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Los Angeles Data Recovery - Platinum Plus SErvices

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Data Recovery – $300 Flat Rate Service
Los Angeles Data Recovery Specialists
Our Data Recovery prices are Flat Rate, never any hidden fees or gimmicks.

Our pricing structure is fixed at $300, $400, or $500 (depending on the size of the drive and if the drive has a USB port built onto the PCB board of your drive).

90% of our customers pay only $300 for a successful data recovery.

Pay nothing if the recovery is not successful. In the rare case where we aren’t able to recover the data, you pay nothing! No diagnosis fee or attempt fee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Data Recovery Specialists
You may have accidentally deleted those important files from your system or formatted the drive! There may have been a malware attack! The old hard drive may have been corrupted! A power surge may have played havoc with your PC or Mac and damaged the drive! The drive may have been physically damaged! There are many other scenarios where people find themselves in a difficult situation, having lost some critical data or files they had saved and cherished for years.

One day you turn on your PC or Mac and you find that one or more drives are entirely erased. Whatever the reason, a virus attack or anything else, data loss is a major concern for both individual and enterprise computer owners. There is a solution to the problem, and we at Platinum Plus Services are the experts in helping you recover your valuable data. Our Data Recovery services can prove to be the most important computer service you’ve received in a long time! We are the experts in Data Recovery in a variety of situations.

Clicking Sounds - Platinum Plus Services. A very common issue that our certified Data Recovery Technicians at Platinum Plus Services have dealt with is when a customer brings in a failing hard drive that is making a strange clicking sound whenever the hard drive is powered on and connected. It is a very common sign that the hard drive is failing, or beginning to fail, which is a good warning sign that you should get your hard drive diagnosed and immediately back up the data that is on that failing drive. To understand why a hard drive makes a clicking noise, you have to understand a disk read/write head. The read/write head hovers over a hard drive’s platters, and quickly scans across a platter either adding data to the platter or reading from it.

In the event that damage is done to the platters, such as a head crash (the read/write head comes into contact with the platters, damaging them), the read/write head is unable to perform its tasks. California Data Recovery Services - Platinum Plus Services. Data Recovery - $300 Flat Rate Service. Bad Sectors - Platinum Plus Services. SD Card Data Recovery - Platinum Plus Services. Data Recovery - $300 Flat Rate Service.

External Hard Drive Recovery - Platinum Plus Services. Do you currently utilize a Western Digital, Seagate, Lacy, Toshiba, Hitachi, Maxtor, or Samsung External Hard Drive to back up your data from a MacBook or a Laptop PC? These external drives have chances of crashing and locking up your data due to mishandling of the device, the hard drive being physically damaged due to a drop, a power shortage through your outlet, or merely over time longer periods of time these external drives have chances of crashing due to heavy prolonged usage. Our certified technicians at Platinum Plus Services are highly trained in specializing in hard drive data recovery for all external hard drives.

No matter what brand, what operating system, or amount of data the drive contains: our professional technicians know exactly what technical steps to take to extract your data from your external hard drive in the most efficient and affordable method possible. We offer FREE diagnoses and FREE price quotes on the spot. Data Recovery Pasadena, CA - Platinum Plus Services. MacBook Data Recovery - Platinum Plus Services. At Platinum Plus Services, we strive for excellence and our technicians are precise and acute with their technical skills in in data recovery for internal hardware of Apple MacBook Models.

Whether your MacBook an older model such as the black plastic body from 2006 or if it is the latest 2016 silver uni-body MacBook Pro Retina model; our highly trained, certified technicians have years of experience handling MacBooks so we can get your data back to you at the best prices and the best time frame! Did your MacBook suddenly shut down while you were working on a very important document or rendering large files? Do not worry, because although your computer may say that the hard drive is inaccessible, our technicians at Platinum Plus Services can retrieve your data for you with our top of the line equipment. We highly value the trust and loyalty of every single customer and we want everyone to feel safe leaving their precious data with our team.

24/7 Data Recovery Customer Support - Platinum Plus Services. Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery. External Hard Drive Recovery - Platinum Plus Services. Data Recovery Burbank, CA - Affordable Data Recovery. MacBook Data Recovery - Platinum Plus Services. Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery. Data Recovery Glendale, CA - Free Data Recovery Diagnostics. Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery.