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I am the founder of; a business consulting firm for startups which helps other founders prepare Business Plan, Pitch Deck and in connecting to investors. MBA from IIM Calcutta with 17+ years of experience has helped me gain experience in diverse industries and business functions. Have personally written more than 50 Business Plans.

Get World Class b plan, startup pitch deck and startup inves. Story Gamers Official Forum / Planthybusiness- A Pitch Deck and Business Plan Consulting firm. Does your B Plan have a Plan-B? Importance of having a B Plan for your start up is understood by one and all but people often focus on the optimistic scenario where everything goes well while planning their future.

Does your B Plan have a Plan-B?

Often they fail to look at the possible risks that can derail their B Plan. In order to mitigate such risks and alter the route in case any such risks occur, having a plan B is very important. How to turn around your business with a new business plan. For some businesses, there comes a time when there is cash flow problem, slow growth of revenue occurs and the long term sustainability of the business isn’t looking feasible unlike when the business was first created.

How to turn around your business with a new business plan

When these issues or problems arise, there is a need to re-evaluate and go back to the drawing board and make necessary changes or adjustments to the business and its functionality as a whole. Although every turn around decision and situation has its own difficulty, there are unique and smart ways to deal with them. Just like a business plan helps you start your business, at this point of time you need to rethink about your business and create an altogether new business plan to revitalize your business. Here are few tips on how to turn your business around with a new business plan. Transparency with Employees & Management. PlanThyBusiness. Get World Class Business Plan & Pitch Deck. What is included in business plan.