Punjabi. So whether you are travelling to the Northern part of Africa, doing business in Dubai, or simply curious about new languages, we would love to be your favorite language learning guide. Free English to Greek Dictionary - Greek Dictionary. Learn Words and Languages through Online Word Games - PlayMyWord. Play My Word- Sharpen Up Your Memory Power in a Fun Way. We are living in the technical era; with the advancement of technology, everything is easily accessible to us.

Play My Word- Sharpen Up Your Memory Power in a Fun Way

From commercial to our basic necessities, gadgets made our work easier. And one such gadget is Smartphones, you can do plenty of things by using your phone, whether to pay your bills, book a cab or learn some new things. There are numbers of Application available today and Play My Word is one of them. Today, if you want to learn a new language, you have the option of doing so traditionally — inside a classroom or online. As such, having a busy schedule is really not an excuse if you want to be bilingual or multilingual, since learning a foreign language online can provide you various flexibilities.

Although learning a new language online can be more convenient and simpler for you, it doesn’t exactly mean that everything will be easy for you. Free Android Word Games Online. Android App on Play Store. Free Android Word Games App - Play My Word To Enhance Vocabulary. Play My Word is a fun application for learning new words in new language.The App support up to 60 new languages with hundreds of words.

Free Android Word Games App - Play My Word To Enhance Vocabulary

Each word has an image and a link to TTS voice speaking the word.All the words are divided into word topics. All word topics are organized in 10 levels - from beginners to experts. The user can review the new words, listen to a spokenvoice of the words and then play fun word games on that word topic.The download is FREE. NO PAYMENT OF ANY KIND.