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You're In For A Surprise: The Dating Site Murderer. Redditor spawn02000 made the mistake of posting his own picture to lament his inability to get a date online.

You're In For A Surprise: The Dating Site Murderer

Given the glassy stare in his eyes and the ax-murderer beard, there was no choice but to turn his predicament into a hilarious meme. 10 Best Printer Error Messages: Pics, Videos, Links, News. b3d8c111f742d0aab89169f9c07971ac.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x879 pixels) - Scaled (71%) Seismic_waves.png (PNG Image, 740x217 pixels) Kids See Things Differently Than Adults.

Added on Mar 31, 2011 / Category : Misc / 25 Comments If you are a parent, you have most likely smiled more than once while thinking about how your child views the world.

Kids See Things Differently Than Adults

I think it's safe to say that kids look at things a lot differently than us grown-ups. Jeff Wysaski knows all about how kids view things differently than adults. His adult vs. kid comparisons on Pleated Jeans really made me laugh. The difference is remarkable but I think it is quite true. If you like this article, Share it with the world: Did You Lock the Car. Pictures - Man VS. Automatic Flushing Urinal - National Comedy.

The War on Video Games. 15 Anthropomorphic Objects - web pulp 2.0  Have you ever seen a common everyday object and could swear that its smiling at you?

15 Anthropomorphic Objects - web pulp 2.0 

Well, it could be that funny looking cigarette you have been smoking, or its just anthropomorphic! Cool Dashboard Is Cool Happy Toothbrush Holders Are Happy This Mailbox Is On A Smoke Break This Music Makes Everyone Smile Serious Street Sign Is Serious. Why Teachers Drink. Disclaimer: I have no regard whatsoever for my grammar in this post.

Why Teachers Drink

Do not attack my grammar as opposed to my comment because as a former debater that will just piss me off and make you look stupid. Firstly, I’d like to say that some of the people are right, youth now seem not to give two shits about education and yes the education system in the US have drastically dropped in efficiency. But let’s be real, this isn’t anything new, there is a general culture of anti-intellectualism in our country among ALL US citizens, not just the youth.

Of course, it would be a sweeping generalization to say that most of the people in our country are unintelligent fucks, but let’s not criticize to the youth while half the politicians are hanging on to their common sense by a string. And how can you really blame kids for not caring about their education when the majority of them are put aside or ignored. Holeinchest.jpg (JPEG Image, 904x567 pixels) JPG Dump. LIES.jpg (JPEG Image, 470x659 pixels) - Scaled (95%) 30 Examples Of Internet Memes At The Wisconsin Capitol: Pics, Videos, Links, News. The Best Of Your Knowledge. 2071. You will never leave the house drunk again. Obejection.jpg (JPEG Image, 589x595 pixels) Social Spew — Your Un-Tech Savvy Mom Is Now A Meme. Have you ever got a call from your mother to come fix her computer only to find she has a virus invested machine?

Social Spew — Your Un-Tech Savvy Mom Is Now A Meme

Maybe she told you her Internet was down but come to find out she just deleted the IE6 icon. Better yet, maybe she forked over a ton of cash for that awesome gadget you’ve been wanting but just lets it collect dust…yeah, we all have those females in our life…here are 25 examples: Thor Gets Shit Done at Kontraband. 35 Hilarious Illustrations by Glennz. Last June, the Sifter did a post on the awesome work of artist and illustrator extraordinairre, Glenn Jones aka Glennz.

35 Hilarious Illustrations by Glennz

Glenn is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. ‘GLENN’ from ‘NZ’ = GLENNZ; which was his user name on the T-shirt design site What started as a hobby quickly became a booming success, eventually leading to the launch of his own t-shirt site where he now sells all of his designs. Today, it’s time for a follow-up as Glenn so much awesome work, an update was necessary!

Remember, all of the illustrations below are available as t-shirts, so check out should you fancy a design. If you enjoyed this article, the Sifter highly recommends: Comic strip for 07/06/1993 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive. 28BQ (JPEG Image, 450x536 pixels) Literacy – not just for suckers anymore. IRL Pokemon: The Problem With Rare Candy. Something of That Ilk. Random funny pictures.

Let's watch a video on youtube, class. Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork. Food_scarcity.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x600 pixels) Funny Pictures and Funny Videos. Ocarina.gif (GIF Image, 570x399 pixels) Incredible Star Wars Propaganda Posters. Perfectly timed photos Pictures. Random Funnies [50 Pics] Photo Taking Skills. Sad Stories of Super Heroes...LOL.

3077.jpg (JPEG Image, 549x1023 pixels) JAMES FACE - OLI + ALEX. Etch-a-Sketch Gallery — Money & Shit. Historically Hardcore - Jenny Burrows - Art Director. Historically Hardcore Art Director: Jenny Burrows Copywriter: Matt Kappler Historically Hardcore - The Story These posters were a student project produced back in 2009 when I was a student at The Creative Circus.

Historically Hardcore - Jenny Burrows - Art Director

They were originally created for the Smithsonian Institute, but after they garnered excessive attention online in April 2011, they were changed to promote museums in general, as not to mislead people into thinking they were real ads. You can learn more about what happened here. I want to say thank you to everyone for the support, comments, compliments, and feedback. For those of you asking about getting prints of the posters made, feel free to download the high-res pdfs from here. 8 Steps to Making a Super Cool Bulbasaur Costume. Motivational Monday: Afro Duck. The Official Hug Guide. Wi-Fi for Passive-Aggressives [photos] - Mona's Posterous. Advice God.

Facebook-trolling. Demotivations Pictures. 21 Things That Cannot Be Unseen: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Glennz Tees Designs 2008-09 on the Behance Network. This is what my car needs. All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman.

This is what my car needs

Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP. 86 Random Meme Pictures. The 25 Funniest Moments In Vandalism History // Current. To Our Faithful Users: Current's run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online.

The 25 Funniest Moments In Vandalism History // Current

The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years. Your contributions helped make a vibrant place for discussing thousands of interesting stories, and your continued viewership motivated us to keep innovating and find new ways to reflect the voice of the people. We now welcome the on-air and digital presence of Al Jazeera America, a new news network committed to reporting on and investigating real stories affecting the lives of everyday Americans in every corner of the country. Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Super Mario. Rmanthreatenssnakewithcucumberjigawhatnow.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x591 pixels) - Scaled (87%) The Eight Best Rage Comics Ever. We’ve all been there: surfing the internet, trolling for some cheap LULz, and there we find ourselves: face to face with he-lair-i-ous rage comics.

The Eight Best Rage Comics Ever

For your viewing pleasure, we have compiled the 8 best rage comics ever: Holla Back Job Interview Watching Other People Use Computers Changing The Wife’s Tire We Almost Died. Kidrobot's Blog, The KRonikle. UK designer, Aled Lewis crosses the streams of reality and 8-bit with a fun new photographic series. Aled is best known for his clever t-shirt illustrations on Threadless, but his latest project superimposes your favorite pixelated video game characters of yesteryear with photographs of real life scenarios.

38947027eb7008b711a41e78c36d621c.jpg (JPEG Image, 541x322 pixels) Slow Down « Demotivators Blog. Trimester.png (PNG Image, 304x434 pixels) Science. 1285878453672.png (PNG Image, 681x654 pixels) Faeries_aire_and_death_waltz.jpg (JPEG Image, 1138x1635 pixels) How To Beat The Watson Computer on Jeopardy. How Grad School is just like Kindergarten. I don't really need to say anything. Random funny pictures. _streetartufo.jpg (JPEG Image, 478x315 pixels) Paranoid Parrot. Bear-rules.jpg (JPEG Image, 363x316 pixels) Deep Graffiti: Real Eyes Realize Real Lies. Monday Goodness: The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity. Mashable-comics-viral-video-stars-640.jpg (JPEG Image, 640x2091 pixels) Every_goddamn_time.png (PNG Image, 960x322 pixels)

Tech-deck-bird. Cloud-pee.jpg (JPEG Image, 540x480 pixels) Rate My 67 Random Funny Pictures. Pictures With Words. How Confusing… (Part 4) The gates of hell have officially opened. Colt + Rane the gates of hell have officially opened. Pokemon: The Later Years. Toothpaste For Dinner - 2,600+ comics by Drew - Updates daily at midnight.

Resumecomic.png (PNG Image, 950x485 pixels) Super Heroic Minimalism. Seven Deadly Ssins Combo Chart / Funny Pictures / Everyone Has A Price ... (Comic) Zoom.gif (GIF Image, 640x543 pixels) - Scaled (98%)

80 Funny Signs. ← Previous Post Next Post → 80 Funny Signs jon February 19, 2011 8 Other Stuff You Might Also Like» The 9 Most Unusual Models On The Planet The Greatest Resignation Letter Of All Time The 20 Most Horrifying Sports Faces How Dead Rock & Roll Legends Would Look Today The Most Awkward Baby Photos Ever Taken. The Love of Money by ~crazieivan on deviantART. Laughing Ninja - Awesome Grocery List. Inspiration: 33 Creative and Smart Print Ads You’ll Love. 308 – My Awesome Magneton. Pics.

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