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Online Trading Courses - Learn to Trade from the Experts. Beginners guide to commodity trading and how to get started. Even though many people are embracing trading in the current age, it dates back in the 17th century.

Beginners guide to commodity trading and how to get started

Initially, trading was not primarily for making money but in exchange for something that you don't have. The Chicago Board of Trade is the one that encouraged more commodity trading in the 18th century and things have never been the same again. Commodities A commodity is a good or raw material that is bought or sold by individuals or institutions. Commodities are what makeup goods and services in commerce.A commodity is a type of good that can be traded with other good of the same type but they are standardized. Categories of Commodity Market Commodities can either be grown, produced or extracted. Agricultural: they include food crops, livestock or industrial crops. Energy: They consist of petroleum products, gas, uranium, and electricity. Metal: they include both precious and base metals.

Drivers of Commodity Prices Every commodity has its factors that affect its price. What Is Forex Market? Everything You Must Know About Forex. The Forex market is essentially a place where the trading of global currencies happens.

What Is Forex Market? Everything You Must Know About Forex

In this market, currencies that belong to various countries will be bought and sold on a large scale. The Forex market can also be considered as a platform where large MNCs, international banks, and retail traders convert one currency to another. Unlike most of the other exchanges like the Chicago Board of Trade or the New York Stock Exchange, the Forex market is not centralized. It is maintained by global banks that belong to different countries across the globe. One should be aware of the two different tiers of the global market – Interbank Market & Over-The-Counter (OTC) Market. Learn to trade Forex with professionals. Us-Iran Conflict–Why Is It Important to Learn to Trade Forex News. The US-Iran war, which was simmering for decades, has presently hit the boiling point.

Us-Iran Conflict–Why Is It Important to Learn to Trade Forex News

Washington killing of Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani and Tehran responding with strikes on Iraqi bases housing US troops is not the beginning of the dramatic conflict between the two countries. There have been significant odds between these two, starting from 1951. The relations have affected the economy and the financial markets of countries other than just the US & Iran. Before getting into the talks on how the war has affected and is going to affect the markets and economies, here is a relevant timeline on the happenings, which could help comprehend the effects better.

The Consequences if the US goes to war against Iran In May 2019, US President Donald Trump tweet read, “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Trump has placed sanctions on both Iranian oil and metals. In all these events taking place, here are some of the impacts on the financial markets. The Index of Leading Economic Indicators for Trading Forex. Since the foreign exchange market has economic principles as its guiding light, it is only fitting that we apply them during trading decisions as well.

The Index of Leading Economic Indicators for Trading Forex

Economists usually group macroeconomic statistics in one of three categories: leading, lagging, or coincident. In terms of the forex market and this article, in particular, we shall touch base on what the leading indicators for economic growth are. If you want to make careful and informed decisions when it comes to trading, then it’s imperative that you take note of the leading economic indicators.

This is because these metrics will give you insight into what is currently happening as well as giving you a glimpse of what will happen with the economy. These indicators even take into consideration things such as GDP or job growth. Having these useful tools in your arsenal can provide solid foundations for viable predictions of upcoming changes in the US economy, way before they even actually happen! What makes up the leading economic index? Forex Trading as a Retirement Investment - Here's why Forex Works.

With all the medical innovations that are becoming available to help us live healthier and longer lives, there could be a downside.

Forex Trading as a Retirement Investment - Here's why Forex Works

People who do not sufficiently prepare for their future have the tendency to outlive their retirement savings. This can result in an exceptional amount a lot of stress and worry in the period of our lives we are meant to be enjoying most. Everyone knows that you should save up during your younger years. It’s important to make preparations for those later years so that you can reap the fruits of years of labour. What people rarely talk about, though, is how you can sustain that lifestyle of comfort without having to go to the office every day. This is where investments and sensible planning come in. Interest Rates & Forex: How Currency Interest Rates work in Forex.

Interest rates keep the forex world turning.

Interest Rates & Forex: How Currency Interest Rates work in Forex

One of the first things you learn as you enter the forex market is that interest rates indeed rule the global market. This is because the interest rate of currencies is one of the biggest factors when it comes to determining perceived value. As a forex trader, it is incredibly important for you to keep close tabs on interest rate policies whenever you trade forex. You will even need to have a keen eye on interest rate policies in countries all over the world, not just on your own. Day Trading Vs Swing Trading Explained and how to make profits! Hello Traders, The largest financial market in the world, foreign exchange, attracts traders of all kinds.

Day Trading Vs Swing Trading Explained and how to make profits!

With more and more people having access to the Internet, online trading grew exponentially. As such, different trading styles grew in popularity, like swing trading, for instance. Based on a trader’s capital, trading strategy, and personality traits, we can define different trading styles. Swing trading, as mentioned above, is just one of them. Day trading, investing, scalping, are other examples. Best Forex Trading Strategies used by banks! YouTube. Start making pips with our Live Forex Trading webinars. Secret Trading Hours For 2019! Learn These Trading Hours Today! Good Morning, The foreign exchange market has the largest liquidity of any market with approx. 5.7 trillion dollars being traded every day. In order to succeed, traders must consider several factors before placing trades. A few of these factors we will include in today’s article, which is the trading sessions, and market hours.

Market hours means the times in which traders and institutions can exchange currency and speculate. Trading With Patience and Discipline at supply and demand levels. YouTube. Forex Candlestick Patterns & Analysis - Read Candlestick Charts. Good Morning, To become a successful Forex trader, you need to learn about price action trading and candlestick patterns.

Forex Candlestick Patterns & Analysis - Read Candlestick Charts

This involves analysing a candlestick chart that reflects the actions and beliefs of every market participant - both human and computer programs - as influenced by current events, market demands, and other essential deciding factors. What is price action and why does it matter? Price action trading looks at market movements on a price chart. The chart movement reflects variables and exploits price indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Stochastic Oscillator.

Simply put, you can look at price action as the money trail. To help you devise the right trading strategy, let’s deep dive into learning how you can read a price chart, most specifically, candlesticks analysis and patterns. Become a Part-Time Trader - Learn to Trade Forex. Spread Betting vs CFD Trading - Forex Basics 101. Good Afternoon, The rise in online trading’s popularity led to different rules and regulations in various parts of the world.

Spread Betting vs CFD Trading - Forex Basics 101

In some countries, specific trading products are forbidden (e.g., binary options in Australia), in other ones certain products are allowed, but subject to clear and concise rules. One of the major issues for traders actively speculating on financial markets, taxes play an important role in deciding what markets to trade, and where. The rise of CFDs (Contracts for Difference) in the last years led to stiff competition among brokerage houses.

Nowadays, from a Forex account, traders have access to literally all markets in the world. CFD trading on currencies, indices, commodities, individual shares, and even ETF’s and bonds, is possible from one single account. We can safely say that CFDs revolutionized retail trading as we know it today. Strategies for part time Forex traders. How to Trade Forex Market Reversals - 3 Expert Trades. Learn to Trade Forex With These Secret-Forex Trading Strategies! Forex Weekly Trading Strategy A weekly trading strategy follows the principles used in the daily strategy however with a weekly candle it provides far more data. This is of course because it contains the fluctuations of 5 daily candlesticks in it. This strategy requires plenty of patience as this strategy can be drawn out of a couple of weeks.

The stop losses will be much larger to allow for the size of the candle and the movement involved. Learn to trade Forex with professionals. Learn how to trade - PRICE ACTION TRADING. The most useful way to do translations of the concepts of demand and supply in the forex trading chart is to change the way the trader thinks about the two terms.

Learn how to trade - PRICE ACTION TRADING

When a day ends, an increase in demand needs an area of support. In the same way, an area of supply could mean an area of resistance. Technically speaking, in Forex trading price action traders call these as support and resistance levels. These major trading levels on the chart could give vital hints about buying and selling opportunities. Let’s know who would make use of supply and demand trading rules ? Learn how to use Day Trading Strategies Today! Learn how to trade economic news via video. Learn how to trade by watching our forex trading videos that have been prepared by forex traders that have traded major hedge funds. We take you through the basics of chart patterns formations, seasonal Analysis, money management 101, and much more. At Platinum's Forex Trading Academy, we trade the markets from London open to New York close.

In our Forex Trading videos, we shall discuss our Live Forex Trades, Trading Strategies, and How to Trade Forex News Releases. Enjoy and feel free to like and subscribe to us on our youtube channel. Learn to Trade the News - Making Consistent Profits! Forex for beginners guide-Investing for beginners made easy! As a beginner in trading, you need to take this fact for granted in your mind that selling is not only a number game but it is the very act of balancing your own thoughts and instincts.

This becomes clear when it comes to averaging down. This mistake is noticeable in the trading of stocks and shares, but it really makes sense when you understand, in precise terms, how it affects the average beginner. Averaging down is the practice of adding more funds to a trade, where you have already invested at a lower rate at the time of first purchase. You resort to this practice because you think it is best to invest when it is cheap. But you wait till its value goes up. The beginners take too much risk by diversifying too much and trading at several fronts at a time.

On the other hand, unwillingness for taking risks and diversification also results in a slow learning process and maturity in learning the intricacies of the trade. YouTube. Online Trading Courses - Learn to Trade from the Experts. Forex Fundamental Analysis And How To Trade Fundamentals. As explained above, several factors play an important part in doing forex analysis. Let’s get familiar with some of the main factors that impact Forex price movements.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The GDP report of a country is its most important economic indicator. It provides the biggest measure of that country’s economic status. Released at 8:30 am EST on the last working day of each quarter, it exhibits the impact of how all financial activities have affected the market during that quarter. How to Trade Gold - 100+ Pip Trading Strategy. How to Intraday Trade Currencies. Forex Trading Strategies Guide: Best Forex day trading strategy. Hello Traders,Every trader needs to know about the different forex trading strategies used in the market to minimise losses and maximise earnings. Secret Trading Hours For 2019! Learn These Trading Hours Today! 100 pips a day forex strategy. How To Trade Forex With A Small Account. How to Trade Indices Profitably! Forex Trading Strategy-No Signals No Indicators-Forex Reversals By The Big Banks. Hedge Fund Traders & Fund Managers - How much they earn in 2019?

It is no secret that hedge fund traders are able to rake in a serious amount of money. It’s probably one of the most lucrative and highest paying jobs available today. If you are interested in this job and are wondering whether it really pays as much as people say, the short answer is yes. Even entry-level junior traders can earn around 300 thousand to 3 million dollars per year, after roughly four to eight years of experience. While it, of course, varies per individual’s performance and growth in the company, steady rise to the ranks of a senior portfolio manager can have you easily reaching millions of dollars per year.

The two most attractive perks of becoming a part of a hedge fund are definitely the salary and the lifestyle. These are definitely some eye-catching figures that entice many young and ambitious students to become hedge fund traders. What are hedge funds? Learn To Trade Using Commodities To Trade Currencies. MARKET CAP TRADING STRATEGY - TRADE FOREX REVERSALS WITH PRECISION! Forex Strategy that Works Every Time. Platinum Generation X - Guiding a New Generation. Trading in Your Spare Time. Online Trading Courses - Learn to Trade from the Experts. Options Trading Strategies - How to Trade The Options Market. Hello Traders, Live Forex Trading Room - Forex Signals 2019. Learn advanced trading strategies. Beginner traders; Traders without consistency and limited profitability; Professionals looking to trade around their main profession.

Learn to Trade Major Forex News Events. Hello Traders, Thanks for booking your Forex Consultation with Platinum! Learn to trade Forex with professionals. Best Forex Signals 2019 - How to find Trading Signals Free Guide. Good morning Traders, Start making pips with our Live Forex Trading webinars. Successful strategies for part-time Forex trading. Trade of the Day Videos. Trading in Your Spare Time. Free Consultation Session » Home. How to Trade Forex Market Reversals - 3 Expert Trades. Professional Forex Trading Education.

1) Be confident with an economic foresight: The Financial markets have always bounced back, and have been positive for almost 75% of the time over the last 90 years. Even though we are aware of this trend and expect it to continue, it’s advised to actually ascertain that it shall continue and be prepared for it rather than being naïve, unsure and unaware. How to trade the Forex markets in 2019. Can you really trade for 24 hours a day? The answer to this question is No, no traders in reality trade for this period of time. With anything we do, we need our focus to be 100% to make good decisions. How to Trade Gold: Top Gold Trading Strategies and Tips. Spread Betting vs CFD Trading - Forex Basics 101. Learn Online Automated Trading System. The Major Forex Trading Secrets - Learn to Trade Forex in 2019.

Best Live Forex Trading Events in the UK 2019. Forex Factory Calendar: Our Forex Economic News Calendar Guide. Trading the Eurodollar with Professional Analysis. Top 10 Best Forex Brokers: Our Best broker List & Comparisons. How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience. SWING TRADING STRATEGY IN PLAY LOW-RISK HIGH REWARD FOREX TRADING. END OF DAY TRADING STRATEGY - THE BEST STRATEGY FOR PART-TIME TRADERS! Forex Strategy that Works Every Time. How to spot Market Reversals. Learn How to Trade Forex Like a Bank. Strategies for part time Forex traders. Learn Money Management In Forex! Advanced Forex Trading Techniques. Forex 101: Learn to Trade And Stop Using Free Forex Signals Now! Money Management Strategies for Serious Traders. Online Trading Courses - Learn to Trade from the Experts. Learn this forex scalping straregy and make forex profitable! Forex Trading for Beginners Guide: Trading basics for a beginner.

Become a Part-Time Trader - Learn to Trade Forex. How to Trade Indices Profitably! Top trading expert uncovers secrets to trading the financial markets. Secrets to trading the financial markets for 2019! Download Today. How To Trade Forex With A Small Account. Start making pips with our Live forex signals daily. Learn about the Best Forex Indicators. Day Trading Vs Swing Trading Explained and how to make profits! 100 pips a day forex strategy. Forex Trading Strategies Guide: Best Forex day trading strategy. Forex Swing Trading strategies - 6000 Pips a year!

Regulations and Guide to Tax For 2019. Spread Betting vs CFD Trading - Forex Basics. What is Forex Technical Analysis. Secret Trading Hours for 2019. What is Forex Technical Analysis. Learn how to trade with a Free Forex Demo Account. Forex Trading UK - Learn To Trade Forex. Learn to Trade Forex with these secret-forex trading strategies 2019!