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Dealing With Sundowners’ Syndrome in Alzheimer’s Patients. Sundowners’ Syndrome is a common condition that caregivers have to deal with when caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Dealing With Sundowners’ Syndrome in Alzheimer’s Patients

The name of the syndrome is driven by the fact that it is triggered at dusk when the natural light from outside begins to fade. The syndrome manifests itself through symptoms like aggression, irritability, and confusion. In other words, Sundowners’ Syndrome gives everyone around the patient with Alzheimer’s a hard time at night. Companionship Can Help in Any Person’s Recovery. When a person has been through a serious injury or had undergone surgery, he or she will definitely need the help of caregivers to recover.

Companionship Can Help in Any Person’s Recovery

One reason is that they will have mobility problems. Depending on where the surgery had been performed, part of the patient’s body will not be able to move as freely as they did before the injury was there. Someone needs to be there to help them out so they can move around safely, as in the case of a caregiver rendering elderly care. Another reason that those recovering from surgery require a caregiver is that they need a companion. The injuries from an accident or a surgery are more than just physical – there’s an emotional side as well. Because of these two reasons, people recovering from surgery definitely need home care in Snellville, Georgia. Smart New Year’s Resolution for Family Caregivers.

The new year is always a good time to reflect on the past year and strive to do better.

Smart New Year’s Resolution for Family Caregivers

So if you’re a family caregiver, now’s the time to create healthy resolutions ? Especially if the past year of caregiving has left you overwhelmed and stressed. Though you may be tempted to not do it because new year’s resolutions often fail, there’s no harm in trying. Even if you just do one or two of the suggested new year’s resolutions for caregivers below, it’s better than doing nothing.

Here are some smart and healthy resolutions you should consider this year. Perform your caregiving duties well but always prioritize your health and well-being. Tips in Overcoming Loneliness for Aging Adults. Loneliness has always been a cause of concern in elderly care.

Tips in Overcoming Loneliness for Aging Adults

Due to family members moving out, loved ones passing on, declining health, and other various things, many seniors feel lonely and isolated from the things they were once used to. Easy Ways to Remember Your Medication. While it may not seem like it has a big impact, missing a dose of your medication can have adverse effects on your treatment.

Easy Ways to Remember Your Medication

Looking Out for the Early Signs of Senior Depression. While depression can hit anyone regardless of age or social status, it can be particularly difficult for caregivers to diagnose depression in elderly adults.

Looking Out for the Early Signs of Senior Depression

It is often misdiagnosed as other diseases such as dementia or just considered as a normal part of aging. As a provider of home care in Snellville, Georgia, we often lookout for early signs of senior depression such as: Lack of motivation and energySleep disturbances such as oversleeping or difficulty falling asleepWeight loss or loss of appetiteSlowed movement or speechLoss of interest in socializing or hobbies. Care for A Senior with Disability. Taking care of your elderly loved one with a disability is very challenging.

Care for A Senior with Disability

As a caregiver, you are experiencing emotional pressure, practical issues, and physical strain. Caregivers must know what words they need to use to the people they are caring for and how to approach them. Home Care in Snellville, Georgia, will provide some tips to help you to stay healthy and happy while working: Do not be easily offended. Importance of Personal Care to Your Elderly. There could be bacteria that will grow from improper hygiene and could cause severe sickness.

Importance of Personal Care to Your Elderly

So, personal hygiene is also essential to our seniors. Hearing the word Personal Care, we automatically think about grooming or cleaning. But more than this, some aspects need to be considered. Prioritize These Aspects to Speed up a Patient’s Healing at Home. Got loved ones who’ve been through accidents, surgeries, or other health treatments?

Prioritize These Aspects to Speed up a Patient’s Healing at Home

Turn Your House into a Senior-Friendly Home with These Tricks. Are you looking forward to caring for your elderly loved ones at home?

Turn Your House into a Senior-Friendly Home with These Tricks

Take note that this move might require you to adjust your home’s vibe and interior a little bit. It would be practical to avail of light housekeeping services along with apt senior home care in Snellville, Georgia. And when making home adjustments, be sure to focus on two important aspects: safety and health. Warm Baths and Skincare for Seniors. Some senior adults like to take warm baths before they go to sleep because of how relaxing it can be. According to health experts, soaking in a warm bath can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and lower blood pressure. It can also help a person fall asleep faster. Like everyone else, your senior loved one can have good days and bad days as we caregivers know very well. They can be happy and so full of life one day.

Later, they can be gloomy and anxious in the next. Keeping Your Senior Loved One Hydrated. According to research, the amount of water in a person’s body decreases as they age. That is why senior adults are more susceptible to dehydration than the young. While many people are concerned about their senior loved ones’ nutrition, their hydration levels must also be put into consideration. Senior Adults Need to Stay Active by Exercising. Regular exercise can have a myriad of benefits for aging adults, according to a care professional from home care in Snellville, Georgia. It reduces their risk of chronic diseases, strengthens their bones and muscles, enhances their cognitive function, and improves their mood. Before you establish an exercise plan or routine for your senior loved one, you must consult first with their doctor.

That way, you can determine the appropriate exercises for them. Some physical activities may not be suitable for them because of their conditions. Therefore, the doctor’s approval and recommendation are needed. Senior Adults Need Proper Nutrition. Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems in senior adults, especially those who live alone with no family members or caregivers taking care of them. You will want to check on your senior loved one if they live alone. That way, you can ascertain whether they are doing well. Signs like weight loss, dusty pans in the kitchen, and an almost complete pile of food supplies can mean that your senior loved one is probably not eating very much at home. The Importance of Socializing for Seniors. Some seniors spend most of their time at home due to physical or mental difficulties. Because of this, they may feel isolated from family, friends, and the rest of the community. It is no good for seniors to feel stressed about being alone as it can cause serious mental health diseases like depression and anxiety. cares about senior’s mental health, since this has a vital role in an elderly person’s mental health.

At our Home Care in Snellville, Georgia, we encourage seniors to participate in any social activity regularly. Creating a Better Sleeping Environment for Older Adults. We all know sleep is essential for our minds and bodies to regenerate. As we age, we also experience changes in our sleeping habits. Older adults are known to be light-sleepers since they no longer have as much melatonin as before, which is responsible for regulating our sleeping and waking cycle. How Family Caregivers Can Benefit from Respite Care. Caregiving can take a significant toll on you if your loved one needs care and attention round the clock. We understand the dedication you want to put into in ensuring your loved one is in great health and is happy as they age and recover at home. However, continuously doing your work without breaks could affect your physical and mental health.

Caring for Stroke Patients for Family Caregivers. Caregiving, in general, is both fulfilling and challenging at the same time. However, caring for a stroke patient means they will have specific needs that need to be accommodated to prevent another attack. At the same time, the attack may result in other health conditions that may make them vulnerable and in need of constant assistance.