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Draw The Ordinary Foul, in Water Polo. Planet Fit4Swimming. Planet Fit4Swimming is now home of Cornwall’s ONLY Endless Pool Elite.

Planet Fit4Swimming

We can provide many different forms of expert training so you can get what you need out of these exclusive 1 to 1 sessions. Triathlon Training Are you a budding triathlon? Or even an Elite? If so we can offer a superb 1 to 1 training and coaching, lead by coach Lee Stanbury, a highly skilled and Qualified ASA Swimming Coach, with over 30 years in swimming. General Advice on Swimming Technique If you would like advice on swimming, advanced swimming techniques or training programs then we can help. Age Group Swimming Are you an aspiring swimmer? Learn to Swim. Picking the Right Swimming Technique - Freestyle. How swimming helps improve physical fitness. Maybe you are concerned about the extra obesity and the stored fat on the waistline.

How swimming helps improve physical fitness

Suddenly you came across something saying – lose 5 to 10 kgs within a month! “Is it really possible” is the first expression that crosses your mind. You may be in a dubious state of mind but let me tell you, it is possible, even without popping any pills. Swimming is the exercise that will keep you fit and at the same time help you lose the extra obesity. This is something through which you actually challenge your aerobic capacity which ultimately leads to an improved health condition. Getting started. Be part of swimming training programs to master the excellence. Training makes a man perfect!

Be part of swimming training programs to master the excellence

This is very appropriate for all types of sports. Small is big! Follow these swimming techniques for all four styles. So much of talks about swimming are on the air.

Small is big! Follow these swimming techniques for all four styles

Since the emergence of this physical exercise as a sporting event back in 19th century, it has only gathered popularity on its way. Presently, there are so many world championships of the game are played worldwide and the prime object is to break the previous individual records in all the different segments of the game. There are four different types of swimming technique namely; Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. The best triathlon tips for the beginners. The London triathlon was on the high, this year too, with 1300 triathletes took part into the event.

The best triathlon tips for the beginners

Were you one of those? It seems that the craze and fame of this triathlon event are swallowing like prairie fire. The event began on the Saturday, 8th Aug with super sprint, sprint, Olympic and team relay races and continued till Sunday, 9th August with Olympic plus and elite races. All the participants enjoyed the sunny ride on both the days and the positive response of all the British, surrounding the event was worth seeing. Many professional athletes celebrities also took part in the event and ITU racers Helen Jenkins and Charlotte McShane, Jason Bradbury (The “gadget show” presenter) are to name a few. With every year huge numbers of people are taking part in the triathlon event, the idea might have also once crossed your mind to participate into the event and gradually, now it has become like a burning desire to fulfill the event. Like this: Like Loading... Technicalities to know for a dive to open water from the pool.

The difference between swimming in a pool and in the open water is like Day and Night!

Technicalities to know for a dive to open water from the pool

You may have raised your eye-brows reading this but it is absolutely the fact. If you are planning to make it onto the open water from pool or if you are looking to shine the skills of swimming on the open water, you will find here something of help for you! In order to make the journey fruitful in the open water you need to follow some technical swimming advice so that you can achieve the dominating power. Here’s what one of the UK’s record-breaking swimmers have to say about the difference between these two different world of swimming – “Open-water swim is very tricky to pool swim. It is even harder for the starters since, there is no wall to hold on to and no floor to stand up on to in the open water and what is assured that you will be swimming in temperatures which is significantly lower than a swimming pool.” What you think is the reason behind their defeat?

Beginners: Intermediate athletes: 6 basic swimming advices that perform wonders. Cleethorpes and District Swimming Club have had a blast as both took part in the City of the Sheffield meet at the International Ponds Forge Pool.

6 basic swimming advices that perform wonders

The event was a great success no doubt about that! While for many, it was their very first opportunity to participate in a long course of 50m competition for others, it was the platform to showcase their skills and performance and this resulted into 92 personal best records from the 26 participating swimmers. Amongst the several who have ended up the weekend with 100 per cent personal best, Healing Academy swimmers Zac Clarke and Evie Oxley have been able to snatch some exceptional attention towards their performance. The organizing authority is really “happy and delighted with how the event has turned out to be a successful one” and it has come up saying that Evie and Zac has joined the National Squad early this year and the hard work has already started paying off for the two.

Kick from your hips: Kicking is important for swimming!